Monday, December 29, 2014

Wet n Wild Dark Lipsticks | SWATCH + REVIEW

Hey Dolls!

Lately I wasn't able to update any blog posts on my blog so i really feel so guilty not making any blog posts since life has been crazy but other than that I wanna share with all of you these lipsticks that I recently purchased from KeringKeristore 's website and honestly I got this around October but again I didn't make any reviews on this, but now I'm gonna be sharing this.

So Fall has been around since November and trends of colors like dark/ish and vamp/ish are now trending so I decided to get me myself some lipsticks that's great for Fall season.
I know that some of you might think that Philippines doesn't have any fall season but here it tends to get gloomy dark, windy and raining a lot. Typically the weather here changes time to time but that doesn't mean I can't go out looking pale and nothing on my face right? ^_^

Here are my FALL picks that I think suits for fall season and are affordable to get, so each cost Php 200.00 estimated in dollars is around $ 4.48.

For the colors I got in :

Vamp It Up
Cherry Bomb
Spiked with Rum

Let's talk about the packaging first, the lipstick comes in sleek black container wrapped and sealed tight with a plastic cover to protect it from accidentally opening and ruining the lipsticks bullet

Btw the plastic that wraps around the lipstick itself has its specific shade. The only problem is that the plastic wrapper says to peal inside so that you can place it on the front either back of the lipstick. Since I'm a sucker to figure that out it turned out that I just ripped the whole thing off -_- . . . But underneath the lipstick has its shade but turns out to come in numbers like the shade in Vamp it Up instead its 919B and Spiked with Rum in 915B.  

I love how wet n wild designed these lipsticks because they look simple yet sleek.

Here's a close up look of the shades that I have:


The shades/lipsticks are in matte form but it doesn't dry up totally dry it has that slight minimal moisture that won't dry up the lips like cracking it up.
After swatching the shades I love how they turned out because they are so pigmented and vibrant that each color is amazingly lovely for fall season or any occasion that will suit for these shades. And for tips : the trick to having that perfect lipstick on your lips is you need to use a lip brush to clean the edges to give you that clean finish look.


The packaging itself is simple yet sleek 

The color/shades are pigmented so application needs just the right amount because the color is vibrant. 

Glides smoothly onto my lips

The lipstick has no scent at all which is a good thing 

Doesn't crack my lips though I have dry lips but to be more  sure I use my lip balm before applying the lipstick


Yes! Absolutely Yes!

 Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always"


The author is not paid to write this post. 
All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My JUNE BDJBOX | Benefit

Hey everyone! so I had my 2nd BDJ box which was the JUNE box edition and I was really excited when I got the box because it was their benefit edition and a high trend cosmetics in the market.

But before proceeding to the items please bare with me that I know some of you may think June? but its august?.. So sorry for not updating this =(

without further ado heres what I got for my June box:

The box by the way comes in a pink and black color with BDJ's company name, and inside the box consist of stickers that says :
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the belief that she is Beautiful."
Plus comes with a instructions which was the 7 day challenge and because again of my laziness I wasn't having too much effort to do it (sigh) =((

Also in the box comes with Benefit's price list of products you wanna buy for yourself :

Also inside  the box comes with their greeting card and more info's about the products I got for the month of June.

Here are the products that I got which are from the brand Benefit.
They come by the way in travel mini sizes just to let y'all know.

Starting off with the first product which is their  "the Pore fessional " :

For the packaging, its in aqua blue-ish mini flip box with a printed lady on the front portion of the box and their brand name.
On the back specifies about the product and its ingredients and where it was made which is from USA.

When you open the box you'll see that there's a illustrated instruction on how to apply the Pore-fessional onto the face.

Since I said earlier that all products comes in mini travel sizes they're too tiny and actually cute like its really smaller than my wet n wild lipstick ^_^ But the actual size is a bit bigger.


"PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores"

Lets put it to the test shall we?

So here's my bare imperfectly face and as you can tell on my patches I have my slightly large pores peeking through:

The actual product comes in a flesh/y creamy but not liquidly form and I just pinched the tube with the right amount like I only need a tear drop :

Now heres what my patches looks like after applying the product:

It covered up my open pores and has a huge difference after applying this product. :)

Next on my June box I got their Fake up concealer which i have read a lot of good reviews on this concealer and luckily for me I got one to try it out for myself.

For the packaging itself, comes in a very stylish box with damask gold/brown print on the front and has the name of the product which is FAKE UP and their brand name.

Im in the shade 02 Medium 

At the back of the box indicates that not only it's a concealer it hydrating crease - control concealer and hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra - natural look.

Plus there's a instruction how to use the concealer.

Inside the box when you flip the cover there's also an indication saying how the concealer results :

  • 100% Said fakeup hydrates skin
  • 94% said the effect is long - lasting
  • 97% said the formula is lightweight 
  • 100% said the texture feels silky

Also there's a illustration what the concealer has, like  the outer portion of the concealer itself has a hydrating ring around the concealer and the middle portion which is the concealing core:

Here how the actual concealer looks like, it comes in a mini kind of like lipstick form but its a bit more chubbier than usual lipsticks.
It has a unique damask hot pink print which I love about it because its more chic looking.

Below is the actual photo how the concealer looks like:

Lets put it to the test shall we?

So I applied the concealer in a inverted triangle shape starting below my puffy dark circles and down to my cheek area but not too far:

Then I just buffed it with my real techniques buffing brush, when buffing creamy/liquid products especially on the eye area its best to press/buff the product in,  so that the skin will absorb the product and not just wiping it all away.

It may seem that i still have my puffy and dark circles peeking through but at least it neutralizes the reddish dark circles i had earlier. :)

Next for foundation, okay i'll be fully honest with y'all, for everyday basis I don't regularly use foundation or even bb creams since the area where i live tends to change weather time to time. It tends to be too hot and sometimes too humid or worst rain so hard. =(
But instead I just apply my decade dropper, moisturizer and my eye roll and loose powder like johnson's baby powder and a tinted blush and Im set to go.

So the next product that i got which is their "HELLO FLAWLESS oil - free non gras OXYGEN WOW" foundation. Its a brightening makeup.

Im in the shade : "I'm all the rage" BEIGE

Inside the box has a little instruction how to get a flawless finish for your entire face:

look how tiny the foundation comes in ^_^

I just pored a tiny tiny amount on the back of my hand and realized that it has a creamy consistency but not too thick neither thin.

Here I applied the foundation with dabbing it with my fingers since i just need a thin layer because I have really oily skin and nervous to apply a lot, so its better to start in thin layers rather to too much and you just waisted a lot of product.

So after dabbing the foundation on my face i just blended everything in again with my real technique buffing brush by just pressing gently the product into my skin so that it stays put.

I like how the results turned out because not only the foundation covers up my imperfections it builds to a medium coverage not too heavy looking  and gave my entire face that bright glow/y healthy smooth skin :)

Next after working on my face I just need color to my face so got their bene tint which  comes in a fancy red box with again on the other side saying about the the tint, and it actually says not only its a tint for the cheeks giving you that rosy color to your face it acts also as a tint for your lips. Like you just had those frosty ice cream bite ^_^

Instructions are also provided on the lid of the box inside:

Actual photo how the bene tint looks like: 

The tint comes in a bottle container with a brush provided for easy application.
(SO sorry i didn't include the brush applicator photo :( )

Using the brush applicator, i just dabbed on the apples of my cheeks and all the way up near to the hallows of my cheeks.

With my clean fingers I just blend the tinted blush quickly so that it won't dry up leaving you with tinted spots all over your cheeks.

Next for the lips before applying the same benetint I always apply first a lip balm to help keep my lips moisturize since i have seriously dry lips and it won't be too good to look too apply the tint on my dry lips.

To apply the benetint I started first at my bottom lip area where in using the brush applicator dotting just 4 (four) drops of the tint and then working my way up to my upper lip.

This is how my lips looks like with its first coat layer of the tint :

I realized that its a sheer color so  I wanna add more color to my lips since you can tell my lips look like a bit pale :D

By the way I noticed that my lower lip tends to give more pigment pay off rather than my upper lip.

The only thing that you can expect from a lip & cheek tint is that they stain your fingers so you can just wipe them off with your cleansing wipes or baby wipes.

To set everything in place after from fixing my pores, concealing my dark circles and applying foundation, I just use my Ben nye translucent powder to set my entire face.

And here's my final results: 


I know my puffy eyes are still there but the important thing is that the concealer did a amazing job brightening my eyes, and for my face I love how the foundation & pore fessional works so amazingly on my face keeping it fresh and glow/y from all the stress i had earlier seen on my bare face ^_^
As for my blush I love how it gave me that sheer rose/y color to my cheeks because its just like I'm naturally blushing with the right amount of blush. ANd for the lips I like the fact that it gave me that tint I want but I just got to add more color to my upper lip area.



Next to add a bit more definition to my eyes I also got their mascara which is called They're Real!

The package comes in a sleek slim black box with their brand name on the front. and on the side indicating the percentage of the mascara itself, how it helps build your bare-able/ barely tiny lashes like myself. 

Next side shows a picture of the before & after applying the mascara , and says it can give you that dramatic length volume from base to tip curl,visible lift to the eyes, and best of all its long wearing.

The mascara comes in a mini class/y grey/ish brown mascara bottle:

And for the mascara wand cap comes in a classic silver color:

For the wand, one thing I noticed is that it has a lot of mini kind of spikes and and longer ones which kind of reminds me of like sea urchins hehehehe!
But the good thing about the wand that it will actually brush every hair you have on your upper eye lid :)

Let's put it to the test shall we?

Here's how my actual lashes looks like without any mascara on :

Yes if your asking I have droppy sad eyes =( 

Below are demonstration for my bare lashes from 1st coat to 3 coats of the mascara:

Starting off with my first coat i noticed that it started to give me more lashes, and added another 2nd coat and the mascara just gave that "curly" volume dramatic effect and for my third coat I was just absolutely satisfied with my final coat because my bare lashes just had more length, volume even from my base to the tips of my lashes it added more lift to my eyes leaving it with NO MORE DROOPY SAD EYES ^_^

(I already fixed my brows for this part :D )

I love how the mascara works perfectly on my lashes, it doesn't irritate my eyes at all, it glides smoothly on my mini lash hairs, and I love the resluts! 
They don't plump by the way and it doesn't smudge at all, you just have to work fast since they dry up super fast :)



Next I got their Big EASY Liquid to powder spf 35 kind of like a BB cream but the product says its more than just a BB cream :)

The package comes in a kind of like county cow girl theme.

I'm in the shade 04 MEDIUM

Product says:

  • BALANCES moisture & controls oil
  • SELF ADJUSTS on skin to your exact shade
  • PERFECTS & evens with liquid - to - powder finish
  • PROTECTS with SPF 35 PA +++
  • to help prevent aging

Here's the actual product looks like, and it comes in a tube form :

Again I only need a small pump for my entire face since I do not like putting too much product on my skin, because its kinda' like the feeling of my skin can't breathe that much.

The coverage has fair - medium cream/y texture.

As always  i just spot the bb cream all over my entire face like so:

Then blend everything with my real technique buffing brush:

The key to achieve that air brush effect is that you only need to pounce your brush with the product to blend in with your skin and what I like to do is blending it in with a circular motion.

You can tell the difference below (see the picture) from the left side I blended it with my buffing brush and on the right which is obviously not done yet. 

So finishing off my face again blending the product in.

So here's the final results:

I love how the product blends evenly well with my actual skin tone, it doesn't even dry up my face like on certain areas like my forehead, cheeks and chin. And it has a powder finish so I don't need to apply my powder foundation just to set it in. And what I like about the product is that even though it has SPF 35 , and we all know that foundations or b creams that has high SPF's tends to appear lighter when taking pictures but I can tell that the flash of my camera didn't catch any white/lighter appearance on my face. :)



Next lastly on my JUne BDJ BOX  I got their Lolli tint.

Starting off with the package, the box comes in a orchid color with a silver flower/y print on the front.

And at the back indicates what the product is and its a tinted lip & cheek stain.

Inside the box again is a illustration of instructions how to apply the tinted lip & blush stain:

The tinted lip & blush stain comes in a orchid color and its in the shade: "Candy Orchid"

Again it comes with its own brush applicator on the lid itself:

So I applied the same way with the bene tint but this time I was careless leaving out the tinted blush not blending it right away so it stained on my cheeks like spots :

Lesson Learned so the trick is to just blend immediately the blush onto your apples because it dries up super fast:

Next thing I do before finishing off my entire face that I like to blot my face with my blotting sheets to prevent my face from getting too oily and that helps a lot reduces being too oily.


This may be awkward to see but  i wanna be honest with you all I do have oily to combo skin so I tend to get soo oily on my cheek areas, forehead and also on the bridge of  my nose =(


So before finishing off my face I just wen ahead and added color to my lips with the same tinted lip & cheek blush in "Candy Orchid"

The color has a sheer finish but the color is there but barley there since my pigmented lips just ruins it, but anyways I like the sheer finish, its not to heavy, sticky neither smells bad at all, I could wear this for my everyday basis:

Tadaaaaaaaaa! Heres my final look:


I love how the BB cream works on my entire face I don't need to pack on my powder foundation to set it because it has a powder finish. 

It balances the moisture & control the oil on my face. 

The bb cream just adjusts itself on my actual skin color so its not too pale or dark for my skin tone.  

It has SPF 35 to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and even though it has a high amount of number with its SPF, taking flashes of pictures with my self doesn't leave my face with a pale look, instead my skin has that fresh look.  


Yes! Because its one unique bb cream to have since it self adjusts to my actual skin color :)

For the tinted Lip & Cheek blush in "Candy Orchid" it has a sheer finish meaning not too heavy or too bold but it gives my cheek those orchid candy blush color. 

Dries up super FAST. 

 Not too heavy on my lips, no smell at all.  

I'd recommend this to people that has pal/ish lips since its sheer and adds color to not super pigmented lips. 


Maybe :)

So that's it for my June BDJBOX and hope you all like my review & I'll be seeing y'all next time!
bye :)

                            Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 

The author is not paid to write this post. 
All information are written based solely on author's personal experiences.