Saturday, February 25, 2012

BAD GIRL MAKEUP collaboration with Stella Jezebelle

Hello my lovelies :)

So this is another collaboration with a special guest & a pretty lady too, it's 

We made a collaboration and the look was called "Bad Girl Makeup"  and we came up to make a gradient effects of the eye look, where in the main color was actually grey-ish & a gradient of purple. And this is what the final look looks like:) 

This is Stella's Finished Look :

Thanks Stella for our collaboration, it was fun working with you ^_^

Now here's my final look of my
Bad Girl makeup :

Here's the full list that i used to achieve this look :)

Brushes Used:

Beauty Cosmetics Brush:

Pink Kabuki Brush
Blending Brush
Flat Foundation Brush
Big Fluffy Face Brush
Flat top Brush
eyeliner Brush

fashion 21 Cosmetics:

Fluffy eyeshadow Brush

Marionnaud :

Pencil Brush
Blush Brush
Concealer Brush

E.L.F Brush:

Stipple Brush

Olay - moisyurizer
E.l.f face primer - Face primer
Concealer - E.l.f all cover stick in "SPICE"
Liquid Foundation - Ever bilena Pro Flawless Finish in "ORIENTAL"
Powder Foundation - Maybelline in "HONEY"
HD POWDER - e.l.f 
Contour - Fashion 21 "Rajah"
Blush - Fashion 21 in "Gold Peach"

Concealer - E.l.f All cover stick "SPICE"
Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Eye Primer
24 Baked EyeShadow - Beauty Cosmetics
iDivine Palette in "BAD GIRL" - SLEEK

Eyelashes :
Mascara - Maybelline Hyper volum' Express Waterproof in "Very Black"
Fake Lashes - Elegant eyes

Lips : 
Lip Balm - Nanny Roses's Lemonest Lemony + Sunscreen in "LEMON"
Skin - Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick
Light Mauve - Fashion 21 Liquid Lipgloss

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello my lovelies ❤ 

Before moving to my review about this Fantastic Fabulous Palette, i bought this around Last month and it was on January, so sooorrrryfor the late review :( I have been totally busy throughout the whole week days because of my busy days.

So for this review my lovelies  is alla bout the 88COLOR PALETTE  NEUTRAL EYESHADOW from BH COSMETICS. I purchased this at Shadz online Shop , the owner is miss Jean Sarah Atiagan. She sells a lot of amazing fabulous cosmetics on her shop, so do check out her shop, her shop has a facebook page, just click the name on top and it will direct you to her shop :)
And i wanna thank her for the smooth & fast communication for my purchase, Thanks sis Shadz :)

So let's start From the Package :

The palette Comes in a rectangular box, so at the back of the box, it has the ingredients of what contents the eyeshadows have.  Plus it has pictures of their palettes like the 120 color palette 1st edition and etc. They also have blush palettes too.
The BH cosmetics is a bit similar to the coastal scents. 

Here's My precious palette :) 

I purchased the 88 NEUTRAL colors because i wanted to make more experiments based on neutral colors and with a spark of natural warm shades.

Here's the 88 NEUTRAL EYESHADOW's :

yup i know your eyes can't resist the gorgeous shades, like DUH!?? who can't?! like look at these shades, they are gorgeous. Shades like these are best for special occasions like weddings, proms , home coming queen, pictorials, or any type of occasions as as long as the eyeshadows are matched up to the occasion. Like if your going for a smokey but a bit neutral then this palette is the one for you.

Just look at those colors, any variety of shades you can experiment on, as long as the out come turns out GOOD :) , matching up the eyeshadows can also give you a amazing gradient effect, like for instance you see those dark plummy color & a light purple? you can use those to create a type of look were in the transformation of the gradient blends in well together.

I believe that the size of the eyeshadows are about a size of a 0.25 pesos scents.

Here are some SWATCHES , i didn't go over detailing ever row because it is a lot , but i can update you with additional swatches:

With the flash of my Camera:

with out the Flash of my camera:

As you can see the colors does stand out pretty amazing , it is pigmented too. even in normal light the camera still catches the soft colors. 

  • What i love about the palette is, the neutral shades has soft pleasing hues that could your eyes a neutral spark with a tint of gorgeous in it :)
  • The eyeshadows are very pigmented.
  • with warm colors it's amazing to experiment for a look you want to achieve, if you are a person like me, who loves neutrals a lot :)
  • IT'S NOT CHALKY AT ALL. that's a good thing.
  • It has a iridescence of a bit shimmers in it but not too much.
  • the colors are absolutely INCREDIBLE.

  • What i don't like about the palette is, i wish that they could put a 1 blending brush and 1 eyeshadow brush, instead of a eye sponge.
So for the update for my continuos swatches i will be posting it soon.

Oh by the way if you wanna check out the colors in my video i did make a tutorial using this palette, the tutorial is "Pretty simple Gyaru Make up look" :

Hope you all had a great day & God Bless.

Sweet Flirty Valentines Make up

Hello my lovelies 

Happy Valentines day!! :)

:This is a sweet flirty look that i created for valentines day, this is also a collaboration with :

Here are Their Valentines Makeup Look :

Jannah Marie's Sweet Valentines Makeup look : 

Roxanne's Goddess of the Night on Valentines Day:

Jannie's Dolly Valentine Look :

Please do check out their make up looks :)

Okay here's the things i have used to achieve my Sweet but flirty for valentines :


PRIMER - e.l.f Face primer
CONCEALER - e.l.f All cover stick "SPICE"
LIQUID MATTE FOUNDATION - Ever Bilena Pro flawless Finish Foundation "ORIENTAL"
CAKE POWDER - Maybelline Clear smooth shine free "HONEY"
HD POWDER - e.l.f High Definition Powder


BLUSH - Fashion 21 "Golden Peach"
BRONZER - Fashion 21 "RAJAH"


EYESHADOW PRIMER -  Too Faced Shadow Insurance


MASCARA - Maybelline The hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof "Very Black"


LIP COLOR - Maybelline Color Sensational "CORAL PINK"

Here's my tutorial:

And here are some pictures which i created for our collaboration :)


This look is a bit Flirtatious but on a sweet side :) Valentines is all about being pretty & beautiful for the one you love, plus it's not that bad if this look is flirty but on a sweet side too.  
So my lovelies Happy Valentines & Stay lovely & in LOVE :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enter beautyandthebrute 400 follower Giveaway :)

Hello my lovelies :)

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Good Luck Ladies & let's keep our finger's crossed for the luck winner :)

Take care & God Bless every one!


Joanna ^_^

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hello ladies :) Miss Jannie is having a giveaway called "FEBRUARY 2012 GIVEAWAY".
Enter her contest by click the picture down below: & simply follow her rules to enter the contest & having a chance winning her pretty goodies! :)

Good Luck ladies & Finger's Crossed :)

xoxo Joanna :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Maybelline's The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Very Black Mascara

Hello My lovelies  ❤,

Here's a quick review on what's my favorite & most ❤ mascara , it's the Hyper Curl Volum' Express 3 - in - 1 Very Black Mascara from Maybelline. I purchased this at Gaisano Legazpi City, it was only at P249.00 pesos :) 
I had this last month and i kept using this every single day especially going to work. 
Okey i lied about not using mascara, SORRY! I just really realized that i look naked without long lashes. :( So i had a very great experience with maybelline's Hyper Curl Volum' Express, because it add's more volume to my lashes, and i have shorter lashes, so it boosts up my lashes making them long and voluminous.
It's also Waterproof  and amazingly lengthens my lashes without any clumps. 

Even without my e.l.f lash curler, this mascara did amaze me. It instantly curls my lashes and 3x more volume and looking long and pretty :) Plus It last through out my entire day, whether Rain or Shine, it doesn't SMUDGE at all.

If you ladies here in Legazpi City  wanna try out and experience long beautiful voluminous lashes without clumping, then you can Purchase this at any department store at
 Metro Gaisano Mall or at  LCC.

Take care Care & God Bless my lovelies  and stay Safe ayt?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sigma Makeup Monthly Giveaway ♥ February 2012♥

Hello my lovelies, sigma's having a February giveaway , super wow!!! :)
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Good Luck & Take care!