Monday, September 26, 2011

NYX nail POLISHES review

Finally Got me some nail polishes from NYX! :)

I was really interested with the nyx nail polishes, and just had to order some. At first i was honestly nervous because i had some troubles on nail polishes , like choosing the right one. and then i got to order thru a online shop and thanks to :)

Okey i got three ordinary nail polishes:

Muted Lavender, The Taupe, Bermuda Triangle

  • The color of the nail polish are wow amazing :)
  • Each color is as same as the Picture 
  • So easy to Apply
  • The Price was on sale i guess it was P90.00 each (sulit) :)


  • It's a bit time consuming to DRY
  • When i apply it it tends to be like a bit water wet i guess??

 would I recommend it?

YES! because it's not that PRICY and the colors are really good :)


This nail polish has a velvety texture that it caught my attention and won me over :)
It's pretty amazing that a matte nail polish like this is a girls thing that must really have!it's great for summer looks with bright colors like this TEAL color that i have purchased.


  • It's super quick drying 
  • It's not WATERY and that's a GOOD THING! ^_^
  • It dries up with a MATTE finish 

With the experience with this nope i have no problems with this polish

would I recommend it?

YES! but it's a bit PRICY it COST P200 plus so sorry forgot the price, but it was also on SALE it was like P145.00 so why not give it a try right? :)

*NOTE: that you should always apply a base clear coat to your nails to avoid them from yellowish nails. (Ewwwww!)like really eww! , and having a base coat will protect your nail bed.

HERE ARE the colors with the flash of my CAMERA:

The Taupe, Muted Lavender, Bermuda Triangle, MATTE teal

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