Monday, October 3, 2011



These are my TOP most Favorite lipgloss from nyx. Now it sounds a bit boring hey what the heck?! i'm into everyday neutral lips because i do prefer simple neutral colors especially on a my regular basis i do most of the time use my most favorite lipgloss is the Natural & Pinky Natural, these two lipgloss are my life savers because it's my # 1 priority having neutral lips, it's simple yet still chick :)


They are wearable, means you can apply this without your lipstick, it has full coverage and it's really awsome! :) also another ting about this gloss is it's not STICKY, i do not prefer lip glosses that are super sticky like it's too un comfortable because when your eating food it tends to be stuck on your fave' food and that is not cool okey?!, also stciky lip glosses is a big NO! i did experience this when my hair was not up tied so it was windy, then i my hair got all up onto my face and guess what where it also got stuck?!......... yup on top of my lips!!!! grosss!!!!!! so after that i stopped using lip glosses with sticky coverage.
Oh before the cons, this type of lip gloss is just the shine that you want it's not that super duper shine. so that's what i like about this lip gloss and lastly i love the wand of this lip gloss it's really really really easy to apply ^_^


Well if you ask me i do not have any bad comment about this lips gloss because as far as i have been using this for about 2 weeks now it doesn't give me a hard time so no cons for this lip gloss.


  1. nice review!! actually i dont have any nyx lipgloss or lipsticks but surely i will try those thanks for sharing.. by the way i found your youtube channel and you look like michelle phan seriously. :))

  2. @ashely :

    hi ashley :) thank you very much for your comment it means a lot to me :) and wow hehehehe some of my subscribers told me the same thing but michelle is much prettier than me and she's one of my inspirations in making makeup tutorials, thanks again :)

  3. Great review!
    Non-sticky lip glosses surely are the best ;)

    Please visit my fashion blog <3

  4. wow, i want to have real nude and natural :)) how much did you get them?

    followed you! :)) im a newbie, hope you can also follow back :)

  5. @ marika - xoxo : Thanks girl :) sure i will visit your blog & thank u for the comment take care!

    xoxo joanna :)

  6. @ eji patanao : hey girl :) i purchased these lip glosses at a online shop on facebook the regular price was i think P125.00 and it was on sale so i just had to have them :) it was only P90.00 peseos each ^_^
    yes i followed your blog back :)

    take care!

    xoxo joanna :)