Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fashion 21 Eyeshadow TRIO

hello my lovelies :), so here's another review on my two eyeshadow that i purchased at Fashion 21 or (Fanny Serrano cosmetics) . these two pretty trio's are very versatile ladies , because if your in a hurry like school or work and got no idea what to work on your eyeshadows ?? well ladies these trio's are life savers :)

Here's a close up look on these eyeshadow trio's :

They don't really have each names but instead they come in numbers.

Okay a while ago i said that these are life savers because you can choose neutral color from the eyeshadow trio # 4. It's great for school or work if you wanna go for neutral and simple but still pretty , or if your kinda of a girl who likes a bit of smokiness to your eyes and gives more dimension to it then # 3 is the trio for you. 

Down below are some swatches i made on my fore arm to see the difference from my camera with out the flash and with a flash :

without the flash:

with the flash:

Over all from scale 1- 10 of my expectations of these eyeshadow trios are "8" because the color of the eyeshadows are not that kind of pigmented and i am a bit picky when it comes to the pigmentation of eyeshadows.
 But it just works fine. 

keep safe & God Bless my lovelies :)


  1. hi...i just want to ask where did you buy the elf face primer? im looking for a face primer...please can you tell me? and oohh, i check make up hub i cant find their excited to shop:-(

  2. @Sweetkimmy : hi dear i bought the elf face primer at and here's my trusted ebay sellers were they sells lots of e.l.f affordable products :
    sis here's make up Hub's online shop try this:

    hope i helped.

    God Bless.