Friday, December 30, 2011

My Simple Glam Holiday Make up Look

Hello My lovelies 

Here's my Simple Holiday Glam Make Up look, and i went t a slightly Neutral but adding a bit of a shimmery peachy beige color on the eyes, and finishing it off with a Matte Pink lipstick. If you decided to go for this type of look, you can use any color's of lipstick like a perfect red lip color but i prefer using a matte one, and plus you can top it off with any lip gloss you have :)

Here's Another close up look :

Here's My Full Tutorial for the look :

Products Used:


Olay Moisturizer
E.L.F Face Primer
concealer : E.L.F All cover Stick "SPICE"
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation : SHADE "ORIENTAL"
Powder Foundation : Maybelline "HONEY"


concealer : E.L.F All cover Stick "SPICE"
NICHIDO Black Kohl Eyeliner "ONYX"
E.L.F water proof black Mascara
Eyeshadow Colors used From the sleek palette in AU NATUREL:

1. Regal
2. Toast
3. Bark
4. Nubuck
5. Nougat


NYX Cream Rouge Blush "NATURAL"
Bronzer : Fashion 21 "Rajah"



"Have A Safe Holiday, have Fun & God Bless!"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A pretty Gift From my BOYFRIEND ♥

Hello my lovelies 

MyBoyfriend surprised me with a pretty gift ♥ He was so sweet to give me the e.l.f 8 gorgeous eyeshadow set :) "I ♥ YOU daba q :) mwah!!!♥" 
My Boyfriend really knows what i do love and it's Makeup. It was really sweet of him to give me the e.l.f 8 Gorgeous eyeshadows as a gift and he knows that i love make up and has always been my passion.
So my lovelies  , I decided to make a simple reviews on the eyeshadows that i got on Christmas. Starting of with the Package itself first:

The eyeshadows comes in a Chic Glittery Silver cute rectangular box like so, and e.l.f cosmetics really knows how to decorate the box, it's so pretty matching it up with a black ribbon that's sticked to the box itself. 

Not only the box catch my eyes, i did noticed something written on the sides of the box :

It indicates " tis the season to be beautiful!" loved the description the box plus it encourages girls like me to be a make up artist starter by using this eyeshadow set :)

Inside the Box, the eyeshadows looks like this :

Plus it comes with a eyeshadow Brush :)

For the Eyeshadows they come in two variety of shades which are for me incredibly amazing! :

Each quad has two shades of eyeshadows, and i think it's super handy, because if you just can't decide what eye makeup to wear, you can choose either for neutrals, sweet, fun, sexy sultry looks, well these eyeshadows can rock your entire day:) 
You could bring at least two sets of the eyeshadows, depending on the event you are having. Plus it's super handy dandy to carry them on your purse, if your purse is small. So these eyeshadows not only helps emphasize your eyes, it also helps your purse reducing bulkiness.


Here's a CLOSER up look for each eyeshadows:
*NOTE: the eyeshadows doesn't have a name.
*I did compare them with a Flash & without flash of my camera:)

 Eyeshadow # 1 :


Eyeshadow # 2 :

Eyeshadow # 3 :


Eyeshadow # 4


Notice how the color changes it's transition from normal to with a flash mode? When i took the picture in a none flash mode, the eyeshadows seem to be soft but pigmented. But taking photo's with a flash on , the eyeshadows are very vibrant and highly pigmented! :)

Now for the moment of TRUTH.....drum roll.......hehehehehehe!

SWATCH TIME!!!!!! ^_^

Without Flash

With Flash

* over all i do love the eyeshadow's because, it's much easier to use them and you can choose any variety of the 8 Gorgeous eyeshadows that i have just shown you earlier :)

 Again thanks to my Sweet Boyfriend for the Gorgeous gift :) Love yah Daba :)

"Have A Safe Holiday & God Bless my lovelies"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Enter Makeup By Joyce's Holiday Giveaway :) Ends till DEC. 30, 2011

Hey everyone! Just recently found Joyce's Giveaway Contest on her blog. :)
Check out her amazing ginormous Prizes! like o.m.g those are a lot of prizes to win!

Check out those awsome eyeshadows and Bronzers!! WOW!!! and also look at those cute ECO TOOLS brushes! i would really love to try them out if i win, because i have seen some of the brushes used by my favorite make up guru on youtube which is Michelle Phan :)
My jaws was opened the entire time looking at this picture of her prizes , :) If you girls wanna enter & win her Giveaway here's the link to her blog about her Holiday Giveaway : 

Good Luck Ladies!!!

Finger's Crossed For the Winner :)

Take Care & God Bless Everyone.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello my lovelies 

So here's a little review for you girls who wanna try out NYX's GIRLS NAIL POLISH .
By the way i did purchase these nail polishes at Shopgirl and the owner is 
Miss Rosita Gonzales.  She's one of my Trusted buyer's when it comes to NYX products, so any of you girls in the philippines who are interested to order some NYX cosmetics products go ahead check out her shop just click her store name i mentioned earlier. I do think this is my 4th time to order from her some nyx products, like these cuties nail polishes from NYX .

I have a really big ADDICTION when it comes to nail polishes. Like nail polishes are my second best friend, ehehehe! because girls gotta have nail polishes because if you don't have nail polishes, like for me i feel like i am NAKED and very PLAIN. But that's my own opinion for myself. okey?!

here's a close up look on the nail polishes that i purchased:

But Before that here's how Professionally miss Rosita packs the polishes:

See how she packs the package really really safe & secure, she does make sure that it gets to her clients safely & secured with out any breakage of the package.  :)
Again thanks Miss rosita ^_^.

Moving on to the polishes, i did order some polishes from her shop because the last 3 NYX polishes i ordered where absolutely amazing!!!!!!! :)
So i just had to get more again hehehehehe! "LOKA LOKA ako pag dating sa NAIL POLISHES, sensya na po ha? :)"

NAMES OF THE POLISHES  (starting from the Left):
  1.  NGP 242 - "LAPIS"
  2. NGP 171 - "PERFECT GRAY"
  4. NGP 102 - "DEEP SPACE"
  5. NGP 205 - "KINKY PINK"

I haven't actually tried the polishes because recently i did painted my nails in "TAUPE" and it's from nyx girls nail polishes.

But anyways i'll make a sample swatch very soon on a practice nail thingy?? i guess that's the name hehehehe! and update the colors to you all :)

"Take care & God Bless my lovelies  "

Sleek ❤ divine in ACID

Hello my lovelies 

So i am back again with another review and this is the SLEEK divine palette in "ACID" .
I purchased this at , and the seller on ebay was so kind to ship my palette right away. :) So before on the review i would like to first thank Jhanin Lim for being so kind and good communication regarding to the palette.
So I purchased the palette around P550.00 plus shipment fee to Bicol is at P100.00 so the total is about P650.00, for the price is reasonable :)
Before moving on with the chit chat and all, first i wanna talk about the package of the product itself:
As you can see the palette comes in a very stylish box that's printed along with the name of the brand i love how the "ACID" name is printed with their font effect, and also how the color pink is contrasted on the box. It does stand out pretty.

At the sides of the the box, sleek knows how to come in a fashion gorgeous style :)
Pink is in the air! :) hehehehe! anyways o love it HANDS DOWN!!! :D
Hot pink for the box is simply AMAZING!!!!

The Box is transparent so The name of the Palette can be seen at the back like so :

 Again on my previous reviews on my other sleek palettes, the front of the palette has their name on it, i can't say that it's carved i don't know what do you think?
But anyways it's really Chic and Classy with the palette color Black and the brand name on it :)

Here's How the EYESHADOWS looks like inside the Palette :

Plus it comes with a sponge applicator , like if have got no time to pack up your eye brushes on your purse , the applicator comes in handy.
To tell you girls honestly i am not a Loud eyeshadow color fan but, since i saw this on some guru's on youtube using these color's , i just had to go and purchase one for myself. 
Look at the colors it's so Loud and colorful.

Here's a sample of my Swatch on the eyeshadows:


Observe the swatches i made, i did capture it without any flash of my camera, and you can really tell how pigmented the they are. Except for one it's the Black color on the lower right. And actually the colors does not have any name. :( sad to tell.

Now compare the eyeshadows with a flash of the camera:


Now i did noticed that once the flash hit's the colors, it pop's out and so vibrant the colors did seem to be so alive.
But again the black turns a bit faded :( but maybe if you keep building the black eyeshadow color it might turn out black usually.


My expectations of these eyeshadows are Good , because they are again very pigmented, and the color turns so striking even for 2 swatches , they are very pigmented :)


One thing that i was a bit odd, the eyeshadows doesn't have a NAME. Like the eyeshadows has to have their each name because the colors are good and amazing. Hopefully sleek put's names on these amazing eyeshadows.

"Have a Wonderful Christmas & God Bless Ladies!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Win a 2 Pair lens from Jannah & THE PINK SHOPPE giveaway Contest

Hello my lovelies :)
Enter Jannah's and THE PINKSHOPPE lens giveaway :)
Congratulations to Jannah for reaching 100 followers at her blog & also 400 subscriber at her youtube channel!! yey!!! Keep it up girl ^_^ Pinay Power!! heheheheehe!
I would really love to win her giveaway since i did twice use some lens before but i stopped purchasing them because i was so busy with collecting & building with my make up :'(.
But Thank goodness! Jannah & THE PINKSHOPPE has a lens giveaway contest and i just can't hesitate to join. Since i miss using lenses , after all it' also another assest to a girl of her prettiness & also add's up to the Beauty of a chic girl.
I just recently scanning some lenses of THE PINKSHOPPE's lens and these lenses caught my eye:

Hopefully i win the contest finger's crossed! >.< hehehehehe!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brushes ❤ Purchased from Beauty Cosmetics

Hello my lovelies 
yehey! Finally got my very own 12 brush pieces plus with a very cute Pink Kabuki brush. 
But first i wanna Thank Jannah Marie Lopez because without her information posted one of her videos where she got her brushes from, i wouldn't knew where to buy them through online. And please do check out Jannah's Beauty Blog :  &  her youtube channel:
Thank you jannah :)

I purchased these brushes at Beauty Cosmetics from Miss Rosenn Gomez, here's the link to her online shop at http://andrei0417.Multiply.Com/ or if you have facebook here's her shop : or Just search for Rosenn Gomez, and the primary picture is their logo "Beauty Cosmetics"
when i saw these brushes on her facebook , i was like, "I have to have these Pretty Brushes! :)" and yes! i did purchased these brushes plus with a cute pink kabuki brush. 
On December 9, 2011 i inquired at her facebook about the brushes and she replied my message so fast ^_^ and the price of the brushes are at a good price because it consist of 12 Brush pieces and a kabuki brush. So i just had to purchase it! On the same day i paid for the brushes on the same day and she was so very kind and shipped the brushes at the afternoon. :) And i got the brushes on December 10, 2011 :) that was totally super fast. I have to say that i got the most fastest Transaction and shipment from Miss Rosenn :)

Thanks you again Miss Rosenn ❤!! 

Now for the Brushes Review . . . . . .

The Brushes comes in a very cute Rectangular white Purse just like this:

And it has a belt that supports the purse so that your brushes won't fall out in places.
And the purse also has a like a crocodile leather like on the purse which is very chic and pretty.  And also the purse is actually not that bulky, it's a bit slim and handy to carry and slip it on your bag going out to for your back up make up redo. :)


The Purses contains different types of brushes:
  1. Powder Brush
  2. Stipple Brush
  3. Small Contour Brush
  4. Foundation Brush
  5. Angled brush
  6. Big eyeshadow Brush
  7. Small eyeshadow Brush
  8. Fluffy/ Blending Brush
  9. small High light Brush
  10. Small Thin Brush (can be used for the inner tear ducts as high light)
  11. Lip Brush
  12. Eye Brow Brush
  13. Plus a cute pink pretty Kabuki Brush :)

I love how the brushes is made of, because if you can take a closer look at it, the ferrule(the metal part) is really secured and attached to the handle. Meaning the bristles won't literally come off because it's really secured. And as for the handle the color is in a silver & dark silver-ish tone color, i also love how 
Beauty Cosmetics name is on the brush. The font is elegantly printed. 

Again Another CLOSE UP LOOK :

Of all the brushes , i have two Favorites :

The Foundation Brush  is my favorite because the bristles of the foundation brush was super super soft and i like it. Because i want a brush that the bristles won't irritate my skin, because i do have sensitive skin. So i like this Brush. 

And my Favorite was the cute pretty Pink Kabuki Brush:

The Brush just made my jaw D-R-O-P-P-E-D ! !
like just look at it, the ferrule is in a royal shinny pink color!!! OH MY GOD!!!
Plus, it also has a their brand name on the ferrule in black, it has a good contrast because black + pink = GORGEOUS KABUKI BRUSH!

Lastly the Brush is very soft and the bristles are in a HOT PINK color too! 

Over all the brushes are completely AMAZING, easy to handle.

Have a Great Day and God Bless my lovelies !