Sunday, October 23, 2011

♥Etude Happy Tea time Milk tea Cleansing Foam

Finally got i my very own cleansing foam from etude house ^_^ i was so interested to get one for myself because i always wanted to try their cleansing foam for face basis. Now i bought this at SM Mega mall building across jollibee and didn't hesitate to pull my boyfriend and get into their store hehehehe ^_^

i came across this milk tea cleansing foam and it gave me so much interest because not only it cleanses the face it gives a refreshing tea scent and nourish complexion. So yup i just had to get one also i got me some facial  masks:

so the total amount that i got for theses products are P600.00 so that means once you reach a maximum above P500.00 or more than the amount of P500.00 you can avail their PINK MEMBERSHIP CARD like i did yey!! :D


over all these past few weeks i have been using my foam cleanser from etude at least once in a week because i do not like exfoliating too much with my mini facial brush because it does opens a lot my pores so if i wanna exfoliate because i have been using like a lot of makeup and putting a lot of products to my face and sometimes my face gets oily, flakey, and there's MR. BALCK & WHITE HEADS yup it sucks! so i do exfoliate at least once only in a week to reduce clogged pores and to minimize it.
Oh before i end this review i haven't tried their facial mask so i think i will just post another update on that.

toodles! :D


  1. @eji patanao : hey girl :) sure i'd love to enter your giveaway :)
    thanks again for the comment.

    Take Care! ^_^