Saturday, November 5, 2011

O.P.I nail polish in MAUVE - LOUS MEMORIES

Okay this nail polish i did actually bought this about 2 weeks ago i just couldn't make a review on this nail polish because  was too busy with some stuff going on in my life basis , my bad so sorry!>.< 
Any ways i did paint my nails with this beautiful nail color it's absolutely pretty!!! 
like the nail polish gives me a shine finish. It's really more of a mixture of dark & light pink with a tiny bit of  pink ^_* (wink) hehehehehe!

Overall the polish is smoothly easy to apply on my short SQUARED nails. yes  short nail because i used to have long nails back on my college years because it was in the trends of long nails before so it took my 1- 2 months growing my long nails. But since years passed my nails were a bit weak and kept chipping. So i decided to get them short instead because i personally think that short nails works for me rather than longer ones because i do have long hair and there's this one experience that i was so embarrassed of, back then when my nails were long i didn't notice that my index nail was chipped with a long crack at the edge of it. So it was a bit windy that time so my tendency was to flip my hair because i do not like my hair all over my face so, i did flip it but a piece of my hair got caught on my nail and darn it! my boyfriend saw my and kept on laughing at me..geeez that was one hell of a nail...urghh! >.<

So back to the short nails i personally like my nails so shorter because it's so easy no more chipped nails, and weak nails. So i stayed short nails about 6 months. And honestly it feels super comfortable ^_^.

The color of my O.P.I nail polish is :


  • The Brush of the nail polish is flat and wide meaning it's more easier to apply on the nails for easy application because it paints your entire nail bed.
  • Gives a SHINE FINISH.
  • The color is AMAZING ^_^
  • over all it's my favorite color hehehehe!


  • I only have one negative comment about this polish is that DON'T ever tempt to shake the polish if weeks you haven't used it because if you apply it, you will see one difference like there are tiny bubbles once it dries. So the best thing to do is just tale the Bottle and lay it horizontally on your hands and roll it back and forth gently and slowly. This will avoid the polish getting bubbles in it.
Here's a picture of the polish of me having it on my nails :

and another : ^_^

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