Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fshion 21 two way cake in "RAJAH"

okey i know this is supposed to be a foundation but i find it placing it as my bronzer for my makeup tutorials. So it has a type of a 1 shade darker than my skin tone so it fits perfectly for me as a bronzer. It has a scent of like candy it might sound weird but it does not irritate my face. 
The thing why i have decided to use this as a bronzer is because it's a bit cheaper than the NYX face bronzer so i am still building up my makeup. So for the time being i tried the bronzer out in my "DISASTER" by jojo makeup tutorial, and works perfectly fine.

Oh one more thing when i bought the TWO WAY CAKE it has a packaging in a box that's very  convenient for the product because it protects it if accidentally you drop it. so below is the picture of the packaging & the foundation :

The Quad comes with a mirror on the other side of the foundation you can just flip it and you can see a mirror and also underneath that comes with a sponge for your face but i don't need to use it because it just for my bronzer and even contouring the bridge of my nose and lastly my jaw :)



It's NOT SHIMMERY and i do not like bronzers with shimmers in it, it just gives too much fall outs and harder to control it with my contour brush.

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