Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello my lovelies ❤  

So here's another review about NYX 10 color Eyeshadow Palette and it's in their Runway Collection, and before i get to the review, i am so sorry if i didn't take a picture of the palettes name ("STUPID ME") ...
The palettes name is in "Champagne & Caviar" and this palette is my all time favorite neutral color. And yes i do consider them in Neutral color because here's how the eyeshadow color looks like :)

My eyeshadows looks cracked because i accidentally dropped it on the floor :'(
again "STUPID DUMB JOANNA!!!!" :(
But it's still in shape , meaning it's still works for applications.  I mentioned earlier that i consider these amazing eyeshadows neutrals because there are a lot of shades from a light brow to a red brown to dark brown. Plus there's a pink eyeshadow if you wanna go sweet and girly, and also if you wanna go a bit chic and elegance then there's a soft beige color and a matte light brown with a mixture of grey. 
And also the palette can be a Day to Night look, like you can see there's a black eyeshadow on the bottom right, means you can smoke your eyes a little bit when your finished with school or work and going out with your girlfriends and decided to make you day time look to a Night eye look.

wew! that was a long EXPLANATION... hehehehehe!
Now for the swatch! yey! i do love to swatch eyeshadows.
Again i did compare the color with a flash & without the flash of the camera:

With a Flash:
Now i am pretty impressed with the colors turned out with the camera capturing it with a flash, because the eyeshadow colors really does pop's out. Just take a look on those shimmery eyeshadows. Pretty amazing! :) 

Without The flash :
Now with out the flash i did notice that it's not that really shimmery compared to the picture above. Plus the colors are really neutral. And honestly i did swath them about three times with my ring finger. And look at it, very pigmented and my expectations did meat pretty AMAZING.

I don't have any CONS  for these pretty eyeshadows because it works perfectly amazing for my self and it's so versatile.

Take care my lovelies & Have a Great Day!

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