Monday, October 24, 2011

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit in LIGHT

Hey Girls! so i got me a eyebrow kit from e.l.f's studio line and it's in LIGHT , now before moving to the review i still have my fashion 21 eyebrow kit i do still use it the fact is that i kind of like the two color which is fitted to be my brow color. Because indeed i am ASIAN as you can tell, for my own opinion i do prefer for medium to dark brow color because it just looks good on me ^_^.

Now i mentioned a while ago that i did bought this e.l.f brow kit because i wanted to try out their GEL BROW, because i have been a bit curious about their brow kit. So the brow kit comes with a GEL, POWDER, a BRUSH & lastly a MIRROR:  

* But i do not use the brush that includes the kit because, doing my BROWS needs a lot of work(just kidding!) hehehe what i meant was it needs a precise medium angled brush. It's so much easier for me to do my brows with the right type of BRUSH, because having a right tyoe of brush gives you a better application and pretty results :).

For the powder i guess i do not use it regularly because as i have mentioned i prefer dark brows it suits my personality and that's how i like it.


The good thing about this kit is that it's light and you can carry it around in your purse,or your makeup bag because it's small and it's light.

Another thing is that it's handy again because it has a mirror that you can check whether your brows are even or uneven so there's no more fuss about getting your brows done when a handy mirror is ready right? ^_^



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