Tuesday, May 7, 2013

REVIEW: EnCara BB Cream

Hey pretty dolls!
I wanna share a review on the Encara BB cream that was sent to me by MyrSkin Cosmetics to give a full honest review.

Let's start with the packaging, it comes in a sleek silver slim box  and the brand name is imprinted on the top middle portion of the box.
The box also has circle patterns that reminds me of a stage with spot lights :)

On the top left corner of the box is a label of MyrSkin Cosmetics facebook page and if your interested with the BB cream just check their facebook page or you can email them at myrskin@gmail.com 

At the back of the box contains a description about the BB Cream that it's a 

"Naturalism Blemish Balm Cream, it has a natural protection and cover effect to make perfect skin barrier."

Meaning that the BB cream is more natural to wear plus protects your skin.
It also has its features 

Here's the actual tube of the BB Cream:

For the BB creams tube, its in a sleek black slim tube and the cap is in a dark maroon eggplant color and has a silver/y shinny name of the bb cream in a patterned dots. It doesn't have any shade type.
It also comes in a medium size tube which you can carry on your travel purse when traveling since it's not that too bulky or heavy to carry thus it weighs 50 g, so it's as light as a feather ^_^ 
It's also Made in KOREA.

While at the back of the BB cream indicates it has Sun Protection with SP4 20, whitening Effect, Pearl Extract, Ginseng Extract.
Like wow! look at all the benefits inside these amazing BB cream it has all the ingredients to make your skin healthier & protect it plus gives it a natural glow coverage.

Also below is how to use the BB cream which you can read it from the picture below.

Now as for the primary lid of the product it's sealed locked with a semi foil plastic that prevents the product from spilling inside the cap.

Now let's put the BB cream to a test!

Here's my UGLY dry hand and as you can see iv'e got dryness issues, and my veins & lines are noticeable.

I just pinched the tube with a tiny amount, and the bb creams's color came out in a lighter shade.

Here's how it looks like once blending it. I noticed that once its in the blending process it turns out that it's lighter than my natural skin tone and kinda' has that dewy effect.

I kept blending it thoroughly and the final results is almost 80% of the bb cream's consistency is great and has a slight dewy - matte finish and it's not that too sticky "FEELING" and doesn't flake at all.
It's amazing to see that the EnCara BB cream's coverage did a pretty good giving my hand moisturize since I have dry hands,and covered up my veins and also cracks on my hands :)

Now for my final verdict. . .


- I like the sleek packaging box, it reminds me of a stage with spot lights like K-POP :)
- The BB cream is Light weight so i can just bring this on my purse if traveling
- Not so bulky
- The bb cream has that glow/y finish effect 
-It has that scent that's not too stinky 
-I didn't experience any rash or irritation once i applied it
- It covers up my imperfections and lessens my dark circles
- It tried to control my face from getting oily & sweating but I can't blame the bb cream since I am prone to oily skin maybe of the food I eat affects it. For sweating I'm a person who drinks lots of water so my body tends to release a lot of sweat starting at my forehead.
- The coverage is not too much heavy on the skin, in fact it's lighter and felt like it's not there at all.
-It neutralizes my veins on my face & blemishes
- Blends well onto my face 
-The consistency of the BB cream lasted up to 8 hours of my use though I had no retouches at all it manages to stay on my face.


- Hopefully they could have a shade type for semi medium-light shades like me since my skin tone is actually in between.
-I think if you wanna make the bb cream last entirely up till midnight, a setting spray isn't that bad to use. (JUST a PIECE OF ADVICE).

Over all I like how EnCara's BB cream turned out onto my skin  ^_^

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Thank you for your time reading this review & I'll see in my next one.

Take Care & God Bless!