Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Eye Lash Glue Review

Hello lovelies :) so here's a review on my Eye lash glue that i always use on my previous tutorials. It's nothing fancy in all but the best thing about this lash glue is it's pretty cheap and it works really good for your falsies. I got this months ago when i wasn't starting my youtube tutorials, i was practicing on applying falsies because honestly i suck at it. And  
 " Practice makes PERFECT ". I got the hang of it practicing applying falsies with the help of my faithful tweezers.

If y'all girls lives in the philippines at manila you can purchase this at ALI MALL at their lower ground, it's in a CHINESE store where everything is at  P80.00 , and i came across their beauty products and found this lash glue.

Here's the Name of the Lash Glue:

i Got my lash glue in "CLEAR"

I bought only two of these which really sucks because i live in Bicol which is too far for me to buy :( anyways here's the lash glue that i use for my tutorials :

it's kinda crooked so sorry for that :D because i use this at my tutorials but i try to squeeze like a tiny amount "KAILANGAN MAGTIPID EH..." :(

My expectations for the lash glue is pretty good  for it's grip to hold it for your falsies but the CONS of this lash glue is when it dries up it does not really dries up transparently :(. So you have to set with your gel liner or liquid liner , it's either if your using gel or liquid liner.

Take Care Lovelies  :)

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