Friday, January 20, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics 8 pcs Pink Brush Set

Good evening my lovelies 

I know us girls are into make up cosmetics such stuff like that, but to be able to use your make up goodies, you have to have a set of brushes that you can work with your self. Because since dealing with your make up has a lot of effort and passion in it, it's not the way you just apply it with a  simple application, it's the feeling & passion what makes you want to do what you love. So i have bought the 8 pcs. Brush Pink set at Beauty Cosmetics , and here's the Brushes: 

First starting with the package itself, the brushes comes in a black leather pencil case shape and the case is in a black shinny leather :

The case is SLIM, and handy to carry. And the good thing is it's not bulky, and you can carry this on your purse too. :)


Big Angled Brush 

I believe that this type of brush can work with your liquid foundation, because it's easy to handle it and, i preferably recommend using this type of brush for liquid foundation routines, because it can give precise angles to wear you applied areas on your face.

The brushes bristles has a kind of off white color on the ends, and it's a helpful thing that beauty cosmetic's brushes has these, because you can easily identify that your brush has picked up the liquid foundation due to the off white on the bristles ends.  

Plus, i love the name on the handle that's printed in their brand name :)
Very chic and pretty.

Big Complexion / Face Brush

with this type of brush, i preferably can use this for my HD powders to gently pat this on my entire face. 

Or even loose foundations can be used by this type of brush, and again the ends of the bristles has the off white color, this will be easily to identify if the brush picked up your hd powders or loose foundation too.

Small Flat top Brush

i love this brush, because this type of brush can be used as buffing your concealing application, like on certain areas that some brushes can buff in, so this type of brush can buff some small areas that it can reach and easily buff it in for you.

And as you can take a closer look, the brush is flat and PROMISE, the bristles are very soft :)

Eyeshadow Brush

This is good for applying your eyeshadows, because the brush is smooth and flat.


Blending Brush

Blends any harsh edges on your Crease area, plus blending the eyeshadow colors together to give a gradient lovely effect. I do HIGHLY recommend you girls having a blending brush like this one, because in make up it's all about blending colors together and crating a unique eye makeup for yourself or even to your clients as well too.

Sponge Applicator:

This is useful as well because for some eye makeup looks, if you wanna create a smudged grunge effect, the sponge applicator is very useful. You can easily smudge your eyeliner and it can create a grunged look , it's kind of a messy look but depending on the type of look  you are creating. For example:
Rocker chic, or even like Avril Lavigne's signature look like her smudged grunge eyeliner:)

Flat Eyeliner Brush:

I do believe that this brush is useful for precise application for your gel liners.

Angled Eyeliner :

Again this brush is for the eyes, and gives precise application to your eyes with a gel liner. plus Angled eyeliner's are easy to handle because as you can see the tip of the brush is in a angled position, meaning you can make a flicked end to your wing with your gel liner. :)

Okay, this is my own opinion for the brushes that i just gave a review on, i wish that there was a Pencil Brush and a small Flat Stiff shader brush. Pencil brush, because i am more specifically when it comes to my make up, because i want to make a guide for my eyes with a pencil brush, because it's much easier to have a brush that gives you a guide to your outer "v" area. While a Flat Stiff shader Brush is for high light to the brow bone, because it gives a lift to the face and it smooths out the blended eyeshadows on the eyelid area.

But i do Adore the brushes because they're in pink, and pink is my favorite color :)

"Have a great week end my lovelies"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics ‎24 double baked eyeshadow ♥

Hello my lovelies ,
As promised for the items that i purchased at Beauty Cosmetics are including these gorgeous 24 double baked eyeshadows. Starting off with the package itself, it comes in a big rectangular or square shape, and the surface of the palette is shinny texture, and plus, their brand name is carved on the palette too. But really really be very careful if you have a palette like this one because they are prone to easily small scratches and once the palette receives one scratch , it's a goner! so do be responsible not to drop the palette like so because it's really fragile and you don't want that to happen right? so my tip to have a clean surface is to get a soft cloth and damp it with water, and slowly try to wipe the surface so that you can achieve a clean surface. But do not spray PLEDGE to clean it because i did try to clean it off by using pledge on my other palettes, and it turned out like a softer moist kind of thing, and it was annoying because it has the texture of softness and it did not turn out nice. so be very careful not to spray any type of cleaning spray on the surface of your palettes.

Here's a close up look of the carved brand name :)
i love how Beauty Cosmetics carved name and the color has a hot pink and white that really stands out on the black palette. VERY PRETTY!!! :)

The palette looks this in front view and has the measurement  of 24 cm x 17.5 cm x 2.5cm :

Inside the Palette comes with a one sided mirror on the LEFT side as you can see:

Now the the baked eyeshadows are in the size of Diameter per each color is 3.5cm or about 1.5 inches.

Here's how the baked eyeshadow look and notice how the colors turns out so vibrant and colorful with their mixture of color together :

i was impressed how 1 swatch of my finger of the baked eyeshadow turns out pretty pigmented wow!!! :)

The eyeshadows are shimmery but i think the contrast of the color blends so well.

even this pretty baby pink mixed with a hot pinkish color can be used as a blush because the color has a bit shimmers in it but it can give you that dazzling sparkles effect on your cheeks, and i think it will turn out beautifully.

below the doubled mixture baked eyeshadows are the mixed eyeshadows and wow it is very pigmented with one swatch of my finger again :)

The eyeshadows doesn't have every names, so here's a sample of the baked eyeshadows that i have swatched on my arm. And look how the colors blends pretty together, the contrast is absolutely amazing, like a magical fairy dust :)

even with out the flash of the camera, still the camera catches it's color:


  • The colors has a perfect gradient effect
  • It's shimmery but has those like mysterious colors in it , like i have said a fairy dust. :)
  • Plus it is pigmented. that's GOOD.
  • the color blends together evenly, but you have to use the right brush for this like a flat shader brush with a steddy hand to help prevent any fall outs
  • flash or no flash, the colors stands out amazing!
  • the eyshadows has no SCENT at all. And that's one good thing too.
  • you can mix any different types of colors together as long as the colors blends gradient to each other.
  •  The mirror gives a big help too.
  • the eyeshadows are not CHALKY .
  • The pearly white color in the palette can be used as your highlight, and the pinky colors also can be used as a lush too. HANDY dandy right ladies? hehehe :)
  • Whether your look is a goddess theme the bronze and golds are perfect for the gradient look, or if you decided to go a bit mystical, well these baked eyeshadows are perfect for the look!
  • The only thing that i didn't like is, every color does not have their each name. Because look how gorgeous the eyeshadows are,they do have to have a name. But this is only my opinion. So hopefully the colors did have each names or even numbers. 
Other than that I LOVE THE PALETTE!!  
Hope you all Filipina Ladies try out the 24 doubled baked eyeshadow at 
Take care & God Bless my lovelies!  

Beauty Cosmetics ♥Beauty Blender♥

Hello my lovelies ♥

So last 9th of January i posted a blog news that i was going to be reviewing about some pretty stuff that i purchased at Beauty Cosmetics  and  i was addicted lately to cosmetics and i browsed at Miss Rosenn's  beauty shop and i just happened to find a beauty blender :) Terrific!!! ♥

Because the Beauty Blender  is famous because of it's the ultimate makeup sponge giving you a professional and flawless perfect blend. So i just had to get me one for my personal use. But i just had a thought right now, maybe i'll be purchasing more for my clients :)

So enough with the chit chat off to the review....

So at Beauty Cosmetics  shop they have different types of colors of this Beauty Blender, and i purchased the purple one, because the pink one is really famous and i just wanted to be a bit different so i wanna try out the purple color. And the sponge came in a cylinder package with their brand name printed on it. And as you can see the purple sponge is really cute ^_^


The shape of the Sponge is like a tear drop shape and fits at the middle of my hand but it get's bigger once you wet it in water. Check out Jannah's Review  on her beauty blender for a look how the sponge looks like when it's wet.

Honestly the Sponge is lighter and easy to grip on with my fingers :)

Other than that, the beauty blender is the perfect tool for your flawless finish look :)

Fashion 21 cosmetics must L♥ve

hello my lovelies ,

So this week i just bought some pretty things at Fashion 21 cosmetics, and honestly your gonna be l♥ving this review today.

So here are some items i just purchased at the mall on Fashion 21 Cosmetics and these items i did a little bit of investigating last week actually, before i bought them, because at they have those like tester's and i had to try them before purchasing any. And my expectations did met. :) So below is i bought their Powder Blush in "GOLD PEACH", and two (2) Liquid Lipsticks in their brand called "True Light", and i got two colors in "Light Mauve" and "Light Peach".

Let's move on to the Powder Blush First... SHALL we? ♥ :)

The Blush comes in a Chic  black box and on the box is the print of Fanny Serrano ,  the icon in the fashion and beauty industry, is a constant inspiration to artists and movie personalities for his creativity, style and virtuosity. and "FS"  stands for his cosmetics line, beauty affordable too :)

I got in the Shade of "Gold Peach"

The blush is in a SQUARE shape and has a texture of a smooth & shiny on its container.

The blush is in the shade "GOLD PEACH" and yes! the blush is amazingly beautiful and it has a bi of a medium dark peach tones in it with a golden tones .
And the blush comes with a brush for easy application. But i usually use my e.l.f stipple brush and apply my regular blush that i use every single day , with a circle motion and moving towards in my apples of my cheeks.
But you can use the brush that's in the blush but you have to estimate not to apply too much because, you don't wanna go to work and clients will freakin' stare at you and thinking you just got hit by your car door or something. NOT A GOOD IDEA! so do be cautious about your application when it comes to blush, because you want to look blushing when your boy stares at your radiant glow right? :)

Here's how the blush looks like with out the Flash:
Notice how the color is really neutral and soft, it's not harsh and has that glow effect with tiny sparkles of gold tint in it.

Here's with a FLASH :

Now the flash gave the color a bit intense but not too much, but the flash of the camera did catch the color ,and still i love the color, it's pretty and neutral. Plus the camera caught the tiny sparkles of the gold tint too.


  1. The Blush is really good for Every day use, and plus you can use this in special occasions like : PROM, SWEET ANNIVERSARY DATE, SUMMER, and also CHRISTMAS DINNER DATE too. Because the blush is in a medium tone and has the tint of sparkles in it, it's neutral but it gives you a naturally radiant glowing effect.
  2. The Blush is not CHALKY. 
  3. the blush has no harsh texture.
  4. It does not have a stinky SCENT.
  5. with 2 swatches is the right amount for application, and giving you a natural glow effect.
  6. The blush is on the Price around P350.oo in Pesos, a bit pricy but a good blush.


* NOTE: these are based on my OPINIONS that i had some things i saw while making this review. 

  1. What i didn't like about the quad is the brush. Because it picks up too much of the blush and i think it's a bit tricky once too much amount of blush is on the brush and you might apply too much.

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ 


Hello my lovelies ,  welcome to PART 2.

Along with the blush, i purchased two lovely Liquid Lipstick in fashion 21 from their brand "True Light".

The liquid lipstick comes in a black long rectangle box like so :

Here's how the liquid lipstick looks like, they come in see through kinda of like glass container, and you can see the colors of the liquid lipstick. Plus i love the imprint of their brand name that's on the liquid lipstick.


I got in "Light Mauve" and "Light Peach"

what's exciting about the liquid lipstick is, at the back of it has a small rectangular shape mirror, which gives a lot of help , because the mirror can help you see when using the liquid lipstick. 

But the most Fun part of the liquid lipstick is, when you twist the cap and pull the cap out, there's a automatic light that turns on when you open the cap. And i was impressed because it's pretty cool to have a lipstick and has a automatic light that turns on.

LIKE SO: Pretty amazing huh? :)

Here's a picture which you can see how the liquid lipstick looks like when the automatic light are on, and one advantage of the lipstick is, if some of you girls likes to part at clubs, and clubs has not too much light, usually it's dark. So if you think your lips has ran out and got no mini flash light to look into your purse , and look for your favorite lipstick/lipgloss/liquid lipstick, then this comes also in handy ^_^ 


(Left) Light Mauve , (right) Light Peach

Both colors works absolutely lovely, neutrals are one of my favorite looks because it's wearable and plus it's versatile. 

The Liquid lipstick gives a shinny finish and this looks great on lips :)

  1. The liquid lipstick is Handy with the mini light inside the cap. 
  2. It fits any type of purse you have, whether it's small or big.
  3. The liquid lipstick has a fine soft texture and does not have sticky feeling one applied.
  4. The mirror comes in handy too.

  1. One thing that bothered me a bit is the light inside the cap, it is automatic, but how long could the light last long enough?
  2. The liquid texture is fine, but it can be a substitute too as a lipgloss top.
  3. The color does not stay through out the entire day :( hopefully it can last, but meaning avoiding too much drinks because it will have the tendency to erase the liquid lipstick so easy.

These are just my OPINIONS about the product that i purchased myself.

Have a great Week & stay safe my lovelies ♥