Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sleek ❤ divine in ACID

Hello my lovelies 

So i am back again with another review and this is the SLEEK divine palette in "ACID" .
I purchased this at , and the seller on ebay was so kind to ship my palette right away. :) So before on the review i would like to first thank Jhanin Lim for being so kind and good communication regarding to the palette.
So I purchased the palette around P550.00 plus shipment fee to Bicol is at P100.00 so the total is about P650.00, for the price is reasonable :)
Before moving on with the chit chat and all, first i wanna talk about the package of the product itself:
As you can see the palette comes in a very stylish box that's printed along with the name of the brand i love how the "ACID" name is printed with their font effect, and also how the color pink is contrasted on the box. It does stand out pretty.

At the sides of the the box, sleek knows how to come in a fashion gorgeous style :)
Pink is in the air! :) hehehehe! anyways o love it HANDS DOWN!!! :D
Hot pink for the box is simply AMAZING!!!!

The Box is transparent so The name of the Palette can be seen at the back like so :

 Again on my previous reviews on my other sleek palettes, the front of the palette has their name on it, i can't say that it's carved i don't know what do you think?
But anyways it's really Chic and Classy with the palette color Black and the brand name on it :)

Here's How the EYESHADOWS looks like inside the Palette :

Plus it comes with a sponge applicator , like if have got no time to pack up your eye brushes on your purse , the applicator comes in handy.
To tell you girls honestly i am not a Loud eyeshadow color fan but, since i saw this on some guru's on youtube using these color's , i just had to go and purchase one for myself. 
Look at the colors it's so Loud and colorful.

Here's a sample of my Swatch on the eyeshadows:


Observe the swatches i made, i did capture it without any flash of my camera, and you can really tell how pigmented the they are. Except for one it's the Black color on the lower right. And actually the colors does not have any name. :( sad to tell.

Now compare the eyeshadows with a flash of the camera:


Now i did noticed that once the flash hit's the colors, it pop's out and so vibrant the colors did seem to be so alive.
But again the black turns a bit faded :( but maybe if you keep building the black eyeshadow color it might turn out black usually.


My expectations of these eyeshadows are Good , because they are again very pigmented, and the color turns so striking even for 2 swatches , they are very pigmented :)


One thing that i was a bit odd, the eyeshadows doesn't have a NAME. Like the eyeshadows has to have their each name because the colors are good and amazing. Hopefully sleek put's names on these amazing eyeshadows.

"Have a Wonderful Christmas & God Bless Ladies!"

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