Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion 21 Black Gel Liner

Finally got me a new gel liner:)
i have just discovered this gel liner and i think i purchased this around P350.00.
So i just had to test it out myself because the sales lady told me that this was the perfect liner for me "aba teh parang alam mu na agad taste ko ah?" hehehehe, so anyways i wasn't at first convinced by the liner because there wasn't a tester so that i could see the consistency of the product. But the lady told me that it's that dry and it works perfectly fine so i just bought it "kulit kasi ni ate eh" hehehe! LOL!

When i got home i just had to try the liner and well, it turned out "tama si ate" hahaha! the gel liner was great! in fact i tested it out applying it with a bent angled brush from e.l.f and it glides perfectly AMAZING! ^_^

i just took some pictures of the product and i liked how fashion 21 packs them :

it's secured and really safe :)

i got the gel liner in BLACK since i do go out with a black cat eye liner ALWAYS and i would never ever go out without my gel liner on. Like it's not so easy being a girl okay?! .

Before you could use the gel liner there's a sealed cover to protect your gel liner if accidents happen :) 

what i love about this liner is that it's very sleek it comes in a glass container and that's a good thing but be careful to not drop this because it might have the tendency to break and GOOD BYE gel liner :( and you don't want that to happen ayt? .

so this the front view of the gel liner

it has 4ml of black gel liner, and the consistency of the gel liner is super soft and what i mean about super soft is , using your angled brush or small brush you use on this needs a tiny amount because not only it's super soft the brush you use can easily pick up the gel.


By the way if your using a soft gel liner like this BE SURE TO CLOSE THE LID and secure it because the gel might be too dried up and that's NOT NICE. 

This is how the gel liner looks in the inside :)

Very shiny and the color is very vibrant .

i am very 100 % SATISFIED with the gel liner AMAZING! ^_^

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