Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good bye my CHI CHI :'(

OCTOBER 25, 2010 - OCTOBER 30,2011

October 25th four lovely puppies were born. I remember it was a rainy morning at past 5o clock in the morning, Kisses mama dog gave her first birth to four healthy puppies.
First came out was Yummie, second was Kobie, third was chi chi and lastly was yurie. Yurie was adopted by kisses's mate. Now three pups were left.

I remember their first day when their eyes was starting to open. The first sight they have ever seen was me and their mama. It was the most happiest day of my life. Four breathing lovely pups seeing me for the first time.It was life given to them.

Look at chi chi :'( oh man i am starting to cry again while doing this blog about chi chi :'( i'm doing this because i want her memories remaining with me she is never forgotten :'(
i love you chi chi :'( i miss your KULITAN sobra! :'(

this was the first time you first saw me :) every moment we have spent will always be treasured forever.
i know that it was an accident that happened to you :'( i just wish that i would go back thru time and save you or stop time to stop the moment you were in the accident. Why is life sometimes so hard?! loosing one precious friend that has been with you for so long is like i was a hundred of horses just ran over me :'(

I guess life has many ways for me to survive it. It really hurts so bad because i didn't expect this to happen :'( i wish if God could give me 1 whole pack of sands i could go back thru time just to stop that moment......i'm ending this blog because i' really in a emotional state of accepting but it really HURTS! :'(


my very kulit chi chi wherever you are if you could understand every word that i am saying right now, you are a very good dog :'( you have been with me and bok thru the happiest days like you were happy running as fast as you can in embarcadero, the wind in your fur giving you that one moment of happiness to run with your sweet smile on your face. Yes i do still remember that time.
We love you chi chi always and forever. i promise. 

LOVE joanna :'( 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

CL (2ne1) Adidas Commercial Inspired Makeup

Products USED:


Face Moisturizer -  OLAY
Studio Face Primer - e.l.f
Studio Complexion palette - e.l.f
All cover Stick in SPICE - e.l.f
shine - free foundation in HONEY -  MAYBELLINE


Mineral Eye Primer - e.l.f
JUMBO eye pencil in BLACK BEAN - NYX
#15 single eyeshadow - FASHION 21
88 matte eyeshadow palette - DOLLFACE cosmetics




Eyebrow kit LIGHT - e.l.f
eyebrow duo powder - FASHION 21


Everyday CHEEK tint - SAN SAN


All cover stick in SPICE - e.l.f
summer love - NYX
enchanting Pearl - FASHION 21
REAL NUDE lipgloss - NYX


Powder Brush - e.l.f
Complexion Brush - e.l.f
Fan Brush - e.l.f
Concealer flat brush - MARIONAUD
flat shader BRush - e.l.f
flat brush - FASHION 21
Blending Brush - e.l.f
Small Angled Brush - e.l.f


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspired look of Bom Park from 2ne'1 music video FOLLOW ME

: Girl with the earphones :

I do like to listen to music whenever i make a look it just clears my mind and gives me more relaxation ^_^

here are my other photo's :

The products that i used was from the smokey eye palette from NYX.
i will be making a review on them very soon.


NICHIDO tru Lashes

Just bought some lashes from NICHIDO cosmetics because i found these lashes so pretty and wanted to make a review on them :) actually i have used one of their lashes before when i was into trying out the first time with makeup. These were my ever first lashes that i practiced to put them on. And trust me girls i do suck when it comes to a steady hand (PASMADO) that's in Filipino terms. Means that my left hand is a bit shaky it's like i'm also trembling hehehehehe! okey going on the facts of these lashes is that they do fit well on my lash line. It's not that big , not too small it's just PERFECT for the shape of my eyes.
I know applying falsies are a MUST because some girls like me does not have those long lashes. As asian it's a big insecurity for me because DUH! it's like i'm naked with out fuller lashes :(

So Back to my Story applying falsies for the very first time was a bit nervous because there are a lot of possibilities  that might happen. :(

  1.  I might poke accidentally my eyes with a TWEEZER (not a good idea) :(
  2. I might apply them in a wrong direction.
  3. I might apply to much glue.
  4. I might bend them too much and that could destroy your falsies & that's it THE END :(

OKEY... enough of the negative possibilities! 


Here are some of my tips to achieve a successful application with your FALSIES ^_^ :

  1. First, if you bought some falsies try to reading any instructions/directions that comes with it.
  2. It's really important to read first the instruction before handling the falsies. yup i know it sounds boring. TRUST me it does work all  the time!
  3. You must have your personal TWEEZERS, any tweezers may do as long as it's comfortable to hold it while your on the process applying your falsies. 
  4. Why use TWEEZERS? because using tweezers you move your falsies if it's in the wrong position, you can still move them while the glue is still wet.
  5. LASH GLUE. you must have a lash GLUE, how else would you apply your falsies without a LASH GLUE. okay?!
  6. CLEAN HANDS. Because i do believe that having clean hands is a must, you do not want to apply your falsies with a dirty hands. eew! i don't think that's it's not so sanitary. PLUS it will avoid dirt getting into your eyes.
  7. The last tip that i can share with y'all girls is, if your falsies does not fit your upper lash lines, try to bend the lashes GENTLY, you don't want destroying your lashes, s it's best to bend it gently.
  8. EYE LASH curler . You need a good eyelash curler because before applying your lashes you need to curl your real lashes in order for them to blend in with your falsies.
  9. MASCARA ------> OPTIONAL. Some guru's prefer a mascara after applying falsies, but for me it's really optional because i do sometimes apply mascara with it but rather than that if your true lashes and your fake ones blended well together than you can stop there. If not blend your true lashes with a mascara which you prefer is best for you.

Here are some lashes that i recently bought earlier because i am more of a every day simple look person so i do prefer natural lashes :)



They are affordable and super easy to use.
They are Comfortable no itching feeling :).
They do blend well with my short lashes and that's amazing.


The only thing that i do not like is, the glue does not come with it :(
it's sold separately.

Hope you all enjoyed my review on NICHIDO's tru LASHES ^_^


Monday, October 24, 2011

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit in LIGHT

Hey Girls! so i got me a eyebrow kit from e.l.f's studio line and it's in LIGHT , now before moving to the review i still have my fashion 21 eyebrow kit i do still use it the fact is that i kind of like the two color which is fitted to be my brow color. Because indeed i am ASIAN as you can tell, for my own opinion i do prefer for medium to dark brow color because it just looks good on me ^_^.

Now i mentioned a while ago that i did bought this e.l.f brow kit because i wanted to try out their GEL BROW, because i have been a bit curious about their brow kit. So the brow kit comes with a GEL, POWDER, a BRUSH & lastly a MIRROR:  

* But i do not use the brush that includes the kit because, doing my BROWS needs a lot of work(just kidding!) hehehe what i meant was it needs a precise medium angled brush. It's so much easier for me to do my brows with the right type of BRUSH, because having a right tyoe of brush gives you a better application and pretty results :).

For the powder i guess i do not use it regularly because as i have mentioned i prefer dark brows it suits my personality and that's how i like it.


The good thing about this kit is that it's light and you can carry it around in your purse,or your makeup bag because it's small and it's light.

Another thing is that it's handy again because it has a mirror that you can check whether your brows are even or uneven so there's no more fuss about getting your brows done when a handy mirror is ready right? ^_^



e.l.f Studio Face Primer

I have been using this Face Primer every makeup tutorial in my youtube channel it does work great because not only it primes the face it can avoid making your makeup too OILY, and FLAKEY , you don't wanna look like you are melting like seriously it will scare people okay? so it's just a piece of advice. It makes my liquid foundation so easy that it's really smooth to apply and giving me that flawless look ^_^.
Not only on my makeup tutorials i use this, i did try using this as my everyday basis and it works so great  I do not SWEAT that much, because when i sweat it's like i just took a bath from a pool hehehehehe! but anyways it does really good for me and it minimizes open pores and that is a good thing because back in my college years Urgh! you wouldn't imagine what the hell i was thinking applying foundation while sweating??! eww! that is so STUPID of me to do. >.< tsk! tsk! but i did learn a lot and improve more 
things when it comes to my facial routine.

BTW, i tried using the plain cereal OATS as my facial wash or whatever you may call that it works so well because after scrubbing it with just water on my face just instantly wash it off and there is a big difference , like you could feel your face is really so smooth. I did feel that i have baby skin ^_^ hehehehe!!
I will make a review on that very sOon .

toodles! ^_^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

♥Etude Happy Tea time Milk tea Cleansing Foam

Finally got i my very own cleansing foam from etude house ^_^ i was so interested to get one for myself because i always wanted to try their cleansing foam for face basis. Now i bought this at SM Mega mall building across jollibee and didn't hesitate to pull my boyfriend and get into their store hehehehe ^_^

i came across this milk tea cleansing foam and it gave me so much interest because not only it cleanses the face it gives a refreshing tea scent and nourish complexion. So yup i just had to get one also i got me some facial  masks:

so the total amount that i got for theses products are P600.00 so that means once you reach a maximum above P500.00 or more than the amount of P500.00 you can avail their PINK MEMBERSHIP CARD like i did yey!! :D


over all these past few weeks i have been using my foam cleanser from etude at least once in a week because i do not like exfoliating too much with my mini facial brush because it does opens a lot my pores so if i wanna exfoliate because i have been using like a lot of makeup and putting a lot of products to my face and sometimes my face gets oily, flakey, and there's MR. BALCK & WHITE HEADS yup it sucks! so i do exfoliate at least once only in a week to reduce clogged pores and to minimize it.
Oh before i end this review i haven't tried their facial mask so i think i will just post another update on that.

toodles! :D

Monday, October 17, 2011

e.l.f studio Lip stain - Red Carpet

Lips stain were actually new to me like here i bought the e.l.f studio lip stain in Red Carpet and when it says lip stain, Girl expect to be like Christina Aguilera okay? because christina is famous for her pigmented red Lips. ^_^ Bow this type of lip stain gave me a huge interest because i have never seen such pigmented lip stain like this e.l.f . here's the Picture of how pigmented it is without a flash of my camera:

i mean totally pigmented one swipe of the lip stain gives already full coverage. i did try applying it to my lips and like O.M.G it's pretty GORGEOUS !!!! :) it's soo best for pin up makeup looks, you could aso wear this type of lip stain at a party and also it comes with a gloss as well:

By the way i noticed that the red lip stain it dries so fast and gives a matte finish and that's a good thing for it because if your not the type of person who does'n want gloss on top of your lips then just top it off with this type of lip stain and you are all set.

  • It's EASY to apply.
  • Dries up Fast.
  • It's really pigmented :)
  • it does not smudge.
  • it does not dry my lips
  • Stays all Day.


  • The only thing that's bothering me is it's not easy to remove or wash it off with water and it's a bit hard to wash it off.


* In order to wash off the lip stain take a cotton pad just wet it at the middle not the entire whole pad, just concentrate at the middle and if necessary try to avoid of too much soak of the cotton pad, because it does have a tendency to make the pad so soaked that it's hard to use it. 
Once the cotton pad is wet just place it on top of your lips and just set it for about 1-2minutes and gently wipe off the stain. DO NOT RUB your lips because if you do, you might experience a bit of a sting if you rub it to hard.


These babies helped a lot with a cream base on top of my eye lids it helps build my eyeshadow colors and makes the colors pop out more. Like using the MILK eye jumbo pencil it's perfect for those loud and colorful eyeshadows that you want to make them more vibrant, First just top it on your eyelids to give you a base then using your colorful eyeshadow pat it with a flat brush and you can see the difference. It's cool to see that colorful eyeshadows can stand out more with a creamy white base on , it emphasizes the color and it concentrates it on the lids that you have just applied.

Now i have about FOUR eye jumbo pencils and still i'm gonna purchase some more because   i do have a lot of colorful eyeshadows ^_^.hehehe...


  • The nyx Eye Jumbo Pencil gives a perfect Base for your eyes.
  • It can make your eyeshadows more pop.
  • It doesn't crease that much.
  • Blending it with your finger or a brush is just fine.
  • The price is fine with me :)

  • The negative thing about these jumbo pencil's is that DO NOT EVER PLACE THEM AT A PLACE WHERE it's too much HOT because it does melt a bit fast and wasting too much product is not a good idea.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

♥ Halloween Giveaway ♥ by

Just read about cydangiebeauty's giveaway and all of her prizes are pretty AMAZING ^_^
like hello??? O.P.I nail polishes people?every girl has a dream but it's not actually a dream it's like you have been dying to have a nail polish from o.p.i . Because here in the Philippines where i live O.P.I nail polishes are too exoensive to buy for such middle class people like me. Yup i can't really afford expensive nail polishes but the thing about nail polishes of O.P.I is i have read some positive comments about them on candy magazines and some magazines they are so famous here in the philippines. So when i read cydangie's giveaway i was like WOW!! ^_^ i did enter her giveaway contest and all of her rules was really understood . Oh by the way her owl ring & necklace is so pretty and her other prizes as well too.

Please do check out her giveaway contest here's the link to her site:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barry M Lipstick & Lip Gloss Review

Barry M lipsticks & a lip gloss like o.m.g :) (can't find the right words to say) ^_^
So i got me the Barry m lipsticks & a  lip gloss wondering where i bought this? 
here's the link to shadz site check it out :

guarantee you that shadz is a 100% TRUSTED SELLER on Facbook so girls go on and check out her site and there are a lot of pretty good stuff at her site :)

Now off to the review.. Now Barry M lipsticks are like matte lipsticks they are pretty well good with the full coverage of it applying it to my lips. It doesn't make my lips dry and it's not that type of lipstick that has too much oils in it and that's a GOOD THING.
why MATTE? because it's consistency has that matte finish that you do not need to blot it with a tissue to remove any excess oils on your lips. In fact that the lipstick has gave my satisfaction a good one. 
The color of these lipsticks are too die for (hehehehehehe!) but literally don't kill yourself for some lipstick okey?! hehehehehe("JUST KIDDING"). i have got two amazing gorgeous sexy lipstick and these are:


If you are wondering why my PINK SUEDE lipstick is a bit damaged, my bad :(
 i accidentally forgot to rotate the lipstick going down, instead i almost really destroyed it by covering the lid on top of it."A STUPID THING TO DO so sorry :(" .

These lipsticks are what makes me so smiling always :) because on previous blog post i did mention that neutral lipsticks are my best fave's because again it gives me that simplicity look that i do really like. Like what my banner's name is simplybeing Joanna that's why simplicity is really into me. :)

As you can see above that these colors are pretty amazing & breath taking. Usually i often use the Pink Suede lipstick for my regular basis. And giving me that matte finish is my perfect ideal of a lipstick.

I do love the color of this lipstick what it does, it gives you that beautiful rosy shy lips and that's really perfect for lips that has a gentle touch of a rosy shy lip color.

Now this is not the peachy color like having a wonderful hot summer with those peach lips, nope it's not. It's the type of color that gives you a peachy pink mild tint and it's not that too intense. It's neutral and also again good for your regular basis and promise it's perfect with a bit of a gloss on the center of your cupid's bow and center of your lower lip. NOTE: too much gloss can't be contrast to this type of color, the gloss must not over power the lip color because you want to have less shine with those peachy pink neutral lips that's mild and yet Chick :)

Once The lipstick is applied try not to over come too much gloss. Less gloss pretty good lip color does stands out WELL :).


I have been using this gloss for a while now and the consistency of this gloss is perfect! It's not sticky and it's easy to apply on top of your lips. And for an extra excitement about this gloss is that it has a scent of yummy strawberry fruity scent ^_^ it smells soooooo good i could eat the glosss hehehehe! (just kidding!) :p 
anyways,  I highly recommend y'all girls trying out this gloss and if you wanna check out other shades of gloss 

here's the Barry M's site :

Monday, October 3, 2011



These are my TOP most Favorite lipgloss from nyx. Now it sounds a bit boring hey what the heck?! i'm into everyday neutral lips because i do prefer simple neutral colors especially on a my regular basis i do most of the time use my most favorite lipgloss is the Natural & Pinky Natural, these two lipgloss are my life savers because it's my # 1 priority having neutral lips, it's simple yet still chick :)


They are wearable, means you can apply this without your lipstick, it has full coverage and it's really awsome! :) also another ting about this gloss is it's not STICKY, i do not prefer lip glosses that are super sticky like it's too un comfortable because when your eating food it tends to be stuck on your fave' food and that is not cool okey?!, also stciky lip glosses is a big NO! i did experience this when my hair was not up tied so it was windy, then i my hair got all up onto my face and guess what where it also got stuck?!......... yup on top of my lips!!!! grosss!!!!!! so after that i stopped using lip glosses with sticky coverage.
Oh before the cons, this type of lip gloss is just the shine that you want it's not that super duper shine. so that's what i like about this lip gloss and lastly i love the wand of this lip gloss it's really really really easy to apply ^_^


Well if you ask me i do not have any bad comment about this lips gloss because as far as i have been using this for about 2 weeks now it doesn't give me a hard time so no cons for this lip gloss.