Friday, January 20, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics 8 pcs Pink Brush Set

Good evening my lovelies 

I know us girls are into make up cosmetics such stuff like that, but to be able to use your make up goodies, you have to have a set of brushes that you can work with your self. Because since dealing with your make up has a lot of effort and passion in it, it's not the way you just apply it with a  simple application, it's the feeling & passion what makes you want to do what you love. So i have bought the 8 pcs. Brush Pink set at Beauty Cosmetics , and here's the Brushes: 

First starting with the package itself, the brushes comes in a black leather pencil case shape and the case is in a black shinny leather :

The case is SLIM, and handy to carry. And the good thing is it's not bulky, and you can carry this on your purse too. :)


Big Angled Brush 

I believe that this type of brush can work with your liquid foundation, because it's easy to handle it and, i preferably recommend using this type of brush for liquid foundation routines, because it can give precise angles to wear you applied areas on your face.

The brushes bristles has a kind of off white color on the ends, and it's a helpful thing that beauty cosmetic's brushes has these, because you can easily identify that your brush has picked up the liquid foundation due to the off white on the bristles ends.  

Plus, i love the name on the handle that's printed in their brand name :)
Very chic and pretty.

Big Complexion / Face Brush

with this type of brush, i preferably can use this for my HD powders to gently pat this on my entire face. 

Or even loose foundations can be used by this type of brush, and again the ends of the bristles has the off white color, this will be easily to identify if the brush picked up your hd powders or loose foundation too.

Small Flat top Brush

i love this brush, because this type of brush can be used as buffing your concealing application, like on certain areas that some brushes can buff in, so this type of brush can buff some small areas that it can reach and easily buff it in for you.

And as you can take a closer look, the brush is flat and PROMISE, the bristles are very soft :)

Eyeshadow Brush

This is good for applying your eyeshadows, because the brush is smooth and flat.


Blending Brush

Blends any harsh edges on your Crease area, plus blending the eyeshadow colors together to give a gradient lovely effect. I do HIGHLY recommend you girls having a blending brush like this one, because in make up it's all about blending colors together and crating a unique eye makeup for yourself or even to your clients as well too.

Sponge Applicator:

This is useful as well because for some eye makeup looks, if you wanna create a smudged grunge effect, the sponge applicator is very useful. You can easily smudge your eyeliner and it can create a grunged look , it's kind of a messy look but depending on the type of look  you are creating. For example:
Rocker chic, or even like Avril Lavigne's signature look like her smudged grunge eyeliner:)

Flat Eyeliner Brush:

I do believe that this brush is useful for precise application for your gel liners.

Angled Eyeliner :

Again this brush is for the eyes, and gives precise application to your eyes with a gel liner. plus Angled eyeliner's are easy to handle because as you can see the tip of the brush is in a angled position, meaning you can make a flicked end to your wing with your gel liner. :)

Okay, this is my own opinion for the brushes that i just gave a review on, i wish that there was a Pencil Brush and a small Flat Stiff shader brush. Pencil brush, because i am more specifically when it comes to my make up, because i want to make a guide for my eyes with a pencil brush, because it's much easier to have a brush that gives you a guide to your outer "v" area. While a Flat Stiff shader Brush is for high light to the brow bone, because it gives a lift to the face and it smooths out the blended eyeshadows on the eyelid area.

But i do Adore the brushes because they're in pink, and pink is my favorite color :)

"Have a great week end my lovelies"


  1. that small flat top brush looks good! :)


  2. @Janelle : thanks dear ^_^ Take care & God Bless :)