Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good bye my CHI CHI :'(

OCTOBER 25, 2010 - OCTOBER 30,2011

October 25th four lovely puppies were born. I remember it was a rainy morning at past 5o clock in the morning, Kisses mama dog gave her first birth to four healthy puppies.
First came out was Yummie, second was Kobie, third was chi chi and lastly was yurie. Yurie was adopted by kisses's mate. Now three pups were left.

I remember their first day when their eyes was starting to open. The first sight they have ever seen was me and their mama. It was the most happiest day of my life. Four breathing lovely pups seeing me for the first time.It was life given to them.

Look at chi chi :'( oh man i am starting to cry again while doing this blog about chi chi :'( i'm doing this because i want her memories remaining with me she is never forgotten :'(
i love you chi chi :'( i miss your KULITAN sobra! :'(

this was the first time you first saw me :) every moment we have spent will always be treasured forever.
i know that it was an accident that happened to you :'( i just wish that i would go back thru time and save you or stop time to stop the moment you were in the accident. Why is life sometimes so hard?! loosing one precious friend that has been with you for so long is like i was a hundred of horses just ran over me :'(

I guess life has many ways for me to survive it. It really hurts so bad because i didn't expect this to happen :'( i wish if God could give me 1 whole pack of sands i could go back thru time just to stop that moment......i'm ending this blog because i' really in a emotional state of accepting but it really HURTS! :'(


my very kulit chi chi wherever you are if you could understand every word that i am saying right now, you are a very good dog :'( you have been with me and bok thru the happiest days like you were happy running as fast as you can in embarcadero, the wind in your fur giving you that one moment of happiness to run with your sweet smile on your face. Yes i do still remember that time.
We love you chi chi always and forever. i promise. 

LOVE joanna :'( 

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