Friday, June 28, 2013

Real Technique Brush CORE COLLECTION Review

Hey dolls!
So lately obsessed with online shopping since it's hustle free from crowded people, and plus where I live some cosmetics products are not available here. :( So with the help of social websites I was through out shopping online ^_^
So I purchased a brush set called the Core Collection from the brand name Real Techniques, and I purchased them at KALM Cosmetics for only P989.00 pesos for a set of these brushes.
They're authorized retailer of Real Technique Brushes in the Philippines so you could get them for the price that's very affordable & reasonable and worth it.
Make sure to check out their Facebook page & Don't forget to like :)

The brushes are in the Core Collection and it comes in a 2-in-1 Case + stand and
 "your base/Flawless" plus it's for 
~ High definition results
~ Online tutorial makes you the Expert

(Oh and um If you see like the box was kind of smashed a bit, it was from the courier I guess but it's okay since my brushes are safely in one whole shape^_^ )

So here's a full front view of how the brushes looks like :

Actually in reality the color of the brushes are in a golden yellow but my camera is showing like a orange/y gold color but it's not.

Starting from the package itself, the brushes comes in a plastic see through box, and at the back you could see about the brand name Real Techniques and it was designed by the sisters of Pixiwoo from youtube, which is Samantha Champman, A Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and who is the expert designer of the Real Tech brushes that she believes it will give you that "pixel perfect look". 

Plus additional to the package are the details of the brushes itself and each has it's own functionalities.

While on the front package itself, is their Brand name logo and the type of brush kit itself, I purchased the "Core Collection"  which is to create your face a flawless look. And the kit comes with by the way a 2-in-1 Case + stand which i think is brilliant! ^_^

Last thing for the package i notice is that the brushes are securely packed well safely.

Now for the actual brushes . . . 


The kit consist of four brushes which are (TOP - BOTTOM)

~ Contour Brush
~ Pointed Foundation Brush
~Detailer Brush
~Buffing Brush


Each Brushes are imprinted with the brand name and it's function which is very useful for starters because it will be much easier for anyone who uses the brush with it's function on it.  

Now to talk about the brush itself, the brush has a ferrule which is the orange color, and honestly i thought it was squeezing the brush, but it does not squeeze the bristles of the brush.
For the Handle (the black base) it secures the bod of the brush that's attached securely and has a matte finish to it. 
For me i like how each brushes was designed because from the outcome of it, you'll definitely look like a Pro Makeup Artist!

I already mentioned a while ago that it comes with a 2-in-1 case + stand so here it is: 

The brush case & stand comes in a sleek black synthetic material but not that typical leather.
Attached to the case is a mini instruction to create the stand.

Here's a little demonstration :

You the string with the toggle attached to it? Before pulling it bend first the case into half like so:

Then tighten the toogle along with the string :

Pull the string with the toogle for any adjustment to the stand :

and tadaaaahhh! you have your very own case + stand in instant! and keeping your brushes organized and on the go.

You can stack up the case with your other brushes if you want :)

Now for each brush. . 

(Detailer Brush)

The detailer brush is for concealing problem areas, or you can use this for lipstick and for long-lasting with it's defined shape and definition.  


It's for liquid foundation to build custom coverage 


It's for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation

What I noticed about the buffing brush is, the bristles are soft and it's not stiff.


It delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft focus finished.

OverAll Verdict:

Honestly for a Price as P989.00 like a brush set like this, is affordable and worth it for anyone! Plus you'll have the feeling like a PRO Makeup Artist with these sleek brush collection.
For me i like how the bristles of the brushes because they are the softest ones i have ever had. And the are multi functional because it comes with a 2 way case + stand and they are well organized and I'd prefer these ones to my travel bags because they're not too heavy to bring with.

For my final verdict I'd give 5/5 for the real technique brushes :)

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 


The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hey Dolls! 
Welcome to my review corner, and this time I'm gonna be talking about lipsticks that i just currently purchased at a online shop called The Primp Pad. 
They sell a lot of pretty lovely authentic cosmetics and has a cheap bargain that are from the U.S and Japan.
 Plus! BTW they are having a 3 DAY - sale from June 21 - 23 , 2013 so If your interested, just click the links above to check out their facebook page.

Now let's begin with my review. . .

So I came across The Primp Pad's facebook page and started browsing all their product and saw lovely lipsticks which are the wet n wild  lipsticks that comes in different variety of shades that they have available, and so I purchased (5) five shades of wet n wild lipsticks.

So here are the lipsticks that I bought :


So let's start with the packaging, they packed my lipsticks in a bubble wrap to make sure my items are shipped safely and intact when it's shipped. The lipsticks are in a sleek black color case that comes in a hard plastic container. And on the top cap of the lipstick has a printed brand name of wet n wild. 


For the shipment it took about three days that I got my lipsticks since I live in a province area which is at Bicol Albay so I understand clearly about the courier's shipping.
For customer care The Primp Pad's Facebook Page has a friendly user page because they have a per album that has cosmetics to choose from and one album is in a "ON-HAND" one means they are available. And If you wanna purchase any items from their page there's a instruction on the top portion of the pictures that has a link to a "ORDER FROM" which i think is very convient for a client like me to use because it's much easier to fill up details for order transactions.
  And also Ms. Micaela (of the Primp Pad) was very kind to reply all my inquiries and has a good communication regarding about my inquires. 
thanks again sis! ^_^

Now as i've said earlier I purchased (5) five lipsticks and I got in the shades below:


Each lipsticks are in the price of PHP 148.00 only, like wow! CHEAP & AFFORDABLE!

Here's a full side view of the lipsticks without their caps. The reason i removed the caps is to show you how vibrant the colors of the lipsticks are :



For my observation from the looks of the lipsticks they are very vibrant and gives you that catchy eye feeling because of their lovely colors.
Now if i categorized each lipsticks from each shade, :
"Don't Blink Pink" -  Candy Sweet girly & flirty fun for school with a pop of color. 
"Wine Room" - can be worn for your everyday basis or in a gloomy weather
with a tint of color.
"Red Velvet" - For special occasion with that vibrant red show off those red lips
and makes your teeth give you that whiter smile.
"Cherry Picking" - Sexy,Dark,Mysterious,Chic goth, punk 
"24 Carrot Gold" - Pop of peach orange, for that sunny day to brighten up your day 

Now off for the swatches!


Every lip shades that are swatched near my wrist were very vibrant and has a bold color to it.
And each color stands out pretty amazing and honestly I swatched the lipsticks only once.

Now to give them a try onto my lips:

Each lipsticks was easy to use since they glide on my lips softly. And for my first observation they do not DRY my lips at all,plus it kinda' has that semi shine finish effect to it.
But these shades are more on the matte side rather on the shine side.


For my observation while my whole arm got wet, I saw some changes with the lipsticks that are swatched on my arm. Though they are very vibrant and bold the color tends to start cracking due to getting wet by the water, but still the color is intact but it's kinda' of getting that shinny effects by the water. 

Now for smudge proof, after my arm was still wet I tried getting off the swatches with a wet wipes and honestly I thought that the color will just come off naturally but it did not.
The lip colors was still on my arm and it kind' like stained a bit means, the color doesn't smudge too much after all and tricky to remove with a wet wipes.

Here's the final Result of the outcome of testing out the lip colors Smudge proof and water resistant :

Again I tried taking the lip colors off my arms with 2 swipes of my wet wipes but still the color is there and doesn't give you that messy smudge outcome. ^_^

now for my final verdict . . .

. PRICE : Affordable, and worth it 
. SWATCHES : Vibrant, bold pretty!
.  SMUDGE PROOF : 4/5 

I recommend these lovely pretty lipsticks for girls who loves bold vibrant lip colors.
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 


Product was reviewed with full honesty opinion with proof tested by the author and purchased from the online shop.
The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review : Crystal OPAL GRAY contact lens

Hey Dolls!
So lately I have been MIA in my blog and at my youtube channel since got a lot of stuff dealing with my every day life which is sometimes annoying but I thinks that's how the way it goes.
So previously on my youtbe channel I wore these opal gray crystal lens and decided to make a review on them :)

So starting off where I bought them? I purchased them at a online shop called "Shopgirl" at facebook and 
Ms. Rosita sells different variety of contact lenses. 

Honestly I bought this last year and the lens is still in tact and new to use since I havent opened the lid of the container. Anyways I purchased these babies in the brand Crystal and in the color Gray.
First the lens comes in a tiny container and has a orange plastic lid and has a secure metal that wraps and secures the container from spilling the liquid inside the container. 


* Origin : South Korea
* Diameter : 14.8 mm
* Power : 0.00 ~ 8.00
* Color : 2TONE
* Water : 42%
* Base Curve : 8.6
* Life Span : 1 Year use 
* Shelf Life : 5 Years  
* PRICE : Ranges 300 + to 400
(forgot the exact price sorry!)



For the color I purchased the gray one since I prefer those dolly eyed lens and I picked these ones.
One  thing also I noticed is that the lens has a flower/y shape that I think is pretty cool since it will just make your eyes notice-able and cute.

Now here's a photo of my normal eyes look like ( excuse the puffiness and eye bags T_T )


Now for my left eye
(without the lens)

Now wearing with the lens on my LEFT eye :

I noticed that without my camera's flash the color of the lens does stand out and i absolutely love the lens because it gave my eyes definition.

                                 Now for the full front view of both my eyes wearing the OPAL GRAY lens :

Now testing out the lens with my camera's flash i noticed that the color turned out blue/gray since it's two tone.


The lens is 14.8 mm and since my eyes is already a bit semi-big it made my a bit bigger  effect.
Plus i'd love to wear this on my every day basis since i like how the lens gives my eyes more definition and that cuteness and can match any eye makeup I'd wear.  ^_^


Putting on the lens was a bit uncomfortable at first but later on it went perfectly fine plus my eyes didn't have any redness and irritation at all.


COLOR :  5/5

OVER ALL for my final verdict:

I suggest the lens for anyone who wants that tint of cuteness and defined eyes for your everyday basis with that capture of lovely lens your wearing. BTW the opal lens are much visible for darker eye natural color.


Product was reviewed with full honesty opinion with proof tested by the author and purchased from the online shop.
The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.