Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Cosmetics ♥ Review

Hey dolls! ♥

I am super super excited to make this review because I purchased some 
pretty stuff at two cosmetics 

I saw their brand at charisma star's youtube video were she made a amazing Night out galactic glam makeup look :) check out her tutorial here :



I just can't resist to purchase some for myself because it's

"makeup with a cause, buy one they give one. "

So last week my package just arrived at the post office here in legazpi city and the items were at a secured big envelop :)

Inside the package are the items that i purchased from two cosmetics website :

 The items comes in a plastic bag with a black ribbon wrapped on to secure them.Plus some of the items are wrapped secured with a bubble wrap because i purchased some eyeshadows and indeed they are fragile once they are shipped.

Also two cosmetics was so sweet to give me their freebies ♥! :) 

They gave me 1 pair of Faux lashes and 1 lip gloss 

My items came with two cosmetics card and it's in a sleek white card that indicates on the front their brand name and a simple quotation: 

"Professional quality at affordable prices"

At the back of the card indicates about the brand and at the lower portion of the card has their website.

*(Oh before i do this review take note that i wasn't sponsored by two cosmetics i purchased the items by my own money and this review is based on my own opinion.)

Now off to the review of my items shall we . . . ^_^
I'm gonna be starting off with the eye shadows that i purchased from their website.

And i purchased four (4) eye shadows.

I'm gonna be starting off with the eyeshadows packaging itself which is the box, it comes in a sleek black color and at the back of the box the ingredients are indicated.

The eyeshadow weighs about 1.5/0.052 oz

Now on the front of the box, indicates it's a EYESHADOW with the brand "two".

Plus there's a mini peep hole which you can already see the eyeshadow.

The main purpose of the "mini peep hole" on the box is that this is to slide out your eyeshadow carefully without tapping them and leading it drop and get broken.

I like how two cosmetics made the box multifunctional to be used, because sliding the eyeshadow out will definitely secure it from falling off.

Just use your thumb to insert in the mini peep hole and just slide the eyeshadow out like so:

See how easy it is if sliding it out will avoid dropping your eyeshadows.

Now the eyeshadow contains a just right underneath the eyeshadow. And also it contains a mini sponge applicator to apply your eyeshadows on to your eyes.

The eyeshadow is multi functional because it has a mini mirror were you can check the color you are creating from time to time and also the mini sponge applicator is handy dandy too just in case you forget your eyeshadow brushes to bring with.

I'm gonna be starting off with the first eyeshadow which is from two cosmetics in 
"CupCake " :

The color of the eyeshadow is in a cotton soft candy pink with silver tiny flexes in it.

The eyeshadow's pot is as flat you think but not that too flat it has a mini container that the eyeshadow pot contains in.
The lid of the pot has a space before closing the pot.

It has a space for the shadow to breathe in so meaning the eyeshadow is not squeezed in too tight.

Now for the lock of the pot, it has a lock that automatically when you close it it is securely locked tight to secure your eyeshadows from getting damaged.

The next eyeshadow is called "Snow bunny" .
Snow bunny is in a light vanilla color and it's perfect for high light points like your brow bones and in the inner corners of your tear ducts.
Snow bunny has tiny silver flexes in it but it's not that too shimmery.

Next eye shadow that i purchased is called "Happy hour" 
Happy hour is in the shade of from medium to light purple-y color. 
The color reminds me about retro disco balls :)

The last eye shadow that i got i s called "all - nighter"  
 The shade seems to be in between from a aqua cool green to blue-ish green.

Now here are some SWATCHES that i just made on my wrist of the colors:

These are swatches that are caught by the flash of my camera.
You can see that the dark colors are very pigmented 
like the All Nighter and Happy Hour. 
Mean while the lighter colors are not that too pigmented but are just fine like cupcake and snow bunny.

The eye shadows does contains tiny golden silver flexes that the flash catches.

Here's another photo without the flash of the camera, the colors does stand out well and are very pigmented. But the tiny golden silver flexes are not noticeable. 
Meaning the eye shadows does not contain a lot of fall outs :)


- The eye shadows has no scent at all

- The pots are multi functional it has a mirror and a mini sponge applicator
 in case you forget your eye shadow brushes to bring with.
- The eye shadows does not have fall outs
 - the mini silver gold flexes does not cause too much chalky or fall outs.



The next the i purchased from two cosmetics is a gel liner.

The gel liner weighs about .21 oz/ 6g .
The box of the gel liner is smaller and you can tell that it sits in the middle of my palm : 

Here's what the gel liner looks like out of it's box. 
The gel liner is in a tiny round glass container that has a plastic cap that seals the liner in. 

 I estimated the size of the gel liner, and it's close to the size of a P10.00  peso coin.

I got in "Alley Cat"  which is in black.

Here's a sample SWATCH of "Alley Cat" :

Alley cat does not seem to be as black as i expected it would be, it's black but not that too much black.


- The gel liner is creamier and it's easier to pick up with my eyeliner brush.


- The only thing that i don't like about the gel liner is down below the swatches i experimented on :

* The main thing to use this gel liner is you have to
 set it with a matte black eye shadow for it to set on your eyes the whole day to avoid it smudging off.

Next review i'm gonna be doing is two cosmetics's blush :)

I purchased runway because the color is more natural.
the blush weighs .10oz (3g)

Here's a closer look of the blush :

SWATCH of the Blush :


- The blush is very natural to wear, since it has a tint of peachy pink in it.
- It's scent free
- Not too chalky
- pigmentation is just right.



Lastly i purchased 1 lip gloss from two cosmetics and i got the shade in

The lip gloss weighs around 0.22f\oz

"Moonlit" is in the shade to a warm rosey color to a tint of peachy color.
Plus it has a finish shine effect after you apply it.

The swatches are for later . . .

Now two cosmetics gave me some freebies that i i think it was super sweet of them to do

They gave me 1 pair of FAUX Lashes:

Here's a closer look of the lashes :
And FYI there not that too long in fact i could wear them for my natural every day look :)

And lastly they gave me a lip gloss in "Frosting"  . 
This one is different from moonlit it's shade is more into nude.

Here's the swatches of "moonlit & frosting" :


- The lip gloss glides on my lips smoothly
- It's SCENT free
- It's not that too sticky
- has a glossy finish with tiny silver flexes in it.


NONE! :)

Over all the products i purchased are worth a dollar because you buy one and give one for charity. 

Hope y'all enjoyed reading this review and other than that i'll see you in my next one.