Monday, September 26, 2011

NYX single eyeshadows



These single eyeshadows are richly pigmented and the color is so amazing that it's not that chalky and it's a brilliant eyeshadow.


This is the type of eyeshadow that catches my eye, because the color of this eyeshadow looks almost like what Hayley Williams wore on her music video "MONSTER" while floating and singing on water, so flawless and breath taking look hehehehehehe! anyways i do love the color it's so amazing with it's pigmented color it can make your eyes pop and stand out. 

see how pigmented this type of eyeshadow is? i just had 2 swipes of my finger and that's the result.


i was so interested with this type of eyeshadow because i heard a lot of positive feed back about this. ANd so why not buy 1 and give it a try. And yep! it did impress me because it wasn't i was expecting to be chalky but it's not & that's another good thing :)
This is great for the inner sockets of my eyes because in some of my tutorials i do define my sockets to make them more dimension and it really looks good on my eyes :)

yup i know it's a bit shimmery but in reality without the flash of the camera it's not that shimmery. With just One swipe it won't show that much, so it needs two to three swipes with your finger or a brush depending on how much amount you wanna put onto your lids.



This eyeshadow blew up my mind! (heheheehehe!!) LIKE FOR REAL it did ^_^ . This type of eyeshadow is amazingly GORGEOUS !!! the color is what i love most. It's like a mysterious darkish blue type of eyeshadow that is so great for sultry , Smokey looks., or even in some other makeup looks.

It's really pigmented 1 swipe is enough and you could just blend away it with your fluffy brush to smoke it out on your upper crease.

with the flash of the camera :)

One swipe is enough like as you can tell, it's again really really pigmented :)


  • It's not too chalky
  • it gives you that vibrant color
  • it's PIGMENTED goood :)
  • The Price for this was also on Sale it was around P90.00 - P100.00 i guess i forgot so sorry :(


  • The thing that i do not like is that you have to be really careful not to drop them, otherwise it's a goner! LIKE BOOM! so the main thing is not to accidentally drop them or else good bye eyeshadow..


Yes, it's really great using these eyeshadows, if you want that intensifying pigmented eyeshadow, well nyx's single eyeshadow are the best ones :)

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