Sunday, October 16, 2011

♥ Halloween Giveaway ♥ by

Just read about cydangiebeauty's giveaway and all of her prizes are pretty AMAZING ^_^
like hello??? O.P.I nail polishes people?every girl has a dream but it's not actually a dream it's like you have been dying to have a nail polish from o.p.i . Because here in the Philippines where i live O.P.I nail polishes are too exoensive to buy for such middle class people like me. Yup i can't really afford expensive nail polishes but the thing about nail polishes of O.P.I is i have read some positive comments about them on candy magazines and some magazines they are so famous here in the philippines. So when i read cydangie's giveaway i was like WOW!! ^_^ i did enter her giveaway contest and all of her rules was really understood . Oh by the way her owl ring & necklace is so pretty and her other prizes as well too.

Please do check out her giveaway contest here's the link to her site:

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