Saturday, November 5, 2011


I bought this about past 3 weeks and still haven't have the chance to review this, again my BAD >.< so sorry!!!!!!!!!
so yes this is still brand new but i did use this just a while ago and OH MY! it can works as a buffer to your face. Hope i said that correctly, meaning it can work as a foundation brush to your face. It blends so well evenly through out my face. It gives a matte finish coverage. And it's a really awsome brush! ^_^

If you will notice that the brush is angled:

For me it helps me blend in small areas at my face that some of foundation brush is hard to reach so it's a good thing this brush helps a lot! :)

Oh by the way Check out Say's video she used the same brush that i am reviewing right now 

Here's her youtube CHANNEL:

hope y'all enjoy reading my Blog post ^_^

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