Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYX ❤ Rouge Cream Blush

yey i got me a Cream Blush! Now this is really new to me because i have never used a cream blush before, i do have my al time fave blush it's from e.l.f it's the TICKLED PINK and for my everyday basis i do like blushes that are really mild and simple yet giving you that natural glow effect , it's like your boyfriend told you sweet things and yes you do blush but with your neutral blush of course! ^_^

off to the review, okey i have heard a lot of positive comments about cream blush, it's long - lasting , and it hydrates and also easy to apply.
That's the type of blush what i like Long - Lasting , in my past college years i had troubles getting me a perfect blush, but not that perfect like it works eventually for me. So i purchased this type of blush (i wont indicate it because i do have great respect for the company's name).. anyways.. I thought of purchasing the blush and the shade was like a peachy color, so i was so confident that it will give me that sun kissed glow. So i go to try it with my blush brush, and yes it was pretty good applying it with the blush brush, but i saw the difference with a brush it's not that chalky, it does picks up the pigment and that's good, but then swiping it just twice with my ring finger i saw the difference it's a bit chalky and that kinda disappoints me. But since i have been using that type of powder brush for about 5months already it gives me good results, with a sun kissed natural glow so for that type of blush i think it's a 4 STARS since it gives me good results.

CREAM BLUSH now i haven't actually tried this yet because i still have my tickled pink blush from e.l.f so i don't wanna waste any product.But I did read some positive comments about this type of cream blush:

  • It HYDRATES the skin
  • It has a sheer wash radiant color
PLUS it comes in different types of colors you can check it out here:

Here's the BLUSH that i recently bought:


Absolutely YES! :) because some girls likes to be just simple but simply pretty with a neutral blush that gives us girls those blushing pretty cheeks, you can also wear this in any occasions like going to work , school. 




I just can't resist shimmery okey? so a girls gotta have some sparkle shimmer :)
My opinion with this type of loose eyeshadow is good because it's not that too harsh it's just milled and that's what i like most. Because some sparkle shimmer's are a bit chalky and can fall all over the place when your working with it and it's definitely gonna be a mess with shimmer's that's too messy and too much fall outs.

I have also read about this eyeshadow on NYX's website that it can be used on your eyes, cheeks and even lips....LIKE wicked! even lips, you can create like a illusion that on top of your favorite lipstick putting any kind of these loose pearl eyeshadows and that would be like a gorgeous look. There's nothing wrong to try out a look that you know that you can rock it :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

NYX single eyeshadows



These single eyeshadows are richly pigmented and the color is so amazing that it's not that chalky and it's a brilliant eyeshadow.


This is the type of eyeshadow that catches my eye, because the color of this eyeshadow looks almost like what Hayley Williams wore on her music video "MONSTER" while floating and singing on water, so flawless and breath taking look hehehehehehe! anyways i do love the color it's so amazing with it's pigmented color it can make your eyes pop and stand out. 

see how pigmented this type of eyeshadow is? i just had 2 swipes of my finger and that's the result.


i was so interested with this type of eyeshadow because i heard a lot of positive feed back about this. ANd so why not buy 1 and give it a try. And yep! it did impress me because it wasn't i was expecting to be chalky but it's not & that's another good thing :)
This is great for the inner sockets of my eyes because in some of my tutorials i do define my sockets to make them more dimension and it really looks good on my eyes :)

yup i know it's a bit shimmery but in reality without the flash of the camera it's not that shimmery. With just One swipe it won't show that much, so it needs two to three swipes with your finger or a brush depending on how much amount you wanna put onto your lids.



This eyeshadow blew up my mind! (heheheehehe!!) LIKE FOR REAL it did ^_^ . This type of eyeshadow is amazingly GORGEOUS !!! the color is what i love most. It's like a mysterious darkish blue type of eyeshadow that is so great for sultry , Smokey looks., or even in some other makeup looks.

It's really pigmented 1 swipe is enough and you could just blend away it with your fluffy brush to smoke it out on your upper crease.

with the flash of the camera :)

One swipe is enough like as you can tell, it's again really really pigmented :)


  • It's not too chalky
  • it gives you that vibrant color
  • it's PIGMENTED goood :)
  • The Price for this was also on Sale it was around P90.00 - P100.00 i guess i forgot so sorry :(


  • The thing that i do not like is that you have to be really careful not to drop them, otherwise it's a goner! LIKE BOOM! so the main thing is not to accidentally drop them or else good bye eyeshadow..


Yes, it's really great using these eyeshadows, if you want that intensifying pigmented eyeshadow, well nyx's single eyeshadow are the best ones :)

NYX nail POLISHES review

Finally Got me some nail polishes from NYX! :)

I was really interested with the nyx nail polishes, and just had to order some. At first i was honestly nervous because i had some troubles on nail polishes , like choosing the right one. and then i got to order thru a online shop and thanks to :)

Okey i got three ordinary nail polishes:

Muted Lavender, The Taupe, Bermuda Triangle

  • The color of the nail polish are wow amazing :)
  • Each color is as same as the Picture 
  • So easy to Apply
  • The Price was on sale i guess it was P90.00 each (sulit) :)


  • It's a bit time consuming to DRY
  • When i apply it it tends to be like a bit water wet i guess??

 would I recommend it?

YES! because it's not that PRICY and the colors are really good :)


This nail polish has a velvety texture that it caught my attention and won me over :)
It's pretty amazing that a matte nail polish like this is a girls thing that must really have!it's great for summer looks with bright colors like this TEAL color that i have purchased.


  • It's super quick drying 
  • It's not WATERY and that's a GOOD THING! ^_^
  • It dries up with a MATTE finish 

With the experience with this nope i have no problems with this polish

would I recommend it?

YES! but it's a bit PRICY it COST P200 plus so sorry forgot the price, but it was also on SALE it was like P145.00 so why not give it a try right? :)

*NOTE: that you should always apply a base clear coat to your nails to avoid them from yellowish nails. (Ewwwww!)like really eww! , and having a base coat will protect your nail bed.

HERE ARE the colors with the flash of my CAMERA:

The Taupe, Muted Lavender, Bermuda Triangle, MATTE teal

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2ne1 CL "UGLY" inspired makeup

Enjoy watching the Tutorial :)

Products i used:


Olay Moisturising Lotion
e.l.f Mineral Infused Face Primer
e.l.f All cover Stick - SPICE
NICHIDO cosmeticsLiquid Foundation with Sunscreen - TRUE NATURAL
e.l.f Complexion Perfection
e.l.f HD powder


e.l.f Golden Bronzer
e.l.f Blush - Tickled Pink


e.l.f Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Dollface 88 eyeshadow Palette( 2 Purples, 1 dark Blue, 2 yellows, 1 deep yellow)
NICHIDO cosmetics Mineral Kohl Pencil - Onyx
NiCHIDO cosmetics Liquid eyeliner - Black


eos lip bam - SUMMER FRUIT
e.l.f LIP primer
e.l.f Luscious Liquid Lipstick - MAPLE SUGAR


e.l.f Powder Brush
e.l.f Complexion Brush
e.l.f Bronzing Brush
e.l.f fan Brush
e.l.f Contour Brush
e.l.f Blending Brush
e.l.f Eyeshadow Brush
fashion 21 big fluffy Brush
fashion 21 small flat Shader Brush
nail art BRUSH JAPAN