Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello my lovelies 

So here's a little review for you girls who wanna try out NYX's GIRLS NAIL POLISH .
By the way i did purchase these nail polishes at Shopgirl and the owner is 
Miss Rosita Gonzales.  She's one of my Trusted buyer's when it comes to NYX products, so any of you girls in the philippines who are interested to order some NYX cosmetics products go ahead check out her shop just click her store name i mentioned earlier. I do think this is my 4th time to order from her some nyx products, like these cuties nail polishes from NYX .

I have a really big ADDICTION when it comes to nail polishes. Like nail polishes are my second best friend, ehehehe! because girls gotta have nail polishes because if you don't have nail polishes, like for me i feel like i am NAKED and very PLAIN. But that's my own opinion for myself. okey?!

here's a close up look on the nail polishes that i purchased:

But Before that here's how Professionally miss Rosita packs the polishes:

See how she packs the package really really safe & secure, she does make sure that it gets to her clients safely & secured with out any breakage of the package.  :)
Again thanks Miss rosita ^_^.

Moving on to the polishes, i did order some polishes from her shop because the last 3 NYX polishes i ordered where absolutely amazing!!!!!!! :)
So i just had to get more again hehehehehe! "LOKA LOKA ako pag dating sa NAIL POLISHES, sensya na po ha? :)"

NAMES OF THE POLISHES  (starting from the Left):
  1.  NGP 242 - "LAPIS"
  2. NGP 171 - "PERFECT GRAY"
  4. NGP 102 - "DEEP SPACE"
  5. NGP 205 - "KINKY PINK"

I haven't actually tried the polishes because recently i did painted my nails in "TAUPE" and it's from nyx girls nail polishes.

But anyways i'll make a sample swatch very soon on a practice nail thingy?? i guess that's the name hehehehe! and update the colors to you all :)

"Take care & God Bless my lovelies  "

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