Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Haul Bracelets from ❤MythicalBeads❤

Hello my lovelies ❤ 

Here's my ever first Haul that i wanna share for you all.
I kinda have a obsession with bracelets a lot lately, since they are in to fashion and super cute and pretty for girls as a accessories. 
Honestly i was searching on online shops for cute, adorable and affordable bracelets. And while i was on Instagram and i came across on a a Instagram profile called "MythicalBeads" and i was like from the name itself it's surely braceltes & accessories! ❤ . . ^_^

The owner of the MythicalBeads is Miss Ayeen Yturralde :)

MythicalBeads collections were miss Ayeen is the designer. 
Here collections captures the essence of the femininity with an edge.

To check out her Facebook Page Here's the Link & Also don't forget to LIKE here facebook page:)

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So off to my HAUL . . . 

I bought 5 amazing pretty adorable bracelets from her shop which are so comfy & cute to wear on my everyday basis :)

First I got this pretty sexy Slave Bracelet called 

"Slave Pearls & Heart Bracelet"

The bracelet has a gold chain and inside the chain has white pearls in it.

And Seriously the bracelet is super pretty with the pearls inside the gold chain plus the chain helps support the pearls from falling off.

The lock of the bracelet has a secure hook and lock so that the bracelet won't fall off from my wrist.

Here's how the Slave Bracelet looks like on the front view:

Slave Bracelet does fit the design due to it's design. On the middle portion of the bracelet it has a Venetian Heart accessory and together with two flat beads on both ends.  

Plus there's a semi -  small chains that wraps my middle finger, giving the design a perfect edge for a Slave Bracelet.
Honestly i think the design was inspired on like the old time romans with a bit of gypsy edgy style :)

Moving on to my second bracelet, it's the stary stars bracelet, I really fell in Love with bracelet because the colors were just too adorable !!! ^_^

Plus the charms are between two gold small chains which makes the design very cute, fun for a everyday wear.

The bracelet comes in a cute adorable design which i prefer love to wear it on my everyday basis since i love fun colorful colors :)

On the other side of the bracelet the star charms comes in different variety of colors.

Next I got another cute bracelet from her shop which is the Crystal Beads Bracelet:

The bracelet has two crystal beads that's at both ends of a gold chain at the middle.

What I like about the bracelet is, it's in a unique cute color combinations from pastel to bold colors. Plus the Gold Chain adds a edge on the style :)

Next I got  another super pretty bracelet which I call Candy arm bracelet because base on the colors of the bubble beads they are in a candy color plus it comes in a ribbon with a gold chain that has a cupid's bow through a heart.

The bracelet is super cute with it's unique adorable girly design.

The charm is a old vintage gold color which fits the design absolutely PRETTY!! ^_^ 

The bubble beads are supported with a knot of the ribbon that wraps my wrist just fine. 

For secure of the bracelet, it's knotted around my wrist and gives a girly pretty finish look for any outfit that suits you.

Lastly I just can't resist miss Ayeen's pretty cute bracelet, by the way she also accepts customized braided bracelets with a accent of a gold chain that wraps around the braid.
So i got one for myself, I choose three soft candy colors which are :
Cream, Soft Orange and Candy Pink.

The color of my customized bracelet suits my personality since I am a Fun, High Spirited, and caring simple person :)

The chain is in a gold accent that's absolutely pretty on my customized bracelet. 

So that's it for my Bracelet Haul and honestly this is my ever first Haul to share with you all.
Thanks for reading & see y'all next time for my next Haul :)

Take Care & God Bless!


  1. Yay! i love those bracelets! so pretty and colorful :)

    Looking forward for your new posts.

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  2. Oh, btw.. You are so pretttyy! I love your eyes! parang kay katrina halili ;)

  3. @Jan Mitchelle :

    Hi dear :) Thanks for your time visiting my blog ^_^
    And followed your blog too :)
    God Bless & Take Care ^_^

  4. The candy arm bracelet is my favorite!! All of the bracelets are gorgeous <3
    I followed you by the way! :)

    xx, Iyah