Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NICHIDO tru Lashes

Just bought some lashes from NICHIDO cosmetics because i found these lashes so pretty and wanted to make a review on them :) actually i have used one of their lashes before when i was into trying out the first time with makeup. These were my ever first lashes that i practiced to put them on. And trust me girls i do suck when it comes to a steady hand (PASMADO) that's in Filipino terms. Means that my left hand is a bit shaky it's like i'm also trembling hehehehehe! okey going on the facts of these lashes is that they do fit well on my lash line. It's not that big , not too small it's just PERFECT for the shape of my eyes.
I know applying falsies are a MUST because some girls like me does not have those long lashes. As asian it's a big insecurity for me because DUH! it's like i'm naked with out fuller lashes :(

So Back to my Story applying falsies for the very first time was a bit nervous because there are a lot of possibilities  that might happen. :(

  1.  I might poke accidentally my eyes with a TWEEZER (not a good idea) :(
  2. I might apply them in a wrong direction.
  3. I might apply to much glue.
  4. I might bend them too much and that could destroy your falsies & that's it THE END :(

OKEY... enough of the negative possibilities! 


Here are some of my tips to achieve a successful application with your FALSIES ^_^ :

  1. First, if you bought some falsies try to reading any instructions/directions that comes with it.
  2. It's really important to read first the instruction before handling the falsies. yup i know it sounds boring. TRUST me it does work all  the time!
  3. You must have your personal TWEEZERS, any tweezers may do as long as it's comfortable to hold it while your on the process applying your falsies. 
  4. Why use TWEEZERS? because using tweezers you move your falsies if it's in the wrong position, you can still move them while the glue is still wet.
  5. LASH GLUE. you must have a lash GLUE, how else would you apply your falsies without a LASH GLUE. okay?!
  6. CLEAN HANDS. Because i do believe that having clean hands is a must, you do not want to apply your falsies with a dirty hands. eew! i don't think that's it's not so sanitary. PLUS it will avoid dirt getting into your eyes.
  7. The last tip that i can share with y'all girls is, if your falsies does not fit your upper lash lines, try to bend the lashes GENTLY, you don't want destroying your lashes, s it's best to bend it gently.
  8. EYE LASH curler . You need a good eyelash curler because before applying your lashes you need to curl your real lashes in order for them to blend in with your falsies.
  9. MASCARA ------> OPTIONAL. Some guru's prefer a mascara after applying falsies, but for me it's really optional because i do sometimes apply mascara with it but rather than that if your true lashes and your fake ones blended well together than you can stop there. If not blend your true lashes with a mascara which you prefer is best for you.

Here are some lashes that i recently bought earlier because i am more of a every day simple look person so i do prefer natural lashes :)



They are affordable and super easy to use.
They are Comfortable no itching feeling :).
They do blend well with my short lashes and that's amazing.


The only thing that i do not like is, the glue does not come with it :(
it's sold separately.

Hope you all enjoyed my review on NICHIDO's tru LASHES ^_^


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