Friday, October 12, 2012

MAXFACTOR 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara Review

Hey dolls! 
Here's another new review for all of you and it's my new 
MaxFactor 2000 calorie Dramatic Volume Black mascara
By the way this was given to me by my Aunt Terry my father's sister since she had a vacation here in Legazpi for 4 days. 
The moment she gave me the mascara i was like wow :)
Like it's maxfactor woooow Thanks tita Ter :) !!! :)

So I got really excited so i tried out, so this review is all about my new mascara and first i'm gonna be starting off with the whole pack itself:

The mascara comes in a sleek cylinder small shape in a black color. Plus on the cap of the mascara has a gold lining that surrounds the whole cap of the mascara. 

The name of the brand is at the side of the body of the cylinder and again in a gold carved name.

It's in Black and really great to add more volume on my tiny lashes since i barely even have real lashes on :(.

What i love about the mascara is that it's shape is thinner, lighter to carry on my purse or even my mini makeup bags. Plus it's not that too bulky to bring on your purse.

Now lets check the Wand itself shall we  . . . .

The wand looks just great since from the base itself going up to the tip of the wand is thinner.
Meaning the base serves as for getting into the base of your lashes and adds more volume in it. While the thinner tip gives a lot helpful on to the inner tear duct lashes helping you get into lashes that are hard to reach.

Here's a picture of my left eye wearing the mascara:

The mascara gives a lot of help to my upper lashes since my upper lashes are barely not that too long.
It gives my lashes more dramatic to it :)
It doesn't even clump & clog my lashes at all.


Smudge Free.
It's suitable for sensitive eyes & even with contact lenses.
̪Fragrance free.
 Gives lashes 300 % volume :)
̪ Much easier to remove with a eye make up remover, cleanser or even soap and water.
̪It last pretty a long day , but depending on what your eyes are experiencing. 


I checked the price on and ranges around $10.00 - $15.00 :( now that's a lot pretty much a bit expensive, but the experience with it is worth it. But since it was a gift from my aunt ^_^  

Other than that that's it for my review :)

Take Care & God Bless!!

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  1. How’s your Aunt’s vacation in Legazpi? This is nice Mascara, however, it’s a little bit pricey!
    ~Pauline @Kallony