Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Win a 2 Pair lens from Jannah & THE PINK SHOPPE giveaway Contest

Hello my lovelies :)
Enter Jannah's and THE PINKSHOPPE lens giveaway :)
Congratulations to Jannah for reaching 100 followers at her blog & also 400 subscriber at her youtube channel!! yey!!! Keep it up girl ^_^ Pinay Power!! heheheheehe!
I would really love to win her giveaway since i did twice use some lens before but i stopped purchasing them because i was so busy with collecting & building with my make up :'(.
But Thank goodness! Jannah & THE PINKSHOPPE has a lens giveaway contest and i just can't hesitate to join. Since i miss using lenses , after all it' also another assest to a girl of her prettiness & also add's up to the Beauty of a chic girl.
I just recently scanning some lenses of THE PINKSHOPPE's lens and these lenses caught my eye:

Hopefully i win the contest finger's crossed! >.< hehehehehe!

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