Sunday, January 1, 2012

Extra Flower & Princess Mimi Contact Lens Series

Hello my lovelies

So i know some of you uses contact lenses and i wanna share with you my lovelies a review on the lenses that i recently purchased at 
The Pinkshoppe. I honestly do have been using contact lenses before but i did stop using my old lenses 1 year ago because i did have a bad experience with them due to of my stupidity thing that caused me to have SORE EYES :( . So my advice is to take good care of your lenses, because you will be applying a foreign body on your precious eyes, and in order to apply the lenses safely on your eyes, you too need to take good care of your lenses.

So off to my REVIEW ^_^

I recently purchased TWO CONTACT LENS at Miss Mae  the owner of The Pinkshoppe , and she was very sweet & kind to communicate with her instructions abut my inquires of the lens :) thanks Miss Mae :)

Now starting off with the package where the lens is safely secured and packed by miss mae :)

The Lens are in a cute Hot Pink Bag, and on the bag it's their shop's name on it.
I do love how the package itself looks really cute & Handy too.

Here's a peak on what's inside the bag:

You can really tell that your lenses are packed secured & safe :)
Because they are covered with Bubble plastic that's thick enough to protect it from any breakage of your lens.

Now inside the bag, here's what the bag includes:

It includes my TWO purchased contact lens, then the bag comes with two cute lens case, and a contact lens eye solution plus with it's manual too.

The Lens are securely packed and sealed tight with a bubble wrapper and it really protects your lens from getting damaged.

Here The Lenses that I purchased at The Pinkshoppe :

Xtra Flower Series in WFL - A65 

This is how the lens looks like, and you can see that the lens is EXTRA FLOWER, and the lens has a pattern of a flowery on the middle, where your it sets inside your Iris and right on the middle on your pupil too.

The Second Lens that I purchased is the Princess Mimi in Chocolate .

As you can se the Lens, looks really chocolatey and the color of the Lens is super vibrant.
And notice how the colors going in the middle has some kind of like small particles of brown , like a scattered chocolate particles. I think the lens were made that way so that once it's been used on the eyes, the colors may look intense and loud.  

Plus! the package came with two Cute lens case :

the lens case is a cute sea lion i guess, and the other one is a cute piggy :)

I did wore the Extra Flower series in Gray and it was absolutely completely superb COMFORTABLE!!!
So sorry for my poor lighting the picture was taken by my web cam.:(

And i did wore the lens at my Mini Haul episode 2 :

Other than that, The lens that i tried didn't irritate my eyes, and it really felt super comfy, no itchy, no redness & no cloudiness on the lens :)

Again thank you Miss Maria Ernani Castro Flotildes for the kind communication, and super FAST shipment :)
Hope to order more pretty cite lenses again at your fabulous shop.:)

"Have a great & awsome 2012 my lovelies, stay safe & God Bless"

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