Real name is Joanna Marie, yup i know it's quite long for name like me...(thanks Mom ! :p) hehehe but my friends calls me "Jho" anyways , I'm 22 yrs. old a Graduate student of Aquinas University of Legazpi major in Computer Science. Okay y'all wondering what a NERDY GIRL????? to tell you all honestly it's not so bad to be a NERD sometimes because computer skills were my passion and mostly in photoshop picture manipulation.And lastly i'm too cautious to edit my tutorials because i want my viewers on youtube not to be bored instead making it a bit interesting.

 I'm a PURE filipino who loves to eat spaghetti and pizza ^_^.
plus i'm addicted to my all time favorite ice cold tea which is NOYU
eating healthy foods made me a lot different and plus i do believe that drinking 8 glasses of water a day gives your body a lot hydrated :)

Honestly i haven't been interested in makeup since i was in m high school years. I used to be the girl with corky shoes, simple dress to wear, no MAKEUP on like even EYELINER,BLUSH, LIPGLOSS and even clean brows....i know it's a bit harsh to read but yes that's the whole TRUTH. I was a DUMMY when it comes to cosmetics beauty and such stuff like that. I was so afraid to even pluck my own BROWS because i know some of y'all girls experienced this, plucking your brows with your tweezers really is a pain!!! :/
So i always went to a professional beautician expert to get my brows fixed. Yes i know it sounds crazy but hey?! i was in high school okay?! Oh forget to mention in this blog my best friend when we were in senior years that was the time i knew how to apply eyeliner on my upper and lower water line.Then the Blush came and lastly the gloss. 


My very first Inspiration to emphasizing myself was getting some tips on some beauty magazines, yes it does work ladies :) and also i used to have this cork board on my room before cutting pictures from magazines that really inspires me.
Because i was not having confidence to myself i was really really shy back then.
Thanks to friends i got some tips from them that it's not that harsh to look good on the outside as long as the inside of our personality stays the same.

Second is i went on youtube and my very very First makeup guru Artist that i was inspired is was MICHELLE PHAN :) all of her tutorials was amazing because of that i gave it a try , i did try out her tutorial with the paper as the rollers to curl my hair and that's to avoid using too much heat tools on hair and the results of that: SATISFIED & AMAZING :) 


well i did not used back then branded eyeshadow i was like clumsy in makeup, i didn't know that when you do your makeup there has to be passion in your self that you are creating a look that might rock for you.

Being just myself is worth LIVING ^_^