Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics ♥Beauty Blender♥

Hello my lovelies ♥

So last 9th of January i posted a blog news that i was going to be reviewing about some pretty stuff that i purchased at Beauty Cosmetics  and  i was addicted lately to cosmetics and i browsed at Miss Rosenn's  beauty shop and i just happened to find a beauty blender :) Terrific!!! ♥

Because the Beauty Blender  is famous because of it's the ultimate makeup sponge giving you a professional and flawless perfect blend. So i just had to get me one for my personal use. But i just had a thought right now, maybe i'll be purchasing more for my clients :)

So enough with the chit chat off to the review....

So at Beauty Cosmetics  shop they have different types of colors of this Beauty Blender, and i purchased the purple one, because the pink one is really famous and i just wanted to be a bit different so i wanna try out the purple color. And the sponge came in a cylinder package with their brand name printed on it. And as you can see the purple sponge is really cute ^_^


The shape of the Sponge is like a tear drop shape and fits at the middle of my hand but it get's bigger once you wet it in water. Check out Jannah's Review  on her beauty blender for a look how the sponge looks like when it's wet.

Honestly the Sponge is lighter and easy to grip on with my fingers :)

Other than that, the beauty blender is the perfect tool for your flawless finish look :)


  1. Hi, Thanks for the much did you bought this? I've searching everywhere for this locally but just couldn't find it..Hope they still do have stocks..I've been wanting to try the BB for so long..Thanks for sharing..=)

  2. @Janet : hi dear :) the Beauty Blender cost about 300.00pesos to 380.00pesos i guess, or you can check this out at the Beauty Cosmetics shop here's the site :

    hope this helps :)

    Thanks for the comment & take care:)


    joanna :)