Friday, December 9, 2011

My hair care Products ❤

Hello my lovelies 

I wanna share with you all what products i use to take good care of my hair & how long it's been treating my long hair so good & healthy. But before i get to it, i am not saying that i'm not gonna recommend all the products that i use because it really depends on the condition of your hair and also we have different types of scalp.
Like mine i do sometimes encounter a bad hair day like hot summer days my scalp tends to be itchy & at the top of my crown area it tends to get super oily. You can even fry an egg and make a sunny side up. (hehehehehehe!) Just kidding. :D
Also when it's windy & rainy my hair tends to get frizzy and dry. so that's the conditon of my hair that keeps changing. Before i did use to go to a salon to treat my hair but as new years comes prices for treatment for hair are too much EXPENSIVE!
So i did a little experiment on some products i do search before actually purchasing them.
So again you may choose whatever products that's best for your hair condition, and before purchasing the products for your hair my tip is, to observe you yourself what your hair is comfortable. Because Girls; your hair is also an accessory too! :) and Alagaan niyo siya kasi parang may feelings ang hair natin. Nagtatampo din siya pag totally damged na siya.  And you don't want that to happen right?


Now the Shampoo & Conditioner that my hair loves is :
  • Suave Professionals in Sleek shampoo(5X straighter hair) for dry & frizzy hair
  • Suave Professionals in Sleek Conditioner for dry & frizzy hair

I use my hair treatment LOREAL TOTAL REPAIR 5 DEEP REPAIRING MASK, i use this at least Once (1) a week because i do not like my hair very oily especially on my crown area, so as much as possible to avoid it i work on thoroughly at the bottom part of my hair strands & also at the ends as well. Massaging my hair gently will eventually make the circulation of the hair smooth and silky.

After taking a bath, my hair is totally wet so with my towel i gently squeeze out the wetness of my hair but very gentle. i don't literally squeeze it with too much force it will cause to get breakage and a rubber feeling at the ends of my hair. when my hair is about 70 % damp i use:

  • Sun Silk weather Defense (The color Blue Bottle) - this is to protect my hair from tangles and to prevent them from getting "Buhaghag" , especially here in the philippines the weather keeps changing :(
  • Second i use the Sun silk Damage Repair Serum (Color orange Bottle) - this is also to prevent my hair from getting damaged. It's better to fix earlier in advance rather than to be too late to fix in the end. right?
  • after my hair is totally dry. I now use my Suave Professionals Sleek Anti Frizz Cream. You maybe wondering why all the anti frizz? Because i do experience a SUPER BAS HAIR DAY. and i do have the frizzy hair at times. Especially i experience breakage ends. ewww! so i do take good care of them so much.


My hair did grew so long for the past months and this december it's length was already mid half way at my waist. geeez! PARANG NA AKO MANAG hehehehehe! But next year 2012 a new year, i will be getting my hair trimmed with lots of layers because i do love layered hair styles, it's more bouncy & Manageable to style.

Now to protect my hair from damaging when i style it with a curling iron, flat straightener iron, or even blow drying my hair, i use : 

  • First i apply my Treseme Straightening Balm , i got this when i was in hong kong and i purchased this at bonjour store for 53 Hong Kong Dollars. This is for my application when my hair is still damp & i want to straight my hair with a flat iron, i just take some on my palm and spread this out through my entire hair and mostly i do concentrate on my hair strands & especially on my ends. The straightening Balm works like my life saver :) because sometimes i do want to have those straight hair and after i iron it, it finishes with a shine on my hair. 
  • For blow drying to have those bouncy sexy hair that i want, to protect my hair i use my Tresseme iorn style & Hold Spray,(53 HONG KONG DOLLARS at BONJOUR STORE) it works like a tammer heat protection because blow drying or even curling my hair with applications of heat , it does not really damage my hair. It even stays in place & again leaving it with a shine finish.

  • FINESSE VOLUMIZING MOUSSE if i want extra volume at my hair like on my crown i just use this mousse that i got at a department store, any department store near your area is available. It gives my hair more texture and voluminous touches to it.
  • For holding my hair in place i do use a hair spray called unscented EXTRA HOLD HAIR SPRAY and it's from WHITE RAIN. When it comes to hair spray i do not like scented hair sprays! scented hair sprays irritates my sensitive nose. And i sneeze a lot if my nose doesn't like the smell of scented hair spray. By the way this hair spray works better for my & works good on humid weather as well.
I think that's it for my hair care products and tell me what's your favorite hair care products? leave a comment down below :)

Have a great day & God Bless my lovelies❤


  1. Well, I have seen some of most exclusive hair products form this source. As the all are really looking most promising about to get healthy and shined hair. It's truly one of the most knowledgeable source for me. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi,
    Is Tresemme worth the price? I want to try it too but it’s a bit expensive :(
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  3. Sis where did you buy the suave anti frizz cream?

  4. Okay naman yung Scented ha? Yun kasi yung binili ko sa (, last month okay para sakin yung amoy nya kumpara sa iba. Tapos legit pa kitang kita naman sa results. Thanks for sharing this product, underrated kasi to e kaya dapat lang ma share ito.. Thanks sis!