Monday, October 17, 2011

e.l.f studio Lip stain - Red Carpet

Lips stain were actually new to me like here i bought the e.l.f studio lip stain in Red Carpet and when it says lip stain, Girl expect to be like Christina Aguilera okay? because christina is famous for her pigmented red Lips. ^_^ Bow this type of lip stain gave me a huge interest because i have never seen such pigmented lip stain like this e.l.f . here's the Picture of how pigmented it is without a flash of my camera:

i mean totally pigmented one swipe of the lip stain gives already full coverage. i did try applying it to my lips and like O.M.G it's pretty GORGEOUS !!!! :) it's soo best for pin up makeup looks, you could aso wear this type of lip stain at a party and also it comes with a gloss as well:

By the way i noticed that the red lip stain it dries so fast and gives a matte finish and that's a good thing for it because if your not the type of person who does'n want gloss on top of your lips then just top it off with this type of lip stain and you are all set.

  • It's EASY to apply.
  • Dries up Fast.
  • It's really pigmented :)
  • it does not smudge.
  • it does not dry my lips
  • Stays all Day.


  • The only thing that's bothering me is it's not easy to remove or wash it off with water and it's a bit hard to wash it off.


* In order to wash off the lip stain take a cotton pad just wet it at the middle not the entire whole pad, just concentrate at the middle and if necessary try to avoid of too much soak of the cotton pad, because it does have a tendency to make the pad so soaked that it's hard to use it. 
Once the cotton pad is wet just place it on top of your lips and just set it for about 1-2minutes and gently wipe off the stain. DO NOT RUB your lips because if you do, you might experience a bit of a sting if you rub it to hard.


  1. I agree with u on the elf lippies, they are hard to take off .. great review tho, please i hope u can follow back

  2. @Britney : Thanks for your comment ^_^ sure i'll follow your blog :)

    take care :)