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Maybelline HAUL & REVIEW!

Hey Dolls!
So lately I have been sloppy with everything like my blog posts and also my youtube channel :( Honestly I miss filming so much if i could only squeeze more time to make a lot of videos that inspires me, but because of my daily nerve wrecking basis it's gonna be taking me a lot of effort to do and hopefully I can. 
So without further ado I was curious about drugstore products here in legazpi, and me and my mom & boyfriend was on a grocery and just as about we were at the counter to the goods, I saw some Maybelline stuff that was near the counter and just got curious and looked at the products. They had Lip balms, mini compact powders, a BB stick, and also BB powder foundation. And oh by the way as for the Maybelline baby skin Pore eraser I got this at a mall, (JUST TO INCLUDE THIS BEFORE THE WHOLE REVIEW THING).
So I purchased first the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser which looks like so:

Product Information:

PRICE : PHP 299.00 - PHP 300.00
WEIGHT : 200ml
(For Legazpe├▒a/Bicolana gals) : They are available at LCC & Metro Gaisano Department store located at the cosmetics area.

Now lets start with the packaging of the PORE ERASER, it comes in a plastic transparent box that has the brands name on the front portion and has a mini intro to itr at the bottom of the box that says "Poreless, Baby smooth, lightweight & breathable"

Now on the back portion it indicates that it's  "Baby Skin" Pore Eraser and quotes that 
"Bye bye pores
One second away
From Poreless 
Baby Skin"

It also introduces how the Pore Eraser works for the skin, that it's on contact, translucent gel melts on skin and instantly erase pores,imperfections,lines and creases. Skin looks instantly transformed into a perfect smooth canvas.
Plus additional to the product info. it also indicates that it is a ALL DAY and that skin is shine free, even and baby smooth. No burden to skin. :)
and lastly it's GUARANTEED.

While on the side of the box it indicates that its "PORE LESS SMOOTH LIGHT WEIGHT"

On the other side it has a Instruction on how to apply the Pore eraser for the face .

Now for the actual tube :

It comes in a soft spring mint green color tiny slim tube.
And the tube has again their indication.

Now on the back of the tube it has the name on it and has their quotation from the indication of the itself and how much weight it is, and it's 22ml.

Now for the tube's opening, it's very tiny which I think that it's great because if you squeeze the tube to get an amount the opening of the tube controls it from getting overload to much and instead you can control your squeeze for the amount you want.

So here's an actual picture of how the Pore Eraser looks like:

It comes in a translucent gel cream form that has no scent at all.
And from the appearance of the Pore Eraser, it reminds me of Face primers like from the one's from e.l.f and other brands. Which in fact this Baby skin Pore Eraser actually works best for Priming the face before any other foundation packing on the face.

Now to take it for the test!
Can you spot the difference? on the LEFT side is my bare imperfect face, with my dark circle very noticeable, tiny pimples on the sides of minner apples, and got some blemishes going on and discoloration, and lastly my pores are all around my eye area and peeping everywhere :(
Now on the RIGHT side it makes a lot of difference with the baby skin Pore eraser because it just like erased the patches of my blemishes and covered minimum of my dark circles which is better, and lastly it made my pores invisible like it just disappeared! And my face really feels much smoother.


 ♥PACKAGING - I love it because it comes in a slim tube which is handy to carry on your purse especially if your on the go to travel. And I like the facet that it comes in a tube so I can easily control how much amount I want to use. And I love the color of the packaging it comes in a pink & mint green which i can describe like spring. :)

♥PRICE - I purchased this for  roughly PHP 299.00 which is very affordable and worth it because it works perfectly as a Face Primer and smoothly on my face and covers up my pores.

♥CONCERNS - The only thing that I noticed is that it didn't make my face last from getting oily, or maybe it's because that I have combination skin and the weather here in Legazpi City Bicol changes time to time. But other than that I like how the Pore Eraser works for my skin.

♥FINAL VERDICT - This is one Pore Eraser that I can recommend to anyone who has combo skin plus has a lot of imperfections like I have because it just minimizes it and definitely works like a Face Primer plus it's cheap & worth it of my money.

♥REPURCHASE - Heck yeah!

♥RATING - 9/10

Now moving on to my next item that I bought, now i bought these at a grocery store and just couldn't resist to try them myself.
I purchased this Maybelline CLEAR SMOOTH SHINE FREE BB STICK. 
I have been loving a lot of BB cream products. Because I know some girls out there were not blessed to have those smooth glow perfect skin. Unfortunately I'm one those. I had a rough time covering up my imperfections and I saw this BB stick like it was my life saver!  
Now here's a little info about the product :

Product Information:

PRICE  PHP 249.00
SPF 20
12-hour Anti-Shine
Powder Finish
8-IN-1 Skin Transformer
WEIGHT 10grams


Now about the whole packaging it comes in a Mint green tube plastic cap. Easy to carry around for your purse, it's not messy you can just apply it straight away on your face with your clean fingers and since the tube is retractable it's easily exposed.
Wrapped around the tube is a plastic covering with other info stuff.
And on the bottom has it's type of shade which is "01 Fresh" and indicates the products Mfg expiration date which is a good thing. 


It's cream to powder finish, and it's obviously has that cream texture once applied on your face. Now I have combo skin but it;s not that too sensitive so it turns out it's really blend-able I just spread it with my fingers or with a buffing brush and start first on my cheek area, forehead, nose bridge, and on the sides of my jaw and lastly on my neck. 
it's called the 8-in-1 BENEFITS since it has :

。 Controls Shine
。 Lasts all day
。 Clears 
。 Refines
。 Conceals
。 Evens
。 Smoothens
。 Protects

like how cool is that to have 8-in-1 benefits in a 1 pretty amazing BB stick. wow! :D


As for the size I made a example of my MAC lipstick size, just to check how big & long it is.
And the fact is it matches the size of my MAC lipstick yay! ^_^
With a size that's little, comes with a big difference. Like how cool is that to hava a BB cream in stick right?! awsome!! :)

Here's a little demonstration that I did testing the BB stick on my face. On the left side is my Bare face, I got a lot of imperfections like tiny pimples on my the sides of my apples, dark circles, blemishes. Now on the right side I just blended the product with my clean fingers. First impression I thought that the shade was lighter than my natural skin tone, but as further blended the product it just sets in well into my skin. And makes my skin a bit lighter but not that too light, and gives me that smooth coverage. Plus it doesn't dry up my skin.It also covered up mostly my blemishes and spots that's noticeable on my face, and covered up the unwanted tiny pimples , and lastly reduces my dark panda eyes.


Over all I love the packaging and how the whole BB stick does on my skin, because it just glides smoothly on to my face and works perfectly fine. It covered up almost 70 % on my problem areas and it didn't dry up my skin.The coverage is not heavy, it blends well on to my natural skin tone giving that tiny bit of lightness to my face which makes my face fresher than usual. Plus I can use this as my makeup base ^_^ 

♥REPURCHASE - Totally yeah!

♥RATING - 7/10

Next on my haul, I purchased this TO GO ClearSmooth ALL IN ONE SHINE FREE, since i wanna try drugstore products that's affordable and easy to use.I read some blogs about this mini TOGO compact so got curious and just had to try it out for myself. 

Product Information:

SPF 25  
PA ++ for additional PROTECTION
SHADE "02 Nude Beige"
Shine free Cake Powder 
All Day Shine Control


Starting off with the packaging, it comes in a muted pink cute mini mirror compact, that also comes along with a mini face sponge.

Underneath is the products Mfg expiration date which again is cool to know when the product expires. And it also indicates what the product does, like it's All Day shine Control, UV protection, Fairer Skin, Conceals, Long wera, Smoothens, Evens, 
Non Comedogenic (meaning) - - it's doesn't make the skin cause breakouts and also clog pores, Last it's Gently on Skin. 

Here's a UP CLOSE view how the powder looks like:

I wasn't actually too sure if i bought the right shade but turns out it matches my actual skin tone yay! :D


I love how the Compact packaging is because it's a miniature version of regular compacts, and you can carry this on your small purses since it's not bulky, light weight and also it's a two way cake too! Means you can either damp the sponge that comes with compact and if your face tends to get oily, then this baby is a life saver cause you can easily touch up with a mirror that comes with it. Handy isn't it? :D

The only thing that bother's me is for my skin type which is combo oily skin, it does'nt last the whole day :( Because my combo skin is like dripping sweat and oily! :( So once i feel that i need touch up, i just touch up with the sponge by just patting on areas that needs to be re touching'.

Next moving on to my last item, I got the Baby Lips Lip Balm, I already ran out with my last baby lips which was the cherry one so I couldn't hesitate to try out myself this Berry baby lips.

♥REPURCHASE - Yes because it's handy to carry & it feels lighter on my face than my usual powder foundation.

♥RATING - 7/10

Lastly I bought the Baby Lips Lip Balm in "Berry".I just had to grab me one since I already ran out of the Cherry one, so i wanna try a different one so i bought the Berry. So figured out my lips needs a lot of love & care since my lips has crack & dry issues so this baby here will give me that sun protection and more moisture.

Product Information:

SPF 20
Instant 8 hour Moisture
In 1 week lips will be REJUVENATED LIPS
WEIGHT 4grams


  • Turn the base 1-2 times for usage. Reapply when lips are exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection.


The lip balm comes in a Bubble gum blue lip  cover with bubble gum pink print that says "BABY LIPS" and also as for the base cones in a bubble gum pink. Which is handy to identify that it's obviously the twisted part were you want to retract the product of the lip balm.



♥APPLICATION - It glides smoothly on lips, and it's not sticky and doesn't give that messy finish.

♥FRAGRANCE - I love it and smells so yummy like real BERRIES.

♥PACKAGING - It comes in a bubble gum blue & pink which practically is very cute and caught my eye so eventually i just had to get me one. 

♥PRICE - Affordable to our pockets for a price of PHP 79.00 only! It's available at Save More alternate road & at Bichara Mall Legazpi CIty (FOR BICOLANA'S INFO. :) )

It lasts  about 2-4 hours even though it doesn't last through out my day, I don't mind re-applying because I love the scent of it and how it gives my lips more moisture. 

If worn alone, it gives my lips a bit of that shine effect.

Protect my lips from the rays of the sun since it has SPF 20. 


What bothers me is if worn alone it just makes my lips pale since it doesn't have a bit of color tint.


♥RATING - 9/10

So that's the end of my Haul & Review, hope y'all liked it.
Till Next time dolls, 
as always Take care & "simply love life always" 



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