Wednesday, September 28, 2011




I just can't resist shimmery okey? so a girls gotta have some sparkle shimmer :)
My opinion with this type of loose eyeshadow is good because it's not that too harsh it's just milled and that's what i like most. Because some sparkle shimmer's are a bit chalky and can fall all over the place when your working with it and it's definitely gonna be a mess with shimmer's that's too messy and too much fall outs.

I have also read about this eyeshadow on NYX's website that it can be used on your eyes, cheeks and even lips....LIKE wicked! even lips, you can create like a illusion that on top of your favorite lipstick putting any kind of these loose pearl eyeshadows and that would be like a gorgeous look. There's nothing wrong to try out a look that you know that you can rock it :)

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