Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYX ❤ Rouge Cream Blush

yey i got me a Cream Blush! Now this is really new to me because i have never used a cream blush before, i do have my al time fave blush it's from e.l.f it's the TICKLED PINK and for my everyday basis i do like blushes that are really mild and simple yet giving you that natural glow effect , it's like your boyfriend told you sweet things and yes you do blush but with your neutral blush of course! ^_^

off to the review, okey i have heard a lot of positive comments about cream blush, it's long - lasting , and it hydrates and also easy to apply.
That's the type of blush what i like Long - Lasting , in my past college years i had troubles getting me a perfect blush, but not that perfect like it works eventually for me. So i purchased this type of blush (i wont indicate it because i do have great respect for the company's name).. anyways.. I thought of purchasing the blush and the shade was like a peachy color, so i was so confident that it will give me that sun kissed glow. So i go to try it with my blush brush, and yes it was pretty good applying it with the blush brush, but i saw the difference with a brush it's not that chalky, it does picks up the pigment and that's good, but then swiping it just twice with my ring finger i saw the difference it's a bit chalky and that kinda disappoints me. But since i have been using that type of powder brush for about 5months already it gives me good results, with a sun kissed natural glow so for that type of blush i think it's a 4 STARS since it gives me good results.

CREAM BLUSH now i haven't actually tried this yet because i still have my tickled pink blush from e.l.f so i don't wanna waste any product.But I did read some positive comments about this type of cream blush:

  • It HYDRATES the skin
  • It has a sheer wash radiant color
PLUS it comes in different types of colors you can check it out here:

Here's the BLUSH that i recently bought:


Absolutely YES! :) because some girls likes to be just simple but simply pretty with a neutral blush that gives us girls those blushing pretty cheeks, you can also wear this in any occasions like going to work , school. 

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