Friday, December 9, 2011


hello my lovelies   
smokey eyes for christmas eve everyone? here's the most LOVABLE palette that i bought from miss Rosita Gonzales from her online shop , you can check it out at:

or if you girls have facebook here's her shop on facebook too:

So here's my review on the Smokey eye palette of NYX and yes i am obsessed with smokey eyes because if i do my eyes with a tint of smokiness in it, it does makes much difference & has a striking look to my eyes because actually in person my eyes with make up or even eyeliner/ gel liner geeez! I LOOK LIKE DROOPY DOG :/ (hehehehehe) seriously it's true..
so i do need to emphasize my eyes well before i go out, but i do not wear too much make up just with a gel liner on my top lids of my eyes & underneath my waterlines i'm good to go. And oh also i never leave the house without my NYX ROUGE CREAM BLUSH in "natural", and also lip stick & lip gloss of course! :D
Okay enough of this BLAH! BLAH! thing that i just wrote, back to my review......

Here's a close up look of the palette :

The colors are so pigmented of what i didn't expect but i do like it ^_^
Here's a sample of my swatches of the palette & i did compare it with a flash & with flash of my camera:

Without Flash:

I did notice one thing without the flash of my camera, starting at the right side the shimmery peach color looks a bit like a creamy white.

With Flash:

The colors are so pigmented and you can tell about the Greys, browns , silver and also the vanilla color. And again the Peach color turned out a bit white again with a flash of my camera.


  1.  The palette works great if your a type of girl who wants a smokey eye look.
  2. If you want those extreme smokiness look the eyeshadows in Black, dark brown, & dark silver are the perfect color on the palette.
  3. For highlight? The vanilla color is my favorite for highlight.
  4. You just need two dabs of your brush for smoking out your look because it is very pigmented & it's a good thing.

One thing that bother's me a bit , now this is my own opinion okay? i do wish that some of the eyeshadows will be a bit less shimmer's in it because some of the colors are having a bit of shimmer's, and it tends to make a bit fall out's.

Take care my lovelies & have a great day!


  1. The pigmentation of those eyeshadow colours are awesome and I love how affordable NYX is.

  2. @che : yes dear they are affordable and so pretty :)