Friday, April 27, 2012

NYX ♥ Mosaic Powder Blush Review

Hello my lovelies ♥ ,
here's another review on some blushes i am collecting for my special use :)
These are mosaic powder blushes. The difference of the other review is this is a mosaic blush compared to a ordinary powder blush.
Mosaic Blushes are combined with color tones that creates a dazzling glow on every skin tone. I have read on these blushes are :

  mineral-based formula highlights, hydrates and helps protect skin.

Mosaic blushes can be used on cheeks , eyes and even lips.

EYES? Yes! you can even use this as a highlight on your eye lids. It can create a great shinny effect that your eyes are glowing.

LIPS? This can be useful for your lips as well if your a type of girl, who wants their lips to have that shine effect once light touches it. 

Oh by the way i bought this at a online shop here in the Philippines at
Hotboutique byCarmella and the owner is Miss Carmella :)
So I only have two mosaic blushes :

I have 06 "Rosey" and 07 "Cafe"

Starting with Rosey , 

It has 5 types of combination colors in it. Starting from clockwise, Light baby pink , dark-medium pink, pinky-taupe, peachy - light brown and on the middle is a medium light vanilla color.

This blush creates a sweet highlight for your cheeks. ^_^

Next blush is called  07  in CAFE .
This type of blush isn't that brown it's more TAN and really really pigmented and it's great to use for your bronzer. It's powder is a bit darker perfect & serves as your bronzer to make you face more slimmer & structured plus it is pigmented. 
My opinion is i use a stipple brush because a stipple brush picks up the blush but when it's in application it focuses on one certain area, so with the help of a stipple brush it can help blend it in. 
It last's throughout the entire day ^_^

TIP : If summer is in, this is really really perfect for those sun kissed cheeks or even get those tanned structured face by using this as your bronzer.

Above all i have no comments about these mosaic blushes, and one thing i like is it's Not Chalky  &  Has no scent at all :)

Have a great weekend & God Bless Ladies

Saturday, April 21, 2012

NYX ♥ Powder Blush Review

Hello My lovely dolls ♥

For the past weeks i wasn't able to make a review on these pretty blushed that i purchased at a online shop. And these past weeks i was like obsessed with makeup, i'm kinda like a makeup FREAK at the moment.. O_0 hehehehehe!

But any ways i needed to purchase myself these pretty cute powder blushes which are famous and they are n the brand of NYX. But i purchased these babies at a online shop because here in Legazpi where i live there's NO pretty branded makeup & stuff here :'( 
It's a good thing on some online shop they encourage you to try and purchase but before i purchase anything i make sure that the online seller is 101 % TRUSTED & NOT A SPAMMER. Luckily i came across at a online shop called the Hotboutique shop by Carmella  and the owner is Miss Carmella Yza Miguel.
Honestly i have brought lot's of cosmetics on her shop and yet i haven't got time to give them reviews :( s sorryyyy!!

But anyways i bought from miss Carmella's shop two Powder Blushes :

Rose Garden 
I just bought two Powder blushes from her shop :)

The third powder blush i purchase from Rosita Gonzales owner of Shopgirl :

Desert Rose

Off to the Review. . . . . . . .

Starting with Taupe , the color of this powder blush is a soft light choco grey-ish brown. 
This blush can be used for contouring the face, because for medium - light complexion it's best for this type of blush & also for yellowish warm tones too. 
For skin types like pale tones it can be used as blush because the color will stand out great for pale tones. 

I honestly use this as for my contour because it gives my face more structured and a bit slimmer since my face is turning out to be like a "SIOPAO" :(.

( Without the flash)
Below is a comparison without the flash of my camera.
The blush looks a but medium light.

(With a Flash)
Now with the flash of the camera you can tell that the blush turns into a bit light, meaning it will look naturally fine if you use his as for your contour.

Next is Rose Garden, this type of blush has some gold iridescence in it, it's not that pigmented, and this is best for as your highlight. If you want to have those pinkish gold highlight on areas like on top of your apples of your cheeks this blush can give you that pinkish iridescence gold highlight.

(Without the Flash of the Camera)

(Without a Flash)

The last blush is Desert Rose, the blush has a a dark pink with a mixture of a slightly red on it. Plus with one swatch of my finger it is very pigmented.
So my advice for this tyoe of pigmented powder blush is too be careful not too overload it too much because if you overload this powder blush, honey you'll look like you just got spanked a lot. hehehehehe!!
Just try to pick up tiny amount of blush and apply it on the hallow of your cheeks. Why hallows? Because this can create your face a bit slimmer plus you can move your brush going a bit further to the apples. 

NO. 1 ADVICE  do not over load your blush on the cheeks because it wont turn out that great. 

(Without a Flash)

(With a Flash)


(Left to right)
" Desert Rose, Rose Garden, Taupe"
Below are my swatches of the powder blushes,
You can tell that Desert rose pop's out though without the flash of the camera, and Rose Garden isn't that pigmented but the light itself catches the tiny tiny gold iridescence in it. While for Taupe it stands out just fine.

(Left to right)
" Desert Rose, Rose Garden, Taupe"

Now with the flash of the camera, it did catch the colors of the powder blush, plus the colors is still the same too.


If i rate the powder blushes from scale 1 - 10 i'd go for 8 .
 The blushes has NO SCENT AT ALL. 
 The pigmentation is just fine. 
 The container that holds the blush in it is GREAT, because it holds the powder together.



Over all I have no Judgement on the powder blushes because it's easy to use with the right amount to use it. And it's not Chalky at all. Because i am very particular when it comes to blush. 

other than that Have a nice day & Take Care! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

My New Too faced shadow Insurance

Hello my lovelies  

for the past week i regularly check out online shops on face book, and i came across on Hoopsand Loops  owned by Patricia Dadgardoustand and i saw lots of pretty cosmetics on her shop. Then the Too faced Shadow Insurance just caught my eyes , i just couldn't resist not to purchase it. So i purchased this eyeshadow primer, and yes. I switched up my eye shadow base primer, but i do still love my e.l.f eyeshadow primer, because it has been 
with me ever since i started to love make up.

So here goes my review. . . . .

So first Starting off with the  size if the TUBE itself:

As you can see the size of the tube is just the same size of my palm. That means it's a but small & easily to carry on your makeup bag. Plus it's not that heavy too.

Now for the Cap of the tube, it's not just any ordinary tube, look closely inside the tube it has a metal thing/y surrounding the inside. :

The purpose of this is when you try to get a amount of primer on your finger, it provides as a cover for the opening of the tube, it won't smudge any primer all over the inner cap. :)

The primer has a long slimmer nose opening for the primer to go through :

The entrance of the primer comes out small because this will help you measure the amount of primer you will be applying on your finger. Adding to this my advice is to just take a tiny amount because it will cover your entire lids and up to your brow bone plus what's left of the primer on your finger you can apply it last underneath your water lines.

At least one pump is enough :)
And look how the primer has it's own balance kind of like Creamy too.

Once the primer is applied on top of your eyelids it will set in once blending it well. You can even use your finger to blend it out. Here's how the Primer looks once it is blended:

The good thing about this primer it's formula is not that WATERY it has the balance in mixes of WATERY + CREAMY = GOOD RESULTS ^_^
It's also much easier to blend with a primer that's not too creamy & not too watery.

Here's the final result of what the primer looks like once it sets in :

It's really cool to see that the primer just set in my skin. And with the camera's flash it didn't catch any harsh creamy/watery cakey primer at all ^_^


* It will help prevent your eyeshadows from creasing
* Easy to blend with
* One tine amount fits the entire eye lids.
*Last long through out the entire day :)
* It's a bit PRICY but it has great satisfaction ^_^



Take care & God Bless my lovelies