Tuesday, May 24, 2011

review on NICHIDO cosmetics


This is a review what i experienced in NICHIDO cosmetics. Now i am not so sure if these products are available in the US or in other countries. Where i live in the Philippnes i found these products that some pretty teens / ladies might be interested to use them. Based on my experience using these products they are petty good and beyod this i'm gonna give complements about the the good thing of these products and also the bad thing about them like their packaging and etc., so here are some products i purchased with my own money. :

                                           * Eyeliners        * Blushes         * Spot Concealer
                                                        * Eye Brow Pencil       * Liquid Foundation

                                                         * Final Powder      * Fake Eye Lashes * Adhesive Glue

Eye Liners
Girls Night Out Edition

every eyeliners consist of a smudge sponge like this:

It's much easier now that there's  smudge sponge on every eyeliners because now i can make every look under my eye waterlines like a smokey yet smudged look. It's really really easy for me to use! :)
now here's the brand names of every eyeliner i tried so far:


Here's the result that i tested at my wrist:

                                                            Nice Gal, Blackest Black, Pink Diamond, Vivid Turquoise

 As far as i have seen with theses amazing eyeliners is that the white eyeliner isn't really a white color, it mostly like a shimmery pearl color & i think it's pretty amazing! :) and the black eyeliner is more likely a soft intense black and it works really good on my eyes that's what i use everyday when i'm going somewhere with my boyfriend, friends and whatever. hehe! okey, moving on to the PINK DIAMOND color is that it's a bit pale and as you can see my camera's flash can't pick it's color because it's pale with shimmer in it. & lastly Vivid Turquoise,  it's like a chick colorful turquoise and it's great for the eyes because it can be a little bit too intense but it's a pretty gorgeous color .


~ Blush ~

Now for some blushes, these blushes are beyond my satisfaction, i mean really it works on my cheeks because i am an asian girl ("FILIPINA GIRL") whatever you may call it, i have medium fair skin and it doesn't look like i got slapped in the face you know what i mean?, because i have observed some girls here where i live usually use blush WAYYYYYYYYY toooooooooo MUCH!!!


like seriously?? dont be stupid to put tooo much blush on your cheeks, it's like you got slapped a million times!!! heheheehe!! so be careful with that method. One important thing is that when applying a blush on your cheeks choose a shade that's not too intense like the one i use is my all time favorite blush from nichido is the "PEACH GLOW" it's like kiss from the sun :) it's more naturally looking on my cheeks because i have a medium fair complexion and it works soooooooo perfect! :) the other blush that i like is called "TOMATO" now with this blush it's a little bit pigmented sometimes i apply it on my the apples on my cheeks with a Blush brush obviously, i get a tiny bit of the blush & apply one stroke and that's it ! because it's too much color on it i want it to be more naturally looking and like have those glowing rosey type on the apples on my cheeks :)

here's what the two blushes are different from the other:

                                                             "TOMATO"       "PEACH GLOW"

see how the difference the two blushes are?




Wednesday, May 4, 2011

having a healthy hair

                                                            I sooo Love my hair :)

I have just curled my hair with a flat iron, and i love love the results!! :) 

Quote to self: 

Never do anything Crazy to just follow some fashion trends to make your hair exactly what they do because if you do not properly take good care of your hair, your wont be that smooth,bouncy.silky hair you wanted. so i suggest that take good care of your hair with the right products to use ,like products which your hair is comfortable with. 
"Your Hair is a Great accessory a girl can have :)"