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Hey Dolls!
So I haven't been totally updating my beauty blog since a lot of things has happened on my daily life bass, but i was getting slack off my beauty blog which is a odd thing for me to do, but if you follow me on instagram I'm more active there since random things I do everyday has it's each moments. 
So to make it up to you my beautiful readers here's a haul that recently I purchased from hbc which is a Philippine Brand cosmetics.

Let's Start!

On of the things I purchased from hbc is their brand Name in "San San", and the first product i purchased was their cream concealer in the shade "Olive" .
Starting off first with the packaging, it comes in a baby blue box and has their brand Name on it with the name of the shade on the top most portion of the box. For the concealer's container it comes in a see through baby blue pot, secured with a lock on the front.

Concealer's Details:

 * SPF 20
 * Vitamins A, C & E
  * Shade : OLIVE
 * Weight : 13 grams
* Price :  PHP 100.00

I bought the shade in olive because my skin type is in a yellow - toned but still very pale. The difference is that yellow undertones make dark circles and a lot of blemishes which i have and also red pigmentation occurs around my nose. So to cover up my dark panda eyes I choose the shade in Olive to give me the type of coverage and hide my dark circles.   

Here's a sample swatch on my wrist:

The reason why I swatch the cream concealer on my wrist is because, did you all know that to  identify the type of shade of your skin is on your wrist area and identify the color of your veins.
For instance myself i have two vein colors which is blue & green which means my skin is more under-toned yellow and with the olive concealer it's more effective to cover up my dark circles.

For the swatch of the concealer it's in a creamy form which is good for full coverage on any blemishes, spots and dark circles.
As seen below on the photo when the concealer is blended well either with a sponge, brush or your clean fingers, it covers up my veins so it really works for  dark circles that's noticeable. So no more worries on those tiered zombie looking eyes. LOL! ^_^


♦PACKAGING - I like how the concealer comes in a see through container, but i prefer it that they could have made it in a mini jar so that you can determine how much you used up the product.  

♦PRICE -  For a concealer that's ranged to PHP 100.00 is affordable . 

♦APPLICATION - I like how the product works for it's coverage to hide unwanted spots or dark circles since it comes in a cream form.

♦CONCERNS -  The only main concern for  me is that the concealer could have a brush or mini spatula that comes with it, so that any user could use it for their own proper hygiene to prevent any germs coming in the concealer.

♦FINAL VERDICT -  I recommend this to light - medium olive skin types because it works better for yellow pale undertones. But i do not recommend this for dark skin types because it might give you that yellowish pale finish. But instead go for a bit darker shade to cover up your dark eye circles.  

♦REPURCHASE - Totally yes!! 

Next item i bought is a blush which is their cheek blusher :

The blush comes in a compact baby blue, and has a mini brush that comes with it.


* Shade : Mocha
* SPF 15
* Vitamins A, C & E
Weight : 8 g

I choose the color mocha since it's in a warm earthy neutral color for those warmth cheeks you wanna achieve on your cheeks.


The blush has a tiny shimmery powder finish to it, plus it's not that too pigmented, but it will just give you that flushed earthy warmth color to your cheeks.


♦PACKAGING - The packaging is just fine, but what concerns me is that it doesn't come with a mirror with it.  

♦PRICE - the blush costs PHP 100.00 and it is affordable. 

♦APPLICATION - The blush has a shimmery powdery finish to it which is pretty for that dewy finish, matching with this 

♦CONCERNS -  I'm a little bit concern on the blushes brush because without minimal control, you might over board it and ending up like you got slapped over and over again. hehe! LOL!

♦FINAL VERDICT -  I recommend this blush to anyone who achieves that dewy finish and, this blush is perfect for your highlight points or giving you that flushed shimmery finish to your cheeks.

♦REPURCHASE - No, because i much prefer to blushes which has minimal shimmers in it.

Next, i got their pressed powder , and I got in the shade "02" .


*Shade : "02"
* SPF 15
* Vitamins A, C & E
*Weight : 10 g

 Sample SWATCH :
 What I noticed about the powder is, it has a minimal scent to it. And it was a little awkward since I don't like how powder foundations has that.
For the swatch at first it looks like it's a shade is slightly lighter than my skin tone, but with blending it matched my skin type.


♦PACKAGING - The whole compact is just fine, but's mirror i'd prefer it bigger so that you could see your entire face better.

♦PRICE - PHP 97.00 fair price ^_^

♦APPLICATION - It's not that too chalky  it's smooth to apply on the face and doesn't cause too much fall outs.

♦CONCERNS - no worries about the pressed powder because it doesn't cause my skin any redness or reaction at all. 

♦FINAL VERDICT - I'd recommend this pressed powder to any one who want's a cheap pressed powder but worth it for wearing it, since it has a matte finish and doesn't clog my pores at all.  

♦REPURCHASE - yes!! :)

Now on my nest shopping bag, i purchased their new released single eye shadows :

Hbc released their new single eye shadow colors in single pans, which comes in different variety of colors from earthy tones to colorful tomes as well, with shades that are mattes and some shimmers. 

So i purchased 3 eye shadows that's the earthy shades since I'm more on the neutral side.
I got three shades which are, Water Terra Cotta, Natural Air Sienna and the last one is Warm Copper Fire. 


*Shades : Water Terra Cotta, Natural Air Sienna, Warm Copper Fire
*Mfg Date : 03/ 2013
*Expire Date : 03/2015
*Weight : NONE =(



♦PACKAGING - The eye shadows comes in a single pan  with a see through lid, which is great because you can already identify the colors of each eye shadows. Plus each colors has their own specific names at the back portion. 
Also each colors has their own Mfg dates and expire dates, which is again helpful for you to know weather how long the eye shadows last. 

♦PRICE - PHP 50.00 affordable price for a single eye shadow.

♦APPLICATION - I love how each eye shadows are applied, because some eye shadows were matte & some were shimmers. It doesn't have that chalky powder/y finish to it. 

♦CONCERNS - hopefully they could release another color collections like metallic color eye shadows (It's just a suggestion) hehehe! 

♦FINAL VERDICT - The colors are pigmented, you can apply each with your clean fingers if your on a rush but make sure that each colors gives you that perfect contrast to it.
It's price is affordable for makeup junkies beginners who are into makeup, I'd recommend this single eye shadows


Next, I purchased their Liquid Liner Pen & Liquid  eyeliner in both Black. 

Hbc made this felt tip water eyeliner pen soo amazing, because it works absolutely perfect for lining the eyes with any eyeliner signature you want. 


* Shade : Black
*Contains Vitamins A, C & E
*Net Content : 2.0 ml

FULL BODY VIEW :                                          CLOSE UP VIEW:

I like how the tip of the pen is pointy for good application & precision. 
Since the product says it's a eyeliner pen.

Next I purchased their Liquid Eyeliner again in Black, since I wanna see how both works from their different variations. Since the first eyeliner comes in a pen form, while this little guy comes in the standard liquid eyeliner which is in the felt tip brush form. 



*Shade: Black 
*Contains Vitamins A, C & E
*Net Content  : 3.6ml
*Age Defense


The swatched eyeliner with a straight line is the Liquid Pen, while the curvy line is the liquid felt tip brush. 



♦PRICE - PHP 85.00  (Liquid Eyeliner Pen )

        PHP 75.00   (Liquid Eyeliner) 

♦APPLICATION - The pigmentation isn't that red though, plus it has a brownish into it, and the liquid eyeliner isn't that totally black, instead it's diluted in water.
While for the pen eyeliner, it's not too diluted, and the black has the same pigmentation as the liquid eyeliner.

♦CONCERNS - It has a ink smell, it's not the type of smell you wanna like. But as it dries up it's un detectable. It's not water proof but it doesn't smudge at all. 

♦FINAL VERDICT - I'd recommend this to students since it's cheaper in the market and affordable for first timers to use liquid eyeliner or a pen eyeliner.But take note 

"practice makes perfect".
For the Pen eyeliner it's much easier to use because it works like your drawing the outline of your eyes to give more definition to it. While for the liquid felt tip brush, it works good also.

♦REPURCHASE - yep! :)

Next, is I got their Water Proof Mascara Thick Lash


*Shade : Brown 
*Contains Vitamins A, C & E
*Product says it's waterproof
*Mfg Date : 11/2011
*Exp. Date : 11/2013
*Net wt. : 0.35 oz / 10 g

Here's a full front view how the mascara looks like :

For my own opinion I think the wand isn't sturdy and when trying to wiggle the wand on my actual lashes, it's like going to come off, and that what concerns me.
So I put to the test myself how the mascara works on my lashes :


The pigmentation of the mascara is a bit thicker watery, and dries up quickly.
I also tested it if it's really waterproof but apparently its not =(
Since I tried wiping it off with my wet wipes and it came off easily , but the good side of it, it did not make any smudge at all.


♦PACKAGING - The whole container itself is just fine. 

♦PRICE - PHP 115.00 

♦APPLICATION - I like how the mascara gave my naked lashes a fuller & thicker looking lashes, and works great for my lashes, it clumps a little but not too much.

♦CONCERNS - The only thing that concerns me is the wand, since it's not too sturdy and it might bend easily. The mascara dries up fast and it's not water proof :(

♦FINAL VERDICT - I like how the shade works on my actual lashes, since i needed a change of color to my lashes, and i'd go for the brown one for my every day basis.

♦REPURCHASE - Maybe. :)

Next I got their Lip color DUO in "Really Red" 


*Shade : Really Red
*Spf 15
*Contains Vit. A, C & E
*Net wt. : 9ml

Sample SWATCH:


♦PACKAGING - It comes in a long ip gloss container, with two wands separated since it comes in a DUO, so the actual lip color & lip gloss is separated. 

♦PRICE - PHP 130.00

♦APPLICATION - The pigmentation has a shimmery effect and it's not in a matte finish instead its in a satin finish. Plus it's a bit sticky. While the gloss is okay with its usual finish.

♦CONCERNS - I don't recommend using this over board since it has a satin finish to it because a lot of shimmers on your lips isn't that wearable. A little comes a long way so just dab it with your fingers to give you that bitten effect, and finish off with gloss & thats it!

♦FINAL VERDICT - The lip color duo is dual purpose so you can just carry this on your purse without getting too bulky with a bunch of whole lipsticks on your purse. ^_^

♦REPURCHASE - No, because I'm a type of gal' who likes matte & soft lip colors.

Now on my last item, I purchased their eyelash curler: 


*Made From : PROC
*Price : PHP 55.00 


♦PACKAGING - It's packed securely with a bendable wire that's wrapped around it. 
The handles are soft and they come in the color baby blue for hbc's San san signature brand color. Oh BTW it's made out of a metal mechanism, so it's not plastic, and the handle is soft to work with your fingers.

♦PRICE - PHP 55.00 only ^_^

♦APPLICATION - It does a great job curling my naked lashes, and it doesn't cut or destroy my lashes. It's light weight so it's a must have on my purse if i wanna make any retouches to my tiny lashes. 
NO NEED for any heat on the lash curler, it curls my lashes and giving it lift. ^_^

♦CONCERNS - I was hoping they could include two - three pieces of extra silicones so that if your silicone comes off or dirty you could replace them with extras.

♦FINAL VERDICT - It works absolutely fines on my lashes and i love it ^_^

♦REPURCHASE - yes! Absolutely if I lost my lash curler hehe!! :D

So hope you all enjoyed reading my haul and I'll see you soon!
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 


The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.

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