Monday, October 24, 2011

e.l.f Studio Face Primer

I have been using this Face Primer every makeup tutorial in my youtube channel it does work great because not only it primes the face it can avoid making your makeup too OILY, and FLAKEY , you don't wanna look like you are melting like seriously it will scare people okay? so it's just a piece of advice. It makes my liquid foundation so easy that it's really smooth to apply and giving me that flawless look ^_^.
Not only on my makeup tutorials i use this, i did try using this as my everyday basis and it works so great  I do not SWEAT that much, because when i sweat it's like i just took a bath from a pool hehehehehe! but anyways it does really good for me and it minimizes open pores and that is a good thing because back in my college years Urgh! you wouldn't imagine what the hell i was thinking applying foundation while sweating??! eww! that is so STUPID of me to do. >.< tsk! tsk! but i did learn a lot and improve more 
things when it comes to my facial routine.

BTW, i tried using the plain cereal OATS as my facial wash or whatever you may call that it works so well because after scrubbing it with just water on my face just instantly wash it off and there is a big difference , like you could feel your face is really so smooth. I did feel that i have baby skin ^_^ hehehehe!!
I will make a review on that very sOon .

toodles! ^_^

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