Thursday, December 29, 2011

A pretty Gift From my BOYFRIEND ♥

Hello my lovelies 

MyBoyfriend surprised me with a pretty gift ♥ He was so sweet to give me the e.l.f 8 gorgeous eyeshadow set :) "I ♥ YOU daba q :) mwah!!!♥" 
My Boyfriend really knows what i do love and it's Makeup. It was really sweet of him to give me the e.l.f 8 Gorgeous eyeshadows as a gift and he knows that i love make up and has always been my passion.
So my lovelies  , I decided to make a simple reviews on the eyeshadows that i got on Christmas. Starting of with the Package itself first:

The eyeshadows comes in a Chic Glittery Silver cute rectangular box like so, and e.l.f cosmetics really knows how to decorate the box, it's so pretty matching it up with a black ribbon that's sticked to the box itself. 

Not only the box catch my eyes, i did noticed something written on the sides of the box :

It indicates " tis the season to be beautiful!" loved the description the box plus it encourages girls like me to be a make up artist starter by using this eyeshadow set :)

Inside the Box, the eyeshadows looks like this :

Plus it comes with a eyeshadow Brush :)

For the Eyeshadows they come in two variety of shades which are for me incredibly amazing! :

Each quad has two shades of eyeshadows, and i think it's super handy, because if you just can't decide what eye makeup to wear, you can choose either for neutrals, sweet, fun, sexy sultry looks, well these eyeshadows can rock your entire day:) 
You could bring at least two sets of the eyeshadows, depending on the event you are having. Plus it's super handy dandy to carry them on your purse, if your purse is small. So these eyeshadows not only helps emphasize your eyes, it also helps your purse reducing bulkiness.


Here's a CLOSER up look for each eyeshadows:
*NOTE: the eyeshadows doesn't have a name.
*I did compare them with a Flash & without flash of my camera:)

 Eyeshadow # 1 :


Eyeshadow # 2 :

Eyeshadow # 3 :


Eyeshadow # 4


Notice how the color changes it's transition from normal to with a flash mode? When i took the picture in a none flash mode, the eyeshadows seem to be soft but pigmented. But taking photo's with a flash on , the eyeshadows are very vibrant and highly pigmented! :)

Now for the moment of TRUTH.....drum roll.......hehehehehehe!

SWATCH TIME!!!!!! ^_^

Without Flash

With Flash

* over all i do love the eyeshadow's because, it's much easier to use them and you can choose any variety of the 8 Gorgeous eyeshadows that i have just shown you earlier :)

 Again thanks to my Sweet Boyfriend for the Gorgeous gift :) Love yah Daba :)

"Have A Safe Holiday & God Bless my lovelies"


  1. My mom received this as a Christmas present from my aunt but since she doesn't really wear make up she gave them to me. I don't find the lighter shades pigmented enough though but the darker shades are really gorgeous! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  2. @Jenn : Yeah, the lighter shades doesn't seem to be that pigmented :(hopefully e.l.f could make the lighter ones show up a little.

  3. Aww so sweet of your BF to get you makeup, haha my BF will only buy me if I request or beg him as he thinks I have too much already.

  4. @Che: thanks dear :) yeah i know some guys are complaining that US girls has too much in cosmetics, but hey, were just girls and they have to live with it heheheheheehe!