Friday, October 25, 2013

e.l.f HD Blush Review & SWATCHES

A lot of blushes lately are well known to give those cheeks that sweet, innocent, shy type, fierce look. Blushes comes in different types of form from powder to baked, liquid and cream form. Today I'll be reviewing e.l.f HD Blushes which I purchased from two online shops and they are The Primp Pad & Kerinkeristore
I Purchased 4 elf HD blushes from The Primp Pad and 1 from KeringKeristore :

Oh BTW these blushes are in their studio line and e.l.f's got five (5) Shades of  HD blushes and I got them all from two of my favorite online shops ^_^

Each bottle comes in a black mini box that says :
" Rich Pigmented color for a soft focus effect. " 

The box also indicates that it's a HD BLUSH.
 Naturally sculpts and highlights for a soft focus effect that is great for everyday use
 The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy glow
The velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear

*Press down gently down on the pump to release a very small amount of color.
Apply with your finger or a stipple brush to the cheek bones in tapping motion to blend in. 

Isododecane, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Cetearyl Methicone, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Nylon-12, Barium Sulfate, Mica, Quaternium-18 Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate (Ve), Propylparaben. May Contain: Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Red No.27 Lake (CI 45410), Red No.7 Lake (CI 15850), Yellow No.5 Lake (CI 19140), Red No.40 Lake (CI 16035), Blue No.1 Lake (CI 42090), Ultramarine Violet (CI 77007), Manganese Violet (CI 77742)

Plus its NO testing on cute furry bunnies/animals so its cruelty free! :) yey!!!

Size/Net Wt. :
0.34 fl. oz (10mL)


For  the four blushes (4) I purchased at The Primp Pad cost PHP 168.00 per pc.
while for the last piece blush I purchased from Keringkeristore cost PHP  200.00 per pc.
So it's only PHP 32.00 difference and I don't mind plus its really affordable. ^_^ 
Each blush comes in a pump container that comes with a black cap.
They kind of remind me of like mini glue sticks but in a blush form hehehe ^_^.
So earlier I said I got five (5) shades so here they are:
"Headliner, Superstar, Encore, Showstopper, Diva
Time to test some SWATCHES on my forearm area since I believe that it's one of the most sensitive parts to test weather there's any reaction to the arm if your allergic like when your getting a skin test on your city's clinic. So hope you get my idea.



Based on my observation each color is very very pigmented even with a minimum amount i put on my forearm. It has that weird scent that I can't understand where it is comming from but it's not that too stinky . 
The color is too bold and some are darker and some were bright.
I like how the outcome of each blushes have but the only thing that i noticed is that the color tends to separate from the first layer i was trying to blend in on my forearm.

Now I'd prefer using the blushes with my Sigma F50 or called as the stipple brush/DUO Fiber.
WHY use a STIPPLE BRUSH? Since a stipple brush has that thinner bristles which we all know that creates a air brush finish, and not only it has air brush finish effect,  it helps the product absorb by the bristles slowly releasing the the thin hairs and helps it to distribute it on the areas you wanna apply your blush. Lastly it helps the blending leaving it with no clumps or marks.

WHY not use your FINGERS? It's so crucial to use your finger tips with this type of pigmented cream blush form because you can't measure how much amount of pumps you may use ,and might ending up applying too much and the whole look will be just gone to waste. 

I did a little test my forearm wherein I tried removing the swatches with my cleansing wipes and here's the outcome. . . :
Before judging the product, I have dry skin and for me its normal since the climate where i live tends to change. So I lack of having that smooth moisture skin but I'm treating it with just a good 24 hour baby lotion since its just mild and really smooth.

So above you can see that my skin reacted to the blushes since I do have dry skin, it made my forearm more drying, and i had a little tiny rashes and bumps  but its not that too itchy.And lastly the blushes didn't disappear instead it stained my forearm.

Now for my FINAL VERDICT - - -

*its cruelty free! :) 
*Packaging: I like how the come in their studio line which makes the blush professional looking and sleek. And it's container comes in a transparent bottle which is good to check from time to time if your product is almost out. 
 Weight : I like how it comes in mini glue sticks that it won't be too bulky on your makeup bag.
 - Its super super pigmented so I highly recommend using the product with tiny minimum amount. 
- Its easy to use with the right type of brush you use
-Its long lasting
-I recommend using this after moisturizing,priming, locking the face with your foundation then using the blush since it dries up fast

* The only thing I did not like is some of the bottle pump was tricky to use because since its new, the pump was difficult to release the product so I went on google looking for quick residue. 
*It has that weird scent 
*The blushes has thick coverage so its not pretty to use your fingers because you might apply way too much
*It tends to dry if its not blended immediately 
*The product seperates from one layer of use so use the blush with minimal layers do not over load too much
*It stains easily

Bottom line is I like how each blush has their own unique colors and you can use them for your everyday basis but if your a girl like me, keeping it simple,comfy I'd choose Headliner & Superstar. But if your that daring, powerful & fierce/Vampy type I'd recommend using Showstopper. But if your that playful bold doll type, you can match up Encore and Diva .

REPURCHASE? I'd repurchase Headliner , Superstar Diva ^_^

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 

The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey Dolls!
So I was on online shopping for a while and decided to get myself a really good quality of concealer/foundation cream, so I came across to a online shop which is The STYLE QUARTER which is a website that sells lots of authentic high makeup brands like Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, Gratobian , Kryolan, Too Face , Urban Decay and lots more.
They also sell makeup special effects like spirit gum and effects gel wound kit.

So What I bought from their website is a Professional HD Color Palette from a brand name called "Graftobian"  :

The palette comes in a black box cover which contains the brand name, and its specific 
palette name:
At the back of the actual  palette is it's palette Name which I got in "Warm palette #1" in number #30251 :

Graftobian HD Creme Palette says ---

"Formulated to yield Flawless HIgh Definition results whether or not in front of a camera."


*SHADE/S :  
Graceful Swan (#30301) , Ingenue (#30303) , Vixen (#30313) , 
Temptress (#30314) , Enchantress (#30308) 

*NET WEIGHT : 0.385 oz. / 11 gm 

*Made in USA

Caprylic/Capric/Triglyceride, Octyl Palmitate, Carnauba Wax, Petrolatum, Lanolin Oil, Bees Wax, Ozokerite Wax, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, PTFE, BHA, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, N-Butylparaben. May contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Talc, Ultramarines. 
Here's how the actual palette looks like, it consist of five (5) shades of creams and each consist of 1/2 oz. :

Now for the SWATCHES :


Starting from the lightest color to the Darkest  (Left - Right) in orders:

" Graceful Swan , Ingenue, Vixen, Temptress, Enchantress. "


My own OPINION about the PALETTE : 

The palette is great for High definition flawless foundation, and also great for contouring and concealing.

Why Contouring?  Since the palette consist shades from the lightest color to the darkest one, it is great for defining your face with contouring giving your face more definition.

Why Concealing?  Honestly I have already tried using some shades like "Vixen, Ingenue" to conceal and define my brows :) . It gave my brows that really defined edge to it and how natural looking it has its own finish. But if i want a little more highlight points to my brows i use "Graceful Swan" to highlight more my brow bones. 



* Packaging : I like how the palette comes in a box that has holes to see through the actual palette. And I like how the palette comes in a simple plastic glass since i can easily see how much product I can use with it. 
 * Weight : Its easy to carry on your purse not heavy at all.
- Its light as a feather, its like your not wearing anything at all
- Easy to mix & match the shades to build up for concealing
- Gives a amazing finish coverage for concealing
- It doesn't dry my skin at all, no flaking peeping through
- It has a cream finish to it
- Its smooth & easy to apply 
- No need to apply too much since a little goes a long way
- It lasts through out the entire with a setting powder (recommended


* If your a person who wants to use this for every day purposes, it wont last since each tin has minimum amount 
* It doesn't have any SPF at all so I don't recommend this to use alone on the face areas like the cheeks, forehead and other area's where you get exposed to the sun
* The palette doesn't come with a brush
* It's not for using fingers since you might get dirt on to it, I'd prefer to use a brush for sanitary purposes.

Overall honestly I can't use this for my daily foundation routine though it gives a High definition finish, because I ending up using a lot and there'll be no more left to use.
So I'd rather use this for my brows instead and a little dark shades for my contouring whether I feel going out with contouring my face. (maybe hehehe!)

REPURCHASE? yes! since i like how it defines my brows a lot better with a high definition to it but ending it naturally. 

Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 


The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.