Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zalora Shoe Haul ♥

Hey My Lovelies! 

So finally I decided to give my foot some love and started to collect myself some shoes. 
And what I meant for shoes, i meant flats. Flat shoes are my favorite type of shoes to wear because they are totally comfy to wear all the time plus I don't have any hard time wearing them every single day ^_^
Now some of you might think that for a Petit size like me wearing flats? Yes I know it sounds weird though Petit sizes must emphasize the height, I think it doesn't even matter whether a petit size like me should show off by wearing heels, I mean c'mon would you dare to walk on heels that can make your entire mood conscious and might wreck your day? No way! So for me I'd go and slip on my love love flats :D

So last few days I came to a website called zalora.com.ph 
NOTE:  It's .ph  meaning it's in the Philippines Country like yehey!!!
Because Zalora's website is international and now It's available in the in the country ^_^

zalora is a one stop online destination for people who loves online shopping.
Their website contains lots of fashion trends and specially MAKEUP! :D
So just check out zalora.com.ph website ^_^

Okay Now for my PACKAGE! 

Zalora's package came super fast to me like I ordered my items on Monday and got it on Friday and it was really really fast shipment. 

I'm gonna be starting off with the package itself, my items came in a big white box wrapped in a safety plastic like those couriers have. 

zalora's information like their twitter and facebook account are at the side of the box.

The box comes in a white sleek cute box, plus on top is their company name.
The box has these cute prints like clothes, shoes, sunnies, jewelry, bags, etc.
The box is sealed with a secure firm tape so that my items won't tumble all out.

Now inside my package contains two papers about their website Instructions, plus my receipt that i purchased on their site. Plus they gave my a voucher code :) yey! and yes to discounts! :)

Now here are my items that I purchased at zalora, and i bought me 3 pairs of shoes:

For the first two pairs of shoes, the brand name is "Koumi Koumi"

So for the first pair they are the "Nicole Loafers Flats"
I picked these cute shoes because I am beginning to love tiger prints and these shoes were just so adorable so I got them ^_^

Details of the SHOES:

Starting at the side of the entire shoe, the body is made of synthetic leather material  in the color Beige.
The brands name is imprinted inside the shoe giving it a cute signature to it.
Now for the front design of the shoe it is designed with tiger prints on a synthetic hair, that is secured sewed on the top portion of the shoe, so no worries of hairs falling off the shoes. 
The style left it giving the shoes a sleek classy finish to it.

For a Style Tip:

You can pair these cute loafers with your favorite skinny Jeans and toping off a Nude or bold sheer blouse to, giving you that semi - classy feminine look.

Lastly the lower material of the shoe is made out of rubber so you can run on these babies whenever you want without even slipping your way.
 By the way my foot is in the size 36'  or 6' 

Moving on to my next pair, and these are the Suzy Ballet flats:

I just had to get me one pair of ballet flats because not only they are totally cute, they're comfy to wear .

Details of the SHOE:

These ballet shoes are super pretty i like the whole concept of this shoes,  it reminds me of those pretty ballet dancers with their cute tutu on them.  
Inside of this shoes the material is super soft so it wont hurt your foot will your wearing them, and if you look closely the shoes has those bumps inside, and it's to make your foot comfy will wearing them.
Plus the brands name is inside simple & classy :)

for the front of the shoes, I like the fact they made the shoes consciously from a distance it looks like they are wrapped with black laces but looking at it closely they're like those cracks form and it just gives the shoes those unique look to it. And finishing off the shoe with a cute black bow.

Final View of the entire shoe:

Style Tip:

You can pair these lovely ballet shoes with a cute black skirt and topping it with a nude or baby pink sheer doll blouse. Or even paring it with a cute black Lacey dress.

Now for my last pair of shoes, I bought this one because it's really simple and good for my every day use. The brands name is Scarlet  and they are the Jamila Flats .
For these shoes i picked out in the color nude because nude shoes can match any blacks or washed jeans to it and you can just go for a semi - casual look with it.

Details of the SHOES:

For the details of the shoes, the lower and front portion of the shoe is in synthetic leather, and covering it with a soft material that's a comfy feeling to it.
The heels of these flats aren't those rubber ones so they're more of a plastic type ones.
the shoe has a cute washed plum-y bow to it to make it more girly and yet simple.

So that ends my Short Shoe Haul and hope you enjoyed reading :)
You can check out my Shoe Haul Video down below to see some total craziness plus showing my shoes ^_^ 

Take Care & God Bless!
Talk to yah soon!


  1. Oohhhh! Those shoes are so pretty! ^_^ I found your blog when I was searching for koumi koumi review. Are they well made? I want to buy their sneaker-wedges because they're on sale in my country but I don't know their quality.

    1. Hi Sherly ^_^
      The shoes are well made with its fine material and its authentic leather details. I haven't tried their wedges yet :( But honestly their material is just fine and comfy on my foot. It doesn't feel awkward to walk.

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  3. you wear size 36? how long your feet?