Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My New ♥ ETUDE Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit Light Beige N02 Review ♥

Hey dolls! ♥

I'm back again with another exciting review for y'all.
I have been always , always wanting to have a BB cream for my natural glow use because since BB creams are very famous of their natural flawless skin.

So thanks to mother she gave me a early christmas gift which I really LOVE LOVE LOVE! and it's my very own first BB CREAM from Etude House ! ♥

My mom got me just the right shade for me & honestly she told me that she just guessed the color of skin tone because since my skin tone changes due to the weather here in Legazpi City, it tends to be Sunny, Windy, Humid & also raining a lot :(

My mom got me in the shade in Light Beige N02 and the BB cream has SPF30 which is 1 shade lighter than my natural skin tone.

Before I move on to the review my BB cream has 3 Efficacies:


- Whitening
- Anti - Wrinkle

^_^ lovely!!!

Now off to off to my review . . .

Here's what my BB cream looks like :) 

The BB cream comes in a cute slim rectangular pink box, and has the name on the front and the band name on the bottom. The BB cream comes in a tube and again it's in a princess pink color in a tube with a pump.

The pump comes in a purple-y with shimmers color :)

Now for Some SWATCHES ^_^ . . 

Here's how the BB cream looks like with one pump, and i just pumped it out on my hand.

Once the BB cream is blended it's color changes into a bit lighter than my skin tone.

But as i blended out a bit longer the color tends to set well on my skin though it's a bit lighter than my natural skin color, it doesn't cake, it ha s a natural flawless finish effect glow and not that CAKEY. 

What i like about this BB cream is it set's into my face smoothly and light, it's as if i have nothing on my face.


This BB cream produces a natural "NO MAKEUP LOOK", it works much like a tinted moisturizer.
 It also provides my skin like a foundation but it's not that thick and it doesn't clog my pores at all.
The BB cream also conceals my blemishes and discolorations on my face :)
The BB cream also provides a UV protection against from the harmful rays of the sun, meaning my entire face is safe with the BB cream it protects my face from getting dark spots ^_^
The BB cream is super smooth to apply on my skin , it's not too liquidly niether dry it's kind of in between.
It's also whitening, keeping my face natural white on the process and glow y :)
And lastly the BB cream has ANTI WRINKLE, it gives my skin that youthful look.

• The only thing that i'm worried about is that, if I do not set my BB cream with my loose powder, my face tends to get oily at times and if i do not set it, it might melt on my face.
So I do set my BB cream with my loose powder foundation. 

Over all my expectation of my new BB cream has met. :)
I love my new BB cream, it works a lot much better for me since it is my ever first one EVER . .

non other than that see yah in my next review :)

Take Care & God Bless!


  1. great review! glad that it works on you :) I have been struggling on finding the bb that suits me~ Most bb broke me out badly thus I seldom try bb cream anymore T___T

  2. @Janet : Thanks Janet for the comment :)