Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barry M Lipstick & Lip Gloss Review

Barry M lipsticks & a lip gloss like o.m.g :) (can't find the right words to say) ^_^
So i got me the Barry m lipsticks & a  lip gloss wondering where i bought this? 
here's the link to shadz site check it out :

guarantee you that shadz is a 100% TRUSTED SELLER on Facbook so girls go on and check out her site and there are a lot of pretty good stuff at her site :)

Now off to the review.. Now Barry M lipsticks are like matte lipsticks they are pretty well good with the full coverage of it applying it to my lips. It doesn't make my lips dry and it's not that type of lipstick that has too much oils in it and that's a GOOD THING.
why MATTE? because it's consistency has that matte finish that you do not need to blot it with a tissue to remove any excess oils on your lips. In fact that the lipstick has gave my satisfaction a good one. 
The color of these lipsticks are too die for (hehehehehehe!) but literally don't kill yourself for some lipstick okey?! hehehehehe("JUST KIDDING"). i have got two amazing gorgeous sexy lipstick and these are:


If you are wondering why my PINK SUEDE lipstick is a bit damaged, my bad :(
 i accidentally forgot to rotate the lipstick going down, instead i almost really destroyed it by covering the lid on top of it."A STUPID THING TO DO so sorry :(" .

These lipsticks are what makes me so smiling always :) because on previous blog post i did mention that neutral lipsticks are my best fave's because again it gives me that simplicity look that i do really like. Like what my banner's name is simplybeing Joanna that's why simplicity is really into me. :)

As you can see above that these colors are pretty amazing & breath taking. Usually i often use the Pink Suede lipstick for my regular basis. And giving me that matte finish is my perfect ideal of a lipstick.

I do love the color of this lipstick what it does, it gives you that beautiful rosy shy lips and that's really perfect for lips that has a gentle touch of a rosy shy lip color.

Now this is not the peachy color like having a wonderful hot summer with those peach lips, nope it's not. It's the type of color that gives you a peachy pink mild tint and it's not that too intense. It's neutral and also again good for your regular basis and promise it's perfect with a bit of a gloss on the center of your cupid's bow and center of your lower lip. NOTE: too much gloss can't be contrast to this type of color, the gloss must not over power the lip color because you want to have less shine with those peachy pink neutral lips that's mild and yet Chick :)

Once The lipstick is applied try not to over come too much gloss. Less gloss pretty good lip color does stands out WELL :).


I have been using this gloss for a while now and the consistency of this gloss is perfect! It's not sticky and it's easy to apply on top of your lips. And for an extra excitement about this gloss is that it has a scent of yummy strawberry fruity scent ^_^ it smells soooooo good i could eat the glosss hehehehe! (just kidding!) :p 
anyways,  I highly recommend y'all girls trying out this gloss and if you wanna check out other shades of gloss 

here's the Barry M's site :


  1. I just got Pink Suede! I want peachy pink too now I've read this!! xx

  2. @Simderella : your welcome dear :) Take care :)