Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello my lovelies ,

Last i found Hot Boutique's  face book page and Miss Carmella Miguel is the owner of the page, and her shop contains "ON HAND" Nyx cosmetics :)
So i purchased two NYx matte lipsticks and two lip liners.
Before the review i wanna thank miss Carmella for the smooth communication & fast shipment. :)

Here's the two matte lipsticks that i purchased at her shop,
 i got in "AUDREY" and "TEA ROSE"

See (below) how NYX's matte lipstick look really really pretty? i mean Pink lipsticks are one of my favorites to wear and nyx's matte lipsticks are so amazing!! :)
Notice from the left side is "AUDREY" the color is in a dolly light pink, while "TEA ROSE" (right side) is a bit dark tone in it. 


See the difference of "TEA ROSE"  i just swatch it once and the result is, it's a bit darker than "Audrey". Audrey is like a dolly light medium pink color.

Now let's compare the swatch with a flash & without flash of the camera:


See comparing the swatches i have made, the NYX MATTE LIPSTICKS are actually the same, with or without the flash. :) plus i did try it for myself, and i used "TEA ROSE" it's really pigmented but the color turns out amazing and naturally in pink, and giving me a matte finish on my lips. And it doesn't dry my lips, since i have dry lips.


  • It gives a Matte FINISH
  • Very Pigmented √
  • The lipstick is easy to glide on your Lips √
  • It doesn't dry your lips √
  • It doesn't have a scent like other lipstick has √
Over all these are just my opinion about my matte NYX lipsticks :)

Lastly for this review my lovelies :) is i also purchased at her shop the NYX lip liners in "#84o ROSE" and "#836 BLOOM"

The lip liner's are absolutely super soft and easy to glide on your lips laddies, and honestly i prefer sometimes lip liners, because using lip liners can make your lip color precise and also  defining the shape of your lips, like your cupid's bow. Lip liners are like a basic tool for ladies who wants their lip color to be precise according to the shape of their lips.

*FYI: please excuse my awkward dry hand ewww! 

The lip liners has a soft texture , that means it's much softer an easier to apply the color on your lip.  And the i now have proven that NYX LIP LINERS are also pigmented :)

Hope you all ladies enjoyed another of my reviews and see you in my upcoming another review and this time it's some pretty things i purchased at Beauty Cosmetics  and also at Shadz online Shop :)

Take care & God Bless my lovelies 

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