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Beauty Cosmetics ‎24 double baked eyeshadow ♥

Hello my lovelies ,
As promised for the items that i purchased at Beauty Cosmetics are including these gorgeous 24 double baked eyeshadows. Starting off with the package itself, it comes in a big rectangular or square shape, and the surface of the palette is shinny texture, and plus, their brand name is carved on the palette too. But really really be very careful if you have a palette like this one because they are prone to easily small scratches and once the palette receives one scratch , it's a goner! so do be responsible not to drop the palette like so because it's really fragile and you don't want that to happen right? so my tip to have a clean surface is to get a soft cloth and damp it with water, and slowly try to wipe the surface so that you can achieve a clean surface. But do not spray PLEDGE to clean it because i did try to clean it off by using pledge on my other palettes, and it turned out like a softer moist kind of thing, and it was annoying because it has the texture of softness and it did not turn out nice. so be very careful not to spray any type of cleaning spray on the surface of your palettes.

Here's a close up look of the carved brand name :)
i love how Beauty Cosmetics carved name and the color has a hot pink and white that really stands out on the black palette. VERY PRETTY!!! :)

The palette looks this in front view and has the measurement  of 24 cm x 17.5 cm x 2.5cm :

Inside the Palette comes with a one sided mirror on the LEFT side as you can see:

Now the the baked eyeshadows are in the size of Diameter per each color is 3.5cm or about 1.5 inches.

Here's how the baked eyeshadow look and notice how the colors turns out so vibrant and colorful with their mixture of color together :

i was impressed how 1 swatch of my finger of the baked eyeshadow turns out pretty pigmented wow!!! :)

The eyeshadows are shimmery but i think the contrast of the color blends so well.

even this pretty baby pink mixed with a hot pinkish color can be used as a blush because the color has a bit shimmers in it but it can give you that dazzling sparkles effect on your cheeks, and i think it will turn out beautifully.

below the doubled mixture baked eyeshadows are the mixed eyeshadows and wow it is very pigmented with one swatch of my finger again :)

The eyeshadows doesn't have every names, so here's a sample of the baked eyeshadows that i have swatched on my arm. And look how the colors blends pretty together, the contrast is absolutely amazing, like a magical fairy dust :)

even with out the flash of the camera, still the camera catches it's color:


  • The colors has a perfect gradient effect
  • It's shimmery but has those like mysterious colors in it , like i have said a fairy dust. :)
  • Plus it is pigmented. that's GOOD.
  • the color blends together evenly, but you have to use the right brush for this like a flat shader brush with a steddy hand to help prevent any fall outs
  • flash or no flash, the colors stands out amazing!
  • the eyshadows has no SCENT at all. And that's one good thing too.
  • you can mix any different types of colors together as long as the colors blends gradient to each other.
  •  The mirror gives a big help too.
  • the eyeshadows are not CHALKY .
  • The pearly white color in the palette can be used as your highlight, and the pinky colors also can be used as a lush too. HANDY dandy right ladies? hehehe :)
  • Whether your look is a goddess theme the bronze and golds are perfect for the gradient look, or if you decided to go a bit mystical, well these baked eyeshadows are perfect for the look!
  • The only thing that i didn't like is, every color does not have their each name. Because look how gorgeous the eyeshadows are,they do have to have a name. But this is only my opinion. So hopefully the colors did have each names or even numbers. 
Other than that I LOVE THE PALETTE!!  
Hope you all Filipina Ladies try out the 24 doubled baked eyeshadow at 
Take care & God Bless my lovelies!  


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